The Naked Princess

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Knights in shining armor come in many forms

The Naked Princess

The princess was born a beautiful dark hair baby, but she was born unable to tolerate any cloth that was used, be it cotton or leathers. The king was at a loss. He called out for every material that could be found to attempt to get his daughter clothes. Time passed with nothing being found leaving her to grow up running around naked.

The king worried about people staring at her nakedness, especially as she got closer to her teenage years. He knew she still needed to be guarded. He made the decision to blind six children who were trained to use their other senses to fight and protect. He also threatened everyone to avert their eyes and even beheaded a few who didn’t. The princess was also assigned ladies in waiting who would carry screens to block people’s view.

The princess ran around without a care in the world. Even as she matured she continued to strut about without worrying about her nakedness. She would even run away from her ladies in waiting not allowing them to assemble the screen. Through her maturity she came to find her sexuality and the ways to take advantage of it. It wasn’t long before she had her guards trained in much more than her protection.

It was a pleasant afternoon with a cool wind blowing in through the open balcony doors. The princess sat in a chair while Mira, one of her guards, kneeled between the princess's legs running her tongue along the princess’s lips and occasionally darting in between. The princess moaned with delight vibrating across Sven’s, one of her other guards, cock. She sucked and stroked him enjoying the taste of him as she savored the feeling of Mira’s tongue. The princess felt herself getting close to climax.

The door to her room opened as one of her ladies-in-waiting entered the room, “Princess, the king wishes to see you.”

The princess ignored her lady. Instead she grabbed the back of Mira’s head forcing the guard to lick harder and continued to suck on Sven’s cock as her strokes became faster. The princess moaned with delight as she came squirting all over Mira’s face. Her delighted moan on Sven’s cock caused him to explode sending his load down the back of her throat.

“Clean up Mira.” The princess spoke, pushing the guard away so she could stand. “I guess I should go see my father.”

The princess wasted no time heading straight for the door and heading out into the hallway. She didn’t even give her ladies a chance to gather up the screen to escort her. Her guards were marching along with her including Sven who had pulled up his pants and Mira who had quickly wiped off her drenched face. It wasn’t long before the princess entered her father’s reception hall striding in without a care of who might be in there with her father.

“Father,” the princess spoke, marching towards the tall grey haired man at the end of the room, “You requested to see me.”

The king’s brow furrowed in annoyance, as he watched his naked daughter striding towards him, “Daughter, you know this is inappropriate.”

“But father, you called for my immediate presence,” the princess responded in a very sarcastic tone.

The two royals stared at each other as the princess’s ladies came hurrying along and assembled the screen around the young woman. The princess caught sight of a knight standing off to the side. They wore a helmet but their face was visible. The princess could tell that the knight was attempting not to look at her. They were failing as their eyes kept darting towards her with a small smirk on their face.

“Now that you are properly covered, child,” the king scolded, making the princess want to roll her eyes. “This fine knight believes he has clothes that you can wear.”

“My princess, I’ve traveled a great distance and found a fabric so soft it’s like wearing nothing.” The knight bowed, “I have brought with me a master tailor experienced with this fabric and a few dozen large bundles.”

The princess had been staring at the encased in armor and a few inches taller than her own five foot seven height. She was enamored and intrigued by this strange knight. It had been three or four years since the last suitor had tried to win the princess’s hand with the promise of clothes she could wear. The king had promised her hand in marriage to whoever could find a tolerable material. She had always been afraid of who would succeed and what they looked like, but looking into the face of this knight she had no fear. The knight’s face attracted her with its femine shape that she wondered if her father had noticed.

“Rise. Show me this material you speak of,” the princess addressed the knight then noticed a short, old man approach from their side holding a small white dress.

The princess reached over the screen taking hold of the dress. She lifted it over her head, letting it pour down her body like a light summer rain. Its smoothness caressed her body in erotic fashion feeling like nothing she had ever experienced. Thin straps held it up on her body as the neckline dipped between her breasts and the fabric flowed down her stomach tickling her thighs just above her knees. The back dipped down about halfway on her back before the fabric draped over her tightly curved ass. The princess wanted to gasp with pleasure unlike the feeling of the other fabrics which felt like they were burning her.

“Oh this is fantastic!” The princess exclaimed pushing her way past the screens and her ladies before twirling around hugging the silk to her body, “Father it feels wonderful. It doesn’t burn.”

“Sir knight, you have done a wondrous thing. I promised years ago my daughter's hand in marriage to anyone able to clothe her without pain and you sir have done that.” The king paused smiling brightly. “Will you accept?”

“I would be honored, your highness. But please don’t call me sir. I am a lady after all.” The knight pulled off her helmet exposing her short brunette hair and feminine face.

“What!” The king exclaimed. “You are a woman? That is unacceptable. I will not allow two queens to rule this kingdom!”

“Father, you made a promise.” The princess spoke, taking the knight’s hand.

“Yes for a man. Not a woman. Guards seize this scoundrel.”

Guards from around the room drew their swords stepping towards the knight and princess. The knight lowered a hand down to her sword. The princess placed her hand on top of the knight’s. The knight looked at her. The princess stared back shaking her head.

The princess looked back to her father, “Sven, Mira. Defend the knight.”

The six personal guards of the princess drew their swords creating a ring around the couple. The other guards stopped. They looked at each other before each of them lowered their swords and took a step back.

The king seethed in fury, “I said to seize her!”

“Father!” The princess yelled, stepping between two of her guards. “You will not go back on your word. You never specified the sex of my hero and it would appear your guards don’t want to take on the guards you had trained for me so if you want to remain king I recommend you accept your new daughter-in-law.”

The king sputtered but was unable to say anything. He fell back into his throne as the princess turned, grabbed the knight’s hand and left the room. The princess led the knight through the hall with the intent of taking her to her room so that she may get to know this woman better.

The knight followed along for a time before speaking, “My princess, I wasn’t sure if you would accept me and there is more you must know.”

“I’m listening,” the princess said, still guiding the knight through the halls.

“Well,” the knight took a deep breathe. “I traveled a long way to find the silk but that was not my original intention. I was seeking something else.”

They had arrived at the princess’ room where she led the knight in, “Come. Relax. Remove your armor and tell me your tale.”

The knight unbuckled her armor, removing it which left her in a plain shirt that showed she was a woman with medium sized breasts, and a pair of pants that hugged pleasantly to her ass. “I was not born the way you see me now. I was different and never felt right. A healer told me of a medicine that would help me become more like the person I wanted to be.”

“Oh?” The princess was truly curious while also wishing the woman would hurry up her story and get naked.

The knight pulled her shirt up over her head exposing pert nipples which she clasped with her hands, “These are new. My body was born with no intention of me having these. See I was born a boy though I knew I was supposed to be a girl.”

“And this medicine helped you become a woman?”

“Yes. I feel very much like a woman as I’m meant to be. There was one thing that could not be changed though,” the knight explained as she undid her pants lowering them and allowing her penis to come free.

The princess's eyes grew wide, “You have a penis?”

“Yes. I’m a woman but I’ll always have this. I hope you can accept me as I am,” the knight said with almost a pleading sound.

The princess slid out of the chair she was sitting in and crawled on her knees to in front of the knight where she took the penis into her hand, “My dear knight and soon to be wife, I accept you. All of you.”

The princess caressed the knight’s penis. The penis responded like penises do and began to stiffen. Just like how the penis responded to touch the knight responded to with a soft moan as she squeezed her breasts. The penis was quickly very rigged pleasing the princess as she licked the tip several times before taking it into her mouth. She cupped a hand on the knight’s balls, caressing them gently while she took the penis deeper into her mouth with each back and forth movement.

The knight was moaning in pleasure, yet she stopped the princess having her stand up before her. The knight grabbed the princess’s face and moved towards it allowing their lips to touch. They kissed each other passionately. Tongues tangled between their lips. The knight reached down grabbing the princess’s ass which she used to lift the princess up. As her penis became aligned with the princess’s pussy she lowered the princess down on top of it. The princess moaned into the knight’s mouth as she was lifted up and down upon the massive cock.

The princess wanted to scream from the pleasure. Her pussy was dripping down the knight’s cock. The two continued to kiss until it was too much for the princess and she threw her head back proclaiming that she was cumming.

The knight slammed the princess down on her cock as the princess screamed and her pussy gushed all over her. She then tossed the princess onto the bed. The princess squealed as she hit the bed and began to giggle. The knight climbed onto the bed and stopped the princess’s giggling by flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Then she lowered her face and licked up the princess’s drenched lips up to her asshole. The knight tongue fucked it for a time. The princess was moaning again.

Her cock was still super hard so when she pressed it against her now sloppy wet asshole it still met with resistance. Slowly she pushed the head into her tight hole until it popped then she pulled it out and started the process again. The princess moaned heavily each time. The knight repeated the process of pushing in then pulling out though deeper each time. It wasn’t long before she was balls deep into her ass. The princess was nearly gushing from her pussy again as she quivered from each thrust into her ass.

The knight began to speed up, pounding into the princess’s ass smacking her hips against her ass each time. Harder and harder she pounded. The princess was shaking more and more. She reached back and began rubbing through her wet lips and clit as she savored the feeling of the knight’s cock pounding in and out. The knight was thrusting faster. The princess followed by rubbing faster until she exploded again gushing out all over her fingers. She could also tell that the knight was getting close too.

The princess pulled herself off the knight’s cock and spun around on the bed. She quickly grabbed the rigid member and wrapped her lips around it, licking the head vigorously. The knight was moaning heavily and grabbed hold of her breast with one hand and the back of the princess’s head. The hand on the princess’s head pushed it further down her cock as it convulsed and exploded into the back of her throat. The princess eagerly took the salty, hot cum into the back of her throat and swallowed it down.

The knight collapsed onto the bed. The princess rolled up next to the woman and wrapped her arms around her while laying her head onto the knight’s breasts. They fell asleep holding each other and they lived happily ever after.

Draconis Lit
Draconis Lit
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