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The Musician

by Christian Maddison 10 days ago in erotic

A short erotic tale

The Musician
Photo by Marius Masalar on Unsplash

I was intrigued. He seemed different. Quiet, Shy. He had a similar look to someone from my past. Maybe that’s what drew me to him. His actions were strange, but he appeared unlike any other before him. This is a mind-numbing cautionary tale. “Everything that looks good, a’int good for ya.”

Jealousy drove him to pronounce his feelings out of a drunken stupor. It didn’t last long, and I figured it was because of the drinking. I later found out it wasn’t. I have a high sexual need and was looking for someone to match it. Him being a bit younger (5 years) I thought it would be a great idea to try the theory of an August- May relationship.

I met him at a music store, looking for a guitar. He was the salesman. We chatted a bit about the different types and lessons. He was handsome. Taller than I usually date but I like a challenge. He stood about 6’6 and you could tell he played a sport or was in the gym a lot. I caught myself staring a few times, lost in a gaze of wonder. His name was Thaddeus. Before I left the store, he asked for my number and gave me his card. Thaddeus mentioned that he’d be more than happy to assist me with any of my other musical needs. I smiled and said thanks and walked out of the store. I was having a hoe-attack. (when your inner hoe thoughts and feelings begin to take over.)

About 20 minutes into my drive home, my phone rings. I don’t know the number, so I dismiss it. Whomever it was called again. I answered and found out it was Thaddeus. I wasn’t expecting him to call so soon. I know I asked for your number, but I was so nervous, I forgot to ask you, your name.” He said. How cute, he was nervous, I said to myself. “My name is Lyric, nice to meet you.” “Really?” he asked. “Maybe, maybe not, you’ll just have to find out.” He somewhat chuckled and proceeded his conversation.

He explained that he wanted to ask me out but wasn’t sure he could do it at work. I laughed and asked, “what was it that made you want to ask me out?” “My eyes and my smile,” he said. “Oh really”, I replied sarcastically. I had to ask my questions first and find out where his mindset was. “How old are you?” I asked. “I’m 30.”, he replied. “Hmmm, your chances just got slim.” I have a “brother” rule and that’s t Never date anyone younger than my brother, who at the time was 32. I continued my questions. “Okay, do you attend church regularly?” “Yes, I do. I play for several churches and attend Trinity Baptist.” Interesting, I thought to myself. “What do you own? Meaning, car, house etc.” “Well, I work a 9 to 5 which affords me a nice car and a decent place to live. I don’t have roommates, no kids, and no lingering ex-girlfriends.

My parents live in town, and I have 2 older sisters. Does that answer All your questions ma’am?” he replied. “Why, yes sir it does, thank you. You’ll be happy to know that that concludes the end of the interview process and I look forward to hearing from you again.” He laughed and told me I was funny, and he liked that.

A few days later he called again, this time asking me out on a date. I agreed. He asked for my address, so he could pick me up. I liked it but told him I’d rather drive this time. He agreed and asked where I would like to go. I wanted it to be casual because I still wasn’t sure I wanted to date a younger man. Spondivits. He said, okay and told me the time to meet him. Before we hung up, I asked one last question. “Do you drink?” He replied, “It depends.” Ok, he’s trying to play it safe. Interesting, but it’s cool.

Friday night is here and I’m getting ready for this date. I wanted to show off my figure, so I put on a pair of gray slacks, a white tank top and a semi see-through shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror, “I’m cute,” I thought to myself and was about to walk out the door when my phone rang. “Thaddeus calling,” my phone said. I picked it up and said hello. “Hello ma’am, we have an exciting deal for you tonight!” he said jokingly “I’m sorry, I’m not interested.” I replied. “Well, miss, we would hate for you to miss out on this exclusive deal.” “Okay, go on, but I don’t have a lot of time I’m on my way out.” “That’s wonderful that you have plans but, I’m hoping This may change them.” “I was wondering if you’d like to go to STK instead? It’s a bit quieter, more romantic and I’ll put gas in your car.” “Hmmm, this does sound better.” I replied. “What time?” I asked. “Is 8, good for you?” “Sure, which one?” I asked “The one on Peachtree Street, downtown.

Is that okay? We can go to another place if you don’t like that one.” “It's fine, I’ll see you there.” We hung up and I locked my door and got into my car. I was excited and hoped it would be fun. I arrived a few minutes early but saw Thaddeus sitting at the bar. I don’t think he saw me, but I snuck up behind him and grabbed his side, slowly finding my way to his 6-pack. He looked down and smiled at me. “Well, hello Ms. Interviewer. Right on time.” He asked me if I wanted a drink.

Who turns down a free drink? I ordered double jack and coke then he motioned to the bartender and told him that he was ready for his table. I was semi-impressed. We were seated and began looking over the menu. I knew what I wanted but had to make sure it was ok. I didn’t want to go deep into his pockets, this time. So, I asked, “What’s my limit and which side of the menu means sex tonight?” I smiled, and he looked at me and laughed. “Sex is on the menu? Where?” he exclaimed. I laughed at him for going along with my joke. “Get what you want, I don’t care, either way I’m getting some tonight.” I laughed at him again as he smiled sweetly. The thought of us doing anything tonight was questionable at best.

During dinner we talked about past relationships, church, our lives, growing up and of course music. My second drink was kicking in and I felt my hoeness start to rise up. “Did I tell you, you looked nice tonight?” I apologize if I didn’t. I was so mesmerized by your scent that I forgot.” He said. Well then, points for him, I thought to myself. He’s definitely making up for the age gap. As the night went on, I couldn’t help but stare at him several times. Each time was different. It was the abs, then his chest, his long thyck thighs and then his ass.

It looked so tight that a waterfall of change would bounce right off. He kept grabbing my hand and gently rubbing my arm. He knew what he was doing, and it was working. Dessert came but by then I was hot and so was he. His chocolaty skin, bald head and beard was all working against me right now. He suggested we take dessert back to his place. I agreed as he walked me to my car and followed him. It began to rain slightly but we didn’t go far. As I pulled into his driveway, I noticed him getting out of his car. He waited until I stopped, opened my door, and offered his hand for me to get out. “Wow,” I thought to myself. “This must be an act.”

I followed him to the front door, he pushed a button on his keychain and his door magically opened. Once inside, the lights came on and music began to play. Am I dreaming, is this a prank? Am I in a movie because this is all too unreal. He escorted me to his living room and offered me a seat. He excused himself but promised a quick return. I start to think, why am I here? This was a bad idea. Why didn’t I just go home? Just then, Thaddeus returned in sweats and a t-shirt, 2 wine glasses and a bottle of wine. “Would you care for another drink?” he asked, “I’ll just have a sip,” I replied. We began discussing his home when he implied a tour. He grabs my hand, wraps it around his arm and begins walking and talking as if we’re in a museum. “And here we have the dining area, equipped with mid- century hand me down furniture.” There’s the kitchen but we won’t go in there, it’s forbidden” and he laughs. “And we’re walking and walking, oh yes, here’s the illustrious dual staircase that either leads to the upstairs areas or the ground floor.” “Ooo, there’s a ground floor?” I asked. Yes ma’am. That’s the “fun room” as he puts up air quotes.

“Where would you like to go?” he asked. “I’d like to see the fun room please,” I requested. When we finally entered his basement, it was actually a fun room. It looked like a bar with no bar. There were video games, a juke box, a pool table, air hockey, a pinball machine, ping pong and foosball tables. It was amazing. I stopped and imagined what it would be like to be taken by him on the pool table, then he waved at me. “I’m sorry, I was trying to take it all in.” I said. We played a few games then I told him it was getting late, and I should head home. He thanked me for coming over, walked me to my car and kissed me on my cheek. This went on for a few months and from time to time I wondered when or if we would ever have sex. We weren’t exclusive but enjoyed each other’s company. I wasn’t sure he wanted to do anything more than eat, drink, and play games.

One night, he invited me over and said it was a small gathering of him and some of his frat buddies. I agreed to come over but insisted on bringing a friend. He said he didn’t mind and told me what time to be there. Chelsea and I show up about an hour after he told me to be there. I rang the bell, and a voice says, “What’s the password?” “Um, kumquat?” I answered. “That’s close enough” and the door opened. We entered the living room. Liquor bottles everywhere, smoke and a strange noise coming from the basement. Not sure if it was someone trying to sing, or they were sacrificing an animal. I peered around the corner to see if I could find Thaddeus and a guy pops up. “Hi, I’m Tiny Tim.” He was nowhere tiny because he was taller than Thaddeus.

“Hi, Tim, nice to meet you, I’m Lyric and this is my friend Chelsea. Have you seen Thaddeus anywhere?” He looked at me strange and shouted, “Oh My god! You’re Lyric?” Then all I heard was a rumble of feet coming up the stairs. “Where is she?” I heard a voice ask. When they finally peered over one another to see who I was, there was a silence and then someone called to Thaddeus. “Hey Quick. She’s finer than you said.” I’m standing in the middle of a mountainous crowd.

They were all Over 6’3, built and handsome. I had to remember that they were all probably 30 or younger. “Where is he?” I asked another guy. He’s downstairs, drunk as shit. He’s been talking about You all night. “Really?” I asked. Surprised, I felt my way through the crowd to the stairs. They all followed like a pack of hungry wolves. I called for Chelsea, so she wouldn’t be alone with these unfamiliar guys. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I called for Thaddeus. He grunted, as he seemed to be concentrating on a game he was playing. “It’s Lyric.” I said “Are you busy?

I can go back upstairs and have your friends keep us company.” He stopped fiddling with the game, turned around and smiled. “Hey you. When did you get here?” he asked “A few minutes ago. Your friends had us detained upstairs.” Tim offers us drinks as I show Chelsea around the basement. “You wanna play pool?” I asked her. “Sure,” she answered.

We began to rack up the balls and the guys surrounded us on the walls around the pool table. Thaddeus continued ignoring me and played his game while his friends watched us play pool. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my ass. At first, I thought it was Thaddeus but when I turned around. I noticed it was another one of his buddies. “Hey! Get your hand off my ass, you ass wipe.” I exclaimed. Just then, Thaddeus came barreling though, grabbing the guy, and pinning him against the wall. “I told you Not to touch my girl.” He yelled at the guy.

I looked confused because we’ve never discussed where our friendship was heading. “You touch her or her friend again and I’ll put you through this wall!” “My bad man, sorry.” “Don’t apologize to me, apologize to them you asshole!” He said. The guy apologized, and we were about to continue the game, but Thaddeus grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs. “Wait, I can’t leave my friend down there in the wolves’ den.” I said to him. “Let me give her my keys so she can sit in the car or whatever.” He agreed. I called Chelsea to the top of the stairs. She gladly took the keys and told me she’d be back to get me later. She said she needed a smoke break anyway. I laughed at her, gave her a hug, and told her I’d call when I was ready. She waved and nodded as she pulled out of the driveway.

The basement went quiet after the incident and a few of his friends decided to leave. A couple were passed out on the living room floor and the stragglers were still downstairs. He changed the music and led me upstairs. He sat on the bed as I stood in front of him. Then everything started to fall out of his mouth. He began to tell me that he told his friends I was his girlfriend and that it was serious. He said his friends didn’t believe I existed and had been teasing him for the last few weeks.

He encompassed his arms around my waist and asked me to forgive him, because he was in love with me and didn’t know how I’d take it. “When “Pint “grabbed you, my jealousy took over. I couldn’t stand the thought of anyone other than me touching you.” Shocked, I looked at him and smiled. I wanted to know how he felt but he always seemed to shy away from that conversation. He was a “man of few words.”

I know he’s drunk but I kinda felt like, no time but the present. If he’s professing love now, let’s see how the sex is. I initiated kissing him slowly on the lips as he pulled me tighter and closer to him. Thaddeus commenced to run his hands up and down my back. I stopped because I wasn’t sure the door was locked, and I didn’t need one of his goofy friends to walk in on us.

Returning to my space between is thighs, I gently pushed him down on the bed. As he lay there, I embraced his throbbing shaft with my breasts, all the while removing his pants. His emerging magic stick was growing, and my eyes bulged with excitement. He told me he wanted to do this after our third date but didn’t think I wanted it. I mounted him like a Clydesdale awaiting my command. He reached towards me to put his hands in my hair. Strange but okay. Then he began to moan as if we were in the thyck of things.

I inserted his manhood into wanting cavern of juiciness. At first, it felt good, then a few bounces and I didn’t feel it anymore. “What happened?” I thought to myself. “Does he not find me sexy or is he just too drunk?” He then instructed me to get on my knees. The excitement was building and everything that I thought was going to happen, didn’t. He thrust his half-hard nerf gun a few times and it was over. I laid there next to him as he snored, dumbfounded by what just happened.

I called my friend and told her to hurry up and come get me. This was a disappointment of a lifetime. I tried to excuse the fact that he was drunk, so I made sure that the next time it was going to go down would live up to my expectations. I told my friend what had happened, and she laughed at me. Hard. “What?” I asked. “That’s probably why his friend called him Quick.” And she laughed again.

At this point we both laughed on the ride home. “He professed his love for me then, nothing.” I told her. “Well, hopefully that wasn’t his best and it’ll get better.” She’s still laughing. “Hurry up and get me home, I need a real drink now.” I said to her. “This entire night was a wash.” I said. “Well, not for me.” She said as she smiled and walked in the house. “Wait, what?” I asked “When his friends were leaving one of them caught my eye, so I caught him. That’s where I was coming from when you called.” She said. “You dirty bitch!” “How is it that you get a G.D.R. (good dick report) and I get a B.D.R.?” (bad dick report) We both laughed as we walked into my house. I headed to my bar because I had to have a drink and then I turned to her, nodded, and walked up the stairs and went to bed. Disappointed, frustrated and confused. How could such a nice, decent, handsome man be so bad in bed? I asked myself. This has Never happened to me before.

The next day he called an apologized for the night before. I let him know it was okay and that since he “made it official,” I was sure the next time would improve. He sounded hesitant and embarrassed. Later that week, I came over for a “do-over,” but I didn’t let him know that. I pulled up to his home, got out of the car with my “freakum” dress, push-up bra and heels, ready for some action. The walkway was decorated with candles and flowers all the way up to the door, which was open.

When I walked in the door, the jazz was playing, candles everywhere, rose pedals on the floor and him, naked with a bow, holding a glass of champagne in one hand and a bouquet of roses in the other. “Well, what do I owe all this attention for?” I asked. “Just romancing my woman, tonight.” He said. He hands me the drink and escorts me to the couch. I tell him to put the flowers in water, so they won’t die.

He returns, kissing me on the neck making his way around to my wanting lips. I set my drink on the floor trying not to spill it and grabbed his head, as I enjoyed every moment of his longing kisses. His massive hands enveloped my thighs as they ran their course over every inch. Seizing my breasts as if they were two small children getting out of line in class. Fondling my caramel buttons with his tongue as though he were a blind man reading braille for the first time. All the while, all I hear in my head is “Oops there goes my shirt up over my head, oh my,” as he gradually, tenderly removes my dress. The air in the room is thyckening as our pulses rise like bread in the oven. He lays me down on the couch and feasts upon my loins. In the beginning, I felt nothing, but I knew he was there. I semi-sat up trying not to be too obvious.

I had to see what was going on. He was making noise and shaking his head but in the wrong place. “Uh, what are you doing?” I asked, trying not to laugh. “Eating” he replied as he took his hand and tried to push me back down on the couch. “Well sir, you’re not in the right area.” I said “Oh, well where should I be then?” he asked. (Side note: If he had to ask…)

“Up a tad, but higher, closer to my budding.” I said “Oh, so you’re one of them?” he said “You don’t want me to stick my tongue In, just around. Okay, I got it” he said. I laid back down but wondering how many times he’s had sex and with whom and why does he not know what to do? I closed my eyes, grabbed the sides of my wanting cave and opened up the “surprise inside” so he could “follow his nose.” So, to speak. Eureka! He found it. Now let’s see what he can do. His tongue flickered my lemon drop like butterfly kisses on your cheek.

It seemed as though; his lips were pulsating like a bass speaker in an old car. Moving to every rhythm given. Time passed by slowly like the clicking of a metronome. Beating back and forth like a drum cadence. Interchanging licks and tasty mouthfuls of decadence he withdraws every drop of my satisfying syrup into his anticipating aperture. He rises with a face dripping and accompanies me to his bedroom. “Are you ready to unwrap your gift?” He asks. I just look at him, remembering the last time and nod my head yes with a smile. Hoping that it won’t Be like the last time. We enter his room, more candles and rose pedals. I’m surprised the house hasn’t caught fire at this point. He really wanted to up his romance game.

He lays me down gradually onto the bed. Then he decided to do a little striptease for me as he “unwraps” himself. I get to see his candy cane in the light this time. I was hopeful but not impressed. He wasn’t even stiff. I’m convinced it’s me. Gingerly, widening my legs to accommodate is stature, he kneads his little smokie as he ever so gently taps it against my pulsating Venus fly trap.

Teasing me, testing my patients. Finally, he drives his medium appendage into my watery grotto. She grabs him and sucks him inside as though she’s an anaconda eating a meal. “Ow!” He says. “What’s wrong. Did I hurt you?” I asked. “Yeah, that hurts.” He said. Confused, I look at him and wondered to myself if anyone else had reacted as if I’d just bitten them. This was going sideways really fast. I just wanted to feel him. “Sorry,” I said. I’ll try to be gentler going forward. By now, my once saturated “den of iniquity” was as dry as a barren wasteland. We, meaning he, had to start all over because I “got him out of the mood,” as he so eloquently put it. It was All up to me now to get this done and over with.

I laid him down on the bed and dragged my nails down his chest. My mind was elsewhere at this point. I began to reminisce about a former lover who knew exactly the 5 W’s and his ABC’s. As thoughts of him flooded my mind, I glanced upward to see if Thaddeus was enjoying the thrills protruding from my orifice; as my tongue glinted back and forth, stroking his flaccid baton to an unyielding attentive staff.

His moans of satisfaction alerted me that it may now be time to “ride the bull.” I mounted him and slowly, gently began to “ride his pony.” He seizes my hips firmly and directs me like I’m a stick and he’s the car. I am beginning to enjoy this when he says he wants to switch positions. I comply as he stands boldly behind me at the edge of the bed, slapping my ass. He yanks me closer to him, pushes my back to lower me face-down and plunges his middling instrument inside me.

After about 3 minutes, 10 pumps and a massive groan from him, it was over, again. What The Entire Hell! I didn’t even cum. I can tell he’s happy as he embraced me smiling. Roughly 10 minutes go by, and I must wake him and let him know I want more. “More?” he asks. “I’m done. That’s all I got. I can give you some in the morning.” “The morning?” I said to myself. He’s got to be joking. Dismayed, disturbed and unhappy, I roll over and go to sleep. This can’t be it. He’s got to be joking. I have to teach him everything I like just so I can be pleasured? I thought to myself. I always thought that the younger a man was the higher his stamina would be. This guy’s libido is so low a sloth would cum faster. How do I tell him he’s not as good as he thinks? I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Should I fake it and boost his ego?

No, that’s more damaging than not saying anything. This conversation goes on all night in my head. Morning time. I’m dreading even moving. I turned over and noticed he’s not even in the bed. “Thaddeus,” I called to see if he was in the vicinity. I hear a faint tinkle and what sounds like footsteps. “I’m here, love.” He approaches me with a tray of red velvet waffles, fruit, scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon with a mimosa. “Oh my, you cooked?” “Of course, I did. I had to show off my skills in the kitchen since you experienced my bedroom skills last night.” I almost spit out my food laughing. All I could do was nod and grin. “It’s really good.” I said. It really was good, better than his bedroom skills. I was surprised.

He sat next to me fondling my chocolate drops and stroking my back and thighs. He was trying to distract me from eating, so he could do his rendition of, “puff, puff, pass, “on me again. I’ll pass. Thaddeus heads to the bathroom to take a shower and asks me if I wanted to join him. Mid-swallow, I tried to tell him to go on, but nothing was coming out, so I just waved my hand to shoe him away. He says ok and I hear the water running. While he’s in the shower, I get a moment to finish my food in peace. I’m finished and full. I subsequently take the tray and placed it on the dresser. When I turned around, Thaddeus was standing behind me. He began nibbling on my neck as he stimulated my “grapes of wrath.” Allowing my mind to picture him as someone else, I became enveloped in his touch. His demanding breathing became more rhythmic, encircling my mind like a swarm of bees. I felt his magic wand growing as it was rooting itself into my back.

We rocked and swayed to an unheard beat until he eventually laid on the bed. I took control and arranged myself above his swollen projectile, lowering myself to become the silo to house him. He extends his hands to envelope my pyramids. Grasping at the peaks as they stiffen with eagerness to entice his tongue. He sits up and encases both into his anticipating mouth, like a baby eating its first cake. Tenderly, and lovingly caressing them while manipulating the hummingbird inside. The roller-coaster ride becomes more intense as my insides tremble with delight. The geyser of my love is about to erupt with an unimaginable wave of multiple explosions. This is how it’s supposed to be, I thought to myself. He can’t get himself “motivated enough” so he had to bring me pleasure in another way. This worked a few more times because for me, I was horny as shit and needed to relieve the pressure that had built up over several years and I was in another world with another person whilst grinding on his masterful extensions. Envisioning it to be his rams’ horn was the only way this would ever become a “finished product.” As the thunder rolled, my thighs seized, and the flood gates were released.

What seemed as forever was essentially 15 minutes and when it was all said and done, he curled his body around mine, kissed me ever so slightly on the forehead and said, “Now I have another reason to love you.” He smiled and closed his eyes. I rolled mine and forced myself to sleep. I wanted more and not with any other appendage than the rod between his legs. I’m starting to think he may have a problem. Later that day, I went home, hopped in the shower, and cleansed myself of all the bad decisions I made in the last few days. I was horny again and Thaddeus called. “Let’s have some phone sex, since you can’t be here right now,” I said. He wavered as though he was reliving a bad story in his mind. I heard the “wrong” in his voice as he agreed to satisfy my hunger. I get comfortable, put the phone on speaker and tell him I’m ready.

Since I feel this is new to him, I thought if I asked him a question maybe that would get his imaginative juices flowing. Wrong. I asked, “What would you do to me if you were here right now?” He paused and said, “Ummm, I guess I’d kiss you and give you a massage.” Then there was silence. I was waiting for details, and he seemed stuck. “Ok, so How would you massage me?” I asked. Another “Ummm,” sprang from his lips. “I guess I’d start with your shoulders and work my way down.” “Yeah, to where?” I inquired “To your feet, where else would I go?” Ugh! He’s even bad at this I said to myself. No imagination at all. That’s it! I can’t do this, and I have to be nice about it?

I called Chelsea and asked her what to do. She told me I had to decide for myself, but she would ghost him. Laughing slightly, I agreed. “Where did you get your savagery from?” I asked, “I learned from the best.” She said proudly. Knowing what she meant, I knew what I had to do. I didn’t talk to Thaddeus for about a week. I needed to get my thoughts together in a nice way. I didn’t want to lie, and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I wrote everything down I wanted to say and then I called him. I felt this was going to be easier over the phone than in person.

During this call, I told him how great he was, and he would probably be best suited for a woman his age with a sex drive commiserate to his. I also told him that he didn’t do anything wrong, it was just progressing too quickly for me, and I needed to refocus and prioritize a few things in my life. Hearing him sniffle on the phone, I knew he was heartbroken. He asked if we could continue to be friends. My response in my head was “NO!” but what came out was, “sure.” I knew I was going to block him on everything the minute we got off the phone.

He was never going to hear from me again. If I saw him on the street, I’d speak but that was about it. A few months passed and I got a friend request from Thaddeus. I hoped he’d moved on and forgotten about me. I canceled and went on about my day. This happened a few more times for about 6 months. A new year came and another friend request but not from Thaddeus. I hit the button to view this person’s page. It was “the new girl” in his life. I only know from the pictures and captions. I was happy for him but wondered why she was contacting me. I ignored it and went about my day. Then I kept receiving phone calls from an unknown number. Yet another reason to leave a younger man alone. One day, I answered. “Hello?” I said. “Is this Lyric?” a voice said. “Whom may I ask is calling?” I said snidely “This is Carmen.

You don’t know me, and Thaddeus doesn’t know I’m doing this but, we’re getting married and I’m sure he’d love for you to be there.” What? Is this bitch crazy? “I’m sorry, why are you calling me?” I asked, “You are the reason we’re together and I know he’d feel bad if you weren’t there.” She said “Look, Carmen, is it? I’m happy that you’re marrying Thaddeus but I’m declining your invitation.” I said sternly. “You two have a great life together and don’t ever contact me again.” I roared as I hung up the phone. I think she was curious and needed to know who I was. I’m glad he found someone else. Not my rodeo, not my problem anymore.


Christian Maddison

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Christian Maddison
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