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The late shift


By Vitoria WadePublished about a month ago 6 min read

Miranda sits at her desk, eyes glued to the computer. She is working late as usual, proofreading a presentation she is working on for the next day, trying to make sure she gets everything absolutely right.

A door opens to the side of Miranda’s office, and her workmate Carrie slips in. “Hi Miranda,” she says softly, so as not to startle the other woman.

Miranda looks up. “Oh, Hi Carrie. I didn’t think anyone else was still here!”

“Well, I was just about to leave when I saw your light on. You should go home too, you know. You need your rest for that presentation tomorrow”.

“Oh…” Miranda shrugs. “I’ll be fine”.

Carrie walks over to Miranda’s desk, standing behind her. She lightly rests her hands on Miranda’s shoulders. “You feel tense,” Carrie says. “Why don’t you let me give you a back massage?”

Before Miranda can say anything, Carrie has begun kneading her fingers into Miranda’s back, finding the sore spots and massaging them gently.

“Oh, Carrie”, Miranda sighs. “That feels so good”. She leans back in her chair and relaxes her neck and back for the first time in a long while.

“I’m glad you like it,” Carrie smiles. As she continues the backrub, Carrie slowly begins to slide her hands further forward on Miranda’s shoulders, until she is almost touching her breasts. Miranda has her eyes closed and doesn’t seem to notice. Carrie lightly brushes the left nipple, and a shudder goes through Miranda’s body, but she still doesn’t protest. “Hmmm”, Carrie thinks to herself, “so the rumors in the office might have some truth to them after all. This could be interesting”. She leans down toward Miranda and kisses her lightly on the back of the neck, while continuing her massage. Finding no resistance, she spins Miranda’s chair around.

Miranda smiles. “Carrie, are you coming on to me?”

“Well… I suppose you could say that”.

“Good. I’ve thought you were attractive for a while, but never had the courage to act on it.” Miranda pulls Carrie down into her lap and begins kissing her. Carrie closes her eyes and returns the kiss with passion. She doesn’t see Miranda’s hand slowly reaching into a drawer of her desk….

Suddenly, with one swift motion, Miranda grabs Carrie’s arms and clasps them behind her back. Carrie feels cold steel around her wrists as handcuffs are locked around them.

“Miranda! What? I mean…”

Miranda smiles. “And now to do this right.” She unbuttons Carrie’s jacket, pushing it down around her arms and exposing the sheer beige shell she wears underneath. Miranda plays with Carrie’s nipples through the fabric, first with her fingers and then with her tongue, until the material over Carrie’s breasts is quite see-through. Carrie moans softly at first, then a little louder. Miranda then takes a pair of scissors and a scarf out of her desk. When Carrie sees what she is about to do, her eyes widen. “No, Miranda! Please! I don’t mmmphh…” Her last words are muffled as Miranda pushes the scarf into her mouth and ties it behind her head. Carrie is pretty helpless now, and she knows it. She whimpers softly as Miranda cuts through the thin material of her shirt, pushing it back and exposing the white lace bra underneath.

“You’re lucky, Carrie. This bra opens in the front”. Miranda opens the bra and begins fondling Carrie’s beautiful breasts in earnest, taking them in handfuls and pressing the nipples into her mouth. When she tongues both nipples at once, Carrie goes crazy. Her hips gyrate against Miranda’s legs.

“Hmmm… we may need a bit more space”. Miranda forces Carrie to stand, then clears off a space on her desk. She pushes Carrie down onto it so that she lies spread out, arms above her head. Miranda then begins running her hands slowly up and down Carrie’s nylon-covered legs. She goes almost up to the place where they join, then stops teasingly, eliciting a groan from Carrie.

“Do you want me to stop?” asks Miranda. Carrie shakes her head emphatically no. “Well then…”. says Miranda, “you’ll have to accept whatever I choose to do to you. Can you do that?”

Carrie nods. To her surprise, now she has gotten over the initial shock of being cuffed and gagged, Carrie finds she is getting quite aroused.

Miranda continues her torturous passage up and down Carrie’s legs, getting closer to the juncture each time. She then stops abruptly. She moves closer to Carrie and grasps her skirt. Carrie, understanding what Miranda wants, raises her hips obediently to allow Miranda to remove it, which she does very slowly and teasingly. With the skirt off, Miranda steps back to get a good look at this beautiful woman.

Miranda moves to Carrie’s feet, removing the high heels she is wearing and massaging each foot a little before moving on. She then works the pantyhose down her legs and removes these as well. Miranda is delighted to find that Carrie is wearing no panties under them.

“Now roll over onto your stomach,” Miranda commands. Carrie looks at her, wondering what will be next. “Do it!” Miranda says forcefully. Carrie has no choice but to obey. She hears a drawer open and close, but can’t see what Miranda is doing. Then she feels a light slap on her bare ass. Then another, harder, and harder. It feels as though she is being whipped with some long, thin object. The slaps continue until Carrie’s bare bottom is quite red and sore, then Miranda abruptly says, “Roll over”. Carrie does so, wincing at the pain in her ass, and sees that the offending object is a ruler. She has little time to see anything else though, because Miranda suddenly pushes three fingers into Carrie’s wet pussy. She is surprises at how wet Carrie is, and feels glad that she is enjoying her punishment. Carrie gasps as Miranda begins finger-fucking her, using her thumb to stimulate Carrie’s sensitive clit. Just when she is on the verge of climax, though, Miranda stops.

“I’ve been doing all these things for you, isn’t it about time you did something for me, Carrie dear?” Miranda pulls Carrie off the desk and gestures for her to kneel in front of her on the floor. Miranda then quickly removes her own skirt, hose, and panties and straddles Carrie’s face. Carrie, quite aroused herself by this time, begins to lick and suck at Miranda’s cunt and clit.

“Oh, don’t stop… It feels so good… Oh, right there!” Miranda gasps and sighs her way to an orgasm, then gets down on the floor beside Carrie, pushes her down on the ground, and returns the favor. Aided by Miranda’s enthusiastic tongue and fingers, Carrie quickly climaxes. The tension has built up for so long she almost can’t stand it when she finally gets her release.

The two women lie on the floor for a few moments, exhausted by their efforts, then Miranda sits up and reaches for her desk. She unlocks the handcuffs and removes the gag, then looks over at Carrie. “I hope I wasn’t too rough… I know I surprised you”.

Carrie blushes, aware she can’t hide the excitement she has felts. “I didn’t mind… I liked it!”

“Good,” Miranda smiles, pulling on her clothes. “And now I think it’s time for us both to go home.”

“But what about my shirt?” Carrie protests.

“That’s your problem”, laughs Miranda as she walks out the door. “Don’t forget to turn out the light!”

Carrie sighs, then buttons her jacket over the remains of her torn blouse. As she walks to her car, she thinks over the interesting evening. “Well, one thing’s for sure,” she says to herself, “I certainly won’t mind working late anymore!”


About the Creator

Vitoria Wade

There is inspiration in everything we do in life, and writing is no different. Writing erotic fiction has helped me explore myself on a deeper level. Being able to expand on desires and enabling me to see my true desires in an other light.

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