The Neighbor

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Part 1

The Neighbor

Monday night.

I take off my clothes slowly in front of the window with a breathtaking view. I live on the 20th floor of a 25 story building. The walls in the apartment are made out of brick, giving you a vintage yet modern feeling. The windows take up an entire wall, portraying the city lights at night, hiding the most lustful secrets.

I finally put on a big comfy shirt, and hide under the freshly washed sheets, touching my naked legs, letting me know they missed me. As I was about to turn on the TV, I hear a soft knock on the door. It was 10 PM, who could that be?

I get up and open the door. This beautiful figure appears in the shadows. She looks at me with a smirk on her face. My shirt was only covering enough to make you wonder.

(H) - “Hi”

I say “Hello” with my eyes watching her mouth, not realizing how lustful my look was.

(H) - “I’m new in the building. I just moved in apartment 114 down on the 17th floor. I don’t really know anyone.” – She says this and starts blushing.

(H) - “I was wondering if you would like to grab a coffee one day. I apologize for bothering you so late, but I noticed you coming home and thought it would be a good time.”

(S) - “Oh, so you like to stalk people, is that it?” – A smile appears on my lips while saying this in a playful way.

(H) - “Not at all, I usually finish work late, and I saw you park downstairs a couple of times while I was getting out of my car. I hope that’s not too creepy...”

(S) - “I work late as well and I can see why you thought this was a good time to come. As for coffee, how about Friday?”

(H) - “Friday sounds perfect! I’ll see you then!”

I smile and close the door. I sat there lost in my thoughts for several minutes without realizing I was half naked answering the door.

(S) - “I will apologize when I see her next.” – I say this to myself while getting back in bed.

Thursday morning.

I jump in the shower, under the hot water and think about my date on Friday. Suddenly I realize, I don’t even know her name or phone number. But I realize she mentioned something about moving into a new apartment. The only available apartment is on the 17th floor, 114, I believe. I guess I will have to try my luck and see if I can reach her. But unfortunately I have to go to work before doing that.

On my way to work I can’t seem to stop thinking about her. Her silhouette was imprinted in my mind. She is tall, but not too tall, the curves speak a language you can never say out loud, and her lips, oh my... I am craving those lips on my body.

I find myself circling my office, daydreaming in the car about a woman that appeared on my doorstep and I don’t even know her name. How could that be possible?

The day was going by so slow, and I often caught myself starring out the window, thinking about kissing her neck, taking her shirt off slowly, running my hands down..

(Associate) - *Cough cough* “Miss Summer?”

I immediately turn my attention to my associates, snapping out of my dream.

(S) - *Clears throat* “Excuse me, lost focus for a second. What were we talking about?”

Yes, I most definitely lost focus thinking about her. But let’s backtrack for a second. All I’ve said about myself is that I live in a dream apartment with a killer view. I wish all the action was happening there, but as we can see, I’m in a meeting where I have no idea what we were talking about. I should start from the top before going back to our daydreaming.

I am the CEO of a big company. A company full of lawyers, bleah. Boring I know, but now you see why I am always going home late. I run this bi***. I don’t like to brag, so that’s all you have to know for now.

I’ve been in meetings all day long, and for some reason I couldn’t focus all day. I know why... I was interrupted from my dream and now I’m craving her even more. It’s finally time to go home, and I’m hoping maybe I’ll see her in the parking lot.. I get there but no sigh of her.

(S) - “Would it be weird to go knock on her door?... Well she did knock on mine, so it should be fine right?” – I say this to myself.

I go up to the 17th floor. I’m never there so it’s a bit weird I guess, but here goes nothing. I knock on her door not knowing if she will answer. A few minutes later her figure appears out of nowhere opening the door with just a towel covering just enough of her body. Mhmm I just want to grab the towel to expose everything I have been craving for. This might be a great idea in my head, but in real life this can’t happen without consent. I contain myself, but my eyes are wondering and she noticed that.

(H) - “Hi there.” – She says this with a smile on her face.

(H) - “I didn’t know you were coming by. Otherwise I would’ve made sure to get dressed."

(S) - “Oh no, you don’t have to... I mean I’m sorry for... I’m just..."

(H) - “It’s ok, I was just messing with you. Would you like to come in?”

(S) - “Uhm I don’t want to bother you, I just...”

(H) - “Oh no bother at all, come in. I’m just going to put something on and I’ll be right back.”

As I walk in I don’t know what to do with myself. I just embarrassed myself in front of her. I hope she found it funny. She finally comes back after what it feels like an eternity wearing just a silk robe. You can definitely tell that she’s not wearing anything underneath, leaving you craving for more.

(H) - “Can I offer you a glass of wine?”

(S) - “Oh I can’t... I mean I shouldn’t...”

(H) - “I’m going to pour one for me, and I’m going to pour one for you as well, but you don’t have to drink it. I won’t feel offended.”

(S) - “Thank you.”

(H) - “So what brings you here tonight?”

(S) - “Well this morning in the shower I realized I didn’t know your name or phone number, and because tomorrow is Friday and we said we’ll go for coffee I didn’t know how to reach you..”

I say this like a school girl. I am running one of the most successful lawyer companies in the country, and I can barely put two sentences together when I see her.

(H) - “So you think about me in the shower.. Can’t say I haven’t thought about you since the other night...”

(S) - “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that, I don’t mean to..”

(H) - “It’s ok, I’m flattered..” – A smirk appeared on her lips letting me know she enjoyed hearing that.

(H) - “I’m Harper Joy by the way.”

And in that moment I went silent. Didn’t know what to say.

(S) - “Everything ok?”

“I’m sorry... I should’ve introduced myself. I’m Summer Vance.”

She stopped for a second. She recognized me. I recognized her.

- “And we finally meet.”

To be continued.

Fantasies  On Paper
Fantasies On Paper
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