The Neighbor (Pt. 2)

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Part 2

The Neighbor (Pt. 2)

Thursday night.

As we can remember I ended up knocking on her door, not having a clue about what happened next.

(H) – “So we finally meet...”

(S) – “Thought it would be under different circumstances...”

(H) – “As have I.”

To explain. Harper Joy is one of the most powerful women in the country, and for some reason I never saw a picture with her before. I was too busy running my multi million dollar company to worry about my competition. Yes I’ve said it... We are rivals... She is this gorgeous, powerful, intimidating woman that happens to be in the same business as me, and of course happens to be the woman I’ve been craving all week. Great.

(S) – “I didn’t know you moved into town.”

(H) – “It happened fast so the tabloids didn’t get wind of it yet.”

(S) – “I see. Well, welcome to New York City.”

(H) – “Thank you! Looking forward to everything the city brings. I mean everything and everyone.”

I could see how intrigued she was still, even after knowing who I am. Can’t lie, she is gorgeous... And all I want is to pin her... Oh god, I have to snap out if it. We can’t be seen together. People will think we are fraternizing with the enemy.

(S) – “I guess I should go...”

(H) – “You don’t have to...”

I stood still for a second, I wanted to stay, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t let anyone see me with her. After all, we have an image to maintain and of course, we are rivals... but all I can think about is how bad I want that robe to fall down her shoulders revealing her naked body..

(S) – “I guess I will see you around then... since you know, we live in the same building now.”

(H) – “I guess so.”

(S) – “Have a good night, Harper...”

(H) – “You too, Summer...”

And so I go back to my apartment and stare at the ceiling all night thinking about what just happened the night before. I couldn’t believe it.

Friday morning.

I get up, make some coffee for work, get dressed, and head out. As I get out of the elevator in the parking lot, I see her. Wearing a black leather skirt that ends just above her knees, with a white blouse that is see through enough to see her black lacey bra, and the heels..

“Hide” – this being my first thought. I can’t let her see me, not after last night. It’s too late, she spotted me...

(H) – “Hi, Summer...”

(S) – “Harper, how are you?” – I say this as if I wasn’t just trying to hide behind a car. I bet she could totally tell I was trying to avoid her.

(H) – “I’m good, and yourself?”

(S) – “I’m ok, just going to work.”

(H) – “So about coffee...”

(S) – “It’s ok, we’ll just pretend it never happened.”

(H) – “Yeah that’s exactly what I was going to say...”

(S) – “Well, I hope you have a lovely day.”

I turn around and head over to my car. I can feel her eyes following me. I want to look back, but I don’t want to give her the satisfaction. So I get into my car and drive away.

I’ve been distracted all day at work. So I decide to take the rest of the day off, go home, take a bubble bath, and relax with a glass of wine. I leave the office, and as soon as I get home I undress, take the uncomfortable heels off, throw the pants across the room, and unbutton my shirt. I get the bath ready, and I pour myself a glass of wine. As the night unfolds itself, I find that I’m a bit lonely, or better said, I miss her voice. I’m still thinking about Harper... I have to stop. How can someone I met a week ago have this effect on me?

(S) – “I’m going to call Lara, maybe even Scott..” – I say this out loud as I get a bit more excited.

Lara and Scott are two of my friends. Well I should say best friends in the bedroom... and just friends outside. We like to hang out and do a lot of things, but we also like to have fun in many different ways... I need to take my mind off of Harper, I think I’m going to call Lara.

*calls Lara*

(L) – “Hi babe, what’s up?”

(S) – “Hi love, I was wondering if you wanted to come by tonight... I just opened a bottle of wine, and put on your favorite lingerie..”

(L) – “Don’t tell me more. I want to see it with my own eyes. Be there soon.”

Yes. Lara is coming over. My night is getting better and better. And if you knew Lara, you knew we always sin again... and again... and again... in one night. Maybe this will take my mind off Harper.

*Knock knock*

(S) – “Come in!”

I hear her footsteps getting closer behind me as I was pouring more wine. Lara comes from behind and kisses my back. I let out a small moan.

(S) – “Hi love, I missed you..”

(L) – “You know, I love it when you call and tell me you are wearing this...”

And without noticing she picks me up and put me on the counter. She isn’t here to play games or have a chitchat. I can feel how bad she wants me. Two seconds later my bra is off and her mouth is going down my chest.

(S) – “Lara...”

(L) – “Yes Summer...”

(S) – “Fuck me hard tonight.”

An evil smirk appears on her face, and as soon as I said that she ripped my panties. Here I am, naked on my counter with this beautiful woman taking my breath away. And I mean that in the best way possible. I push her off of me and pin her to the wall. The night is young and who knows what will happen? And who might join us later...

To be continued…

Fantasies  On Paper
Fantasies On Paper
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