The First Date Pt. 2

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(Sequel to "The First Date Pt. 1") Tia and Jazmen finally meet each other in person after they have been chatting for a few days online. After talking for a few hours and really connecting, the date ends far better than either of them could have imagined.

The First Date Pt. 2

I couldn’t believe I had actually been getting Tinder dates off my ridiculous profile. My pictures were so bleh and my bio was basic. I was enjoying getting to meet some new people from it, but I wasn’t really connecting with any of them. Am I really going to find my wife on Tinder? I questioned all my life decisions that led to being so single that I was going on my fourth Tinder date of the month.

For the current evening, I decided on some dark jeans and my favorite color-blocked sweater. The bar we were meeting at was a bit far from my place, so I left early to make sure I was on time. As far as I could tell from the pictures online, it was a hip little spot to visit on a Saturday night. I was actually excited for this date since I knew there was no way it could be worse than the last one.

I walked into the bar and scoped out the place. I didn’t see anyone that looked like the girl’s profile. Her name was Tia and she had dewy tan skin and a bright smile. I looked at my watch and realized I had a few minutes. I figured I should stop at the bathroom in the meantime and followed the signs toward it. As I was about to open the door, it swung open and nearly hit me in the nose. I smoothly dodged and the woman ran out behind me.

“Oh! Excuse me,” she spat out in a rush. I turned around and saw the back of her head dart away. She kind of looked like Tia from the back, but I wasn’t sure whether it was really her. I carried on into the bathroom knowing I would find out shortly.

I exited the restroom and looked around, quickly seeing that Tia was who I thought she was. I smiled and stared at her as I walked in her direction. She wore a simple tank top and jeans, but she still looked very nice. She fidgeted as I got closer. She’s nervous, how adorable.

“Hey!” I greeted her.

“H-hey! Um, sorry about the door, earlier, ya know.”

“It’s fine, doorways are like intersections, designed for run-ins,” I let the sentence awkwardly roll off my tongue, regretting every word as I said it. I flashed a charming smile, hoping to erase the last eight seconds.

“So, do you want to just sit at the bar?”

“Sure,” I said, and let her lead the way. I followed behind her to the stools and was a little surprised when she pulled mine out for me. “Thanks.”


She shuffled around in her seat getting settled. I tried to discreetly watch her as she did so. Her smile was gentle, and she just seemed… pleasant. I liked being around her already.

“So, what exactly are you looking for on Tinder?” I asked, wanting to know if I should let myself like her or not.

“Oh, you know, I’ve been single for a while and I’m ready for another relationship, but I’m not, like, lonely or in a rush or anything like that. What about you?”

“I want a wife.” I watched for her reaction. She looked so shocked that I laughed at how much her face couldn’t hide her feelings.

“That’s awesome, I love that,” she recovered from her expression nicely, “I always want to say that, but then I never do because it scares people. So, I really appreciate that.”

“Well, you should always be honest about what you want.” I didn’t mean for it to sound a tiny bit suggestive, but her shy smile let me know it did.


The bartender came over to take our drink orders. I was pleased with her choice of a painkiller. I wanted to know more about her… so much more. It was really difficult for me to find someone that I was even remotely interested in, and here she was, grinning at me ear to ear with red cheeks.

“So, you want to be married?" I asked her.

“Yeah, I’ve just always been more of a commitment person. And dating is just… so much work and stress. I would rather skip it all and be married.”

“I would rather have relationship problems than single-but-dating problems,” I agreed with her.

“Exactly!” She seemed so excited to have found someone who understood, I guess I was excited, too.

The bartender brought our drinks over and I sipped mine slowly, savoring the smooth taste of my Jameson. I thought deeper about our conversation and what more I wanted to say as I drank. I started to talk before I had fully formed the thought.

“But yeah, it’s like… Other people question why someone would want to trap themselves into a marriage before they have the chance to explore,” I used air quotes. “And I just feel like there is nothing I want to explore that wouldn’t be better with a wife. I don’t see it as a thing that would hold me back, I see it as something that would push me forward.” I looked directly in her eyes afterwards, trying to read her thoughts.

“Yeah, I get you. I feel the same way. Wow, I’ve never met somebody who feels the same way about this.” I smiled at her and felt a wave of comfort wash over me. We could continue the date knowing we were on the same page and were looking for the same thing.

The two of us kept at it, talking and exploring ideas for another three hours. I had another drink and she had two more. As she talked, I watched the smile creep on her lips when she talked about something that excited her, and the seriousness wash over her face when she talked about something that worried her. Her expressiveness made me really attracted to her. I felt like she could probably say everything I couldn’t in a better way than I would have said it anyway. The conversation eventually slowed, and I looked at my watch to see it had gotten late.

“So, you ready to get outta here?”

“Yeah, wow, it’s late." We left the counter and walked out the side door together. “Where’d you park?”

“Right over there,” I pointed two blocks over.

“Oh, me too.”

We started to talk toward our cars, and I felt a strong urge to kiss her overpower me. I would need to get her at the right angle to make it happen, so I started mapping out my plan. I walked ahead of her and leaned against my car.

“I had a nice time with you.”

“I did too, thank you.”

I looked her right in the eyes, hoping she would feel the pull towards me.

“Come here,” I said, now impatient, summoning her with my fingers.


“I said come here.” I kept my tone polite but dominant, wanting to stay inviting and persuasive. She finally started to come forward. When she got close enough, I put a hand on the small of her back, letting my fingertips gently grip her skin. I pulled her face closer with my other hand, closing around her chin. I stared at her irresistible lips before I closed my eyes; they were round and supple. I pressed my lips to hers and lingered there for a long moment, feeling our bodies press together. I felt myself overcome with such a thirst for her—mind, body, and soul.

Eventually, I released her mouth and her body. It wasn’t enough for me, though, none of that was anywhere near enough for me. I needed her. I got my keys out, unlocked my car, and opened the backseat door.

“Get in,” I told her. She hesitated, then climbed in. I followed behind her and shut the door. “Come here,” I motioned with my fingers again, needing to pull her in quickly. She moved toward me and I met her halfway with my lips. My hungry hands placed themselves on her neck and thigh. As we kissed, I let my hands glide from her neck to her shoulder. I lightly pulled the strap of her loose tank top and let it fall to her waist. She smiled at me mid-kiss and I smiled back before I put my tongue in her mouth. My heart rate was rising, and I felt my body flush with heat. I opened my eyes for a moment and snuck a peek at her face. Even in the dimness of the night I could see how beautiful she was, the sweet shyness in her embarrassment. I unhooked her bra next, unable to hold back any longer. I threw it into the front seat and she covered herself when I looked back at her.

“Here, just,” I pulled her legs into my seat so she could lay down on her back in a proper position.

“I’ll cover you,” I landed my body on top of hers and just stared at her openly. She revealed herself and put her arms around my waist. Even in the night I could see the redness in her skin, a bead of sweat on her forehead. Her breasts were lovely, just a bit more than a handful each. Her nipples were already erect, inviting me to play with them. I started to kiss her neck and gently rub them with my fingertips. She whimpered as I went along, and I couldn’t read how much pleasure was in her noises. I felt unsure for a moment whether she really wanted this.

“Is all of this okay?” I asked her, needing the clarification.

“Yeah,” she said.

“Is this okay?” I lowered a hand to her jeans and began to unbutton them.

“Yeah,” she said with her eyes closed.

“You sure?”

“I’m sure.”

Reassured, I resumed my work. I pulled her pants down to her knees then came up to kiss her more.

“Tell me at any point if you want me to stop,” I told her. She nodded back at me, giving me the green light to do as I pleased. I touched her all over as I kissed her. I let my hands lead themselves across her body, feeling where she needed them to go. Her skin was so smooth and kind enough to allow me access to it. I traced around her panty-line with my nail, doing a bit of a tease before I slipped a finger inside of her. She welcomed me in with a warm moan and a wet entryway. I kissed her neck as I felt around inside of her, exploring which parts made her catch her breath. The sweet sounds she made as I stroked her from the inside were ecstasy. I pulled my lips from her neck so that I could face her and watch how she squirmed.

I twisted my fingers inside her and I felt her juices leaking out, covering my hand and soaking her panties. I wanted to overwhelm her with pleasure—make her lose her mind. I started to caress her nipples with my tongue, giving them the occasional suck and flick. She ran her hand through my dreads as I moved across her chest. I heard her other hand grab the door handle and I smirked, feeling very encouraged. I changed my speeds, watching how she reacted as I stroked her g-spot fast, then slow, then fast again, then slow.

“Look at me,” I needed her to open her eyes. I needed her to know who was doing this to her. I needed her to see me as I pleased her. I needed her to know me.

I stared at her as I massaged her clitoris with my thumb. I was ready to give her the big finale and was patient about getting her there. I found a consistent pattern of movement and increased my speed faster and faster. I held her gaze, not letting her eye contact waver as she squirmed. Her breaths became shorter and shorter and I knew I almost had it.

I saw the otherworldly expression pan across her face as she journeyed to the universe and back during her climax. Her eyes were grateful and connected to mine, sharing the moment with me. I let my fingers massage her for a moment longer, savoring the eruption they had just caused. Then, I kissed her stomach and waited for her heart rate to slow down. She finally let go of the car door handle and began to relax. I lifted my head up to her face and smiled. I kissed her forehead, then her nose, then her lips. She laughed in a silly, embarrassed way.


“Nothing, I just, um, yeah.”

She covered herself again and I rushed to find her bra in the front seat. “Oh, sorry.” I pulled it into the back and wrapped it around her. “Here, let me,” I said as I rehooked it behind her back. I pulled her pants back up and buttoned them as well. She pulled her tank top back on and I moved so she could sit upright in the seat.

“Um, hey, so, about that wife you’re looking for,” she said playfully.

We both laughed, but I felt like she was fucking serious.

The end.

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