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The Guarantees Pleasure With An Internet Troll

He was feverishly yanking at my top the moment we came through his front door, unintentionally ripping off a button.

By The Lost GirlPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

People may be odd when they use the internet. I discovered this last year after a troll harassed me after Love Island ended. Bara and Mike were two of my favourite characters. He didn't. This seems to be enough for him to continue commenting on my Instagram account long after the series had ended. It started off as banter, with lines like "I can't believe you could expose your face after voting for them" on selfies, but it quickly became venomous. He referred to me as "chunky," said I needed to get my roots done, and once said "I find it hard to believe you can read" when I shared a photo of a book I was reading.

It grew so bad that I feared getting alerts. If I saw one from him, my stomach would churn. My friends thought I was crazy for not banning him, but I just opted to ignore his presence - until, when I posted a picture of some tickets I'd gotten for an intimate performance, he replied something very normal. "I had no idea you were a fan," he responded, adding that he had a ticket to the same concert.

"It's amazing what you can discover about someone after you get to know them," I retorted.

I decided to look at his profile after he liked my comment. In disbelief, my jaw dropped open. He was stunning, with his peroxide-blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. I returned his gaze.

My gaze scoured the auditorium for him during the performance. After the intermission, the throng dispersed, and I noticed a blonde flash at the bar, so I tapped him on the shoulder.

"You?" he exclaimed, putting his palm to his lips in surprise.

"The one and only," I remarked wryly.

"You look wonderful," he remarked, his gaze drawn to my curves and cleavage.

"So you're capable of being polite," I grumbled. He looked crestfallen, and to apologise for trolling me, he brought me a drink and we started conversing - his sarcasm was rather seductive in person. I began to suspect that he had been flirting with me the entire time, and that I had taken his statements far too seriously. Shouting or just groaning while he is pleasing me is an excellent approach to convey the message that he is making you feel amazing. Men also claim that the sound of groaning may be so seductive that it is frequently the only thing that causes them to climax.

He purchased us shots for the following round... and then I found myself in a cab on my way back to his.

He was feverishly yanking at my top the moment we came through his front door, unintentionally ripping off a button. I resolved to exact my vengeance by pulling his expensive-looking shirt off his back.

I pulled him away from me and straddled him.

"Oi!" he wailed. "That shirt almost cost me a month's pay!"

Then he shoved me onto his bed, yanked my thong to one side, and threw me down. He went on top just before I reached my climax. But I shoved him off and straddled him nevertheless.

He reclaimed authority by tossing me onto my tummy and slipping inside me from behind, unable to agree on anything. We arrived at the same time a few moments later.

I left him asleep the next morning as I collected my stuff off his bedroom floor and departed without even learning his true name.

It didn't matter, though. I realized I didn't want anything to do with him anymore. And I'm guessing my disappearance shook his confidence since he never commented on my photos again.


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