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The Elusive Male Orgasm

by Izak Erato 2 years ago in how to

How Men Can Learn to Cum From Nipple Play

The Elusive Male Orgasm

Search the internet for Nipple Orgasms, and you will come across a shitload of articles pertaining to women, and the awesome 8,000 ways that a woman can cum! If you just so happen to have a penis, you are shit out of luck when it comes to finding the same information about your nipples.

I should know; I just so happen be a man, and I have a set of very sensitive nipples that have defied the “laws” of biology time and time again. This has created a feeling of alienation when trying to explain to sex partners, and (very shocked) friends about my special “trick.” Frankly, no one seems to believe me… that is until I prove it. Look ma, no hands!

Information about the Male Sexual Response in general is severely lacking when it comes to the scientific community. You would think that anything other than a penile orgasm is a mere myth, told by gnomes and shifty Yoga Guys trying to pick up a date. No matter what people say online, the Man on a quest to spice up his sex life wants to hear it from the horse's mouth: Science! What does SCIENCE say about Male Orgasms, in general? Unfortunately, not much. Many guys may get discouraged on this journey due to lack of cold hard evidence. Why even try if Science gives you the “we can neither confirm nor deny these salacious allegations” runaround?

Well, if you play your cards right, eat a carrot or two, and take your vitamins… you just may be alive for quite a long time. Eventually the same ol’ Dick Tricks may get boring. They got boring for me at the ripe old age of 19, which lead me to this discovery in my 20s.

Most all men know what it feels like to be horny. Kinda horny, very horny, extremely horny, you get the drift. I was (and still am) quite familiar with horniness. No amount of sex or masturbation can fully satiate the Horny Demon. It will sneak up on you when you least expect it, and for good reason. Testosterone is largely responsible for the sex drive, and men just so happen to have more of it. It is already known that playing with a man's nipples while he is horny will feel nice to most of us. It may even make us hornier! I can assure you that there is MUCH MORE to your nipples than a way to make your dick harder.

To orgasm from nipple stimulation, you only need four things:

  1. Arousal
  2. Time
  3. Concentration
  4. Self Control

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well if it were easy I would not be writing this article. It wasn’t easy for me, and it won't be easy for you… but for at least 75 percent of men, you WILL achieve a “nipple-gasm” by being mindful of these things. The sweet day when you finally prove to yourself that you can cum from only playing with your nipples, I can assure you; you WILL feel like a Gladiator. The proverbial Rocky Balboa who climbed the stairs and didn’t get winded. You will know that you can fly like a butterfly, and sting like a bee. And you too will be able to drop a bombshell on your buddies and sex partners: GUESS WHAT? I CAN CUM FROM PLAYING WITH MY NIPPLES! I will expand on the four things mentioned above, and why they are not what you think.

1. Arousal

Seems simple enough. You have to be aroused to get off, but I do not mean a standard-issue horny. Arousal has levels, and often men will take the quickest avenue out of Horny Town when we feel the urge. If you cannot tolerate the feeling of arousal very long before you have to do something about it, then you might as well stop reading right now.

A higher level of arousal is crucial in a nipple orgasm, or it simply will not happen. Keep the oven on 100 degrees, and your chicken will never roast. Turn the oven up to broil and your meat is done in a flash, but it will be flavorless and dry. A Nipple Orgasm is the sex equivalent of a fine, but cumbersome meal. Hard work initially, but what a tasty meal it is! And the more times you do it, the easier it becomes to make that meal.

Concerning Male Arousal, the first key is to simply learn it. If you jack off every single time you get horny, or can't make it more than two days before you have to give it a go… no, bro. You have not learned your arousal, you are a causality of that shit. You have to treat your arousal response like a science experiment. You have to test your waters. You have to let arousal build to a point past what you normally do… just to see what your body does in the first place. You have to feel horny, and do absolutely nothing about it. Let it marinate occasionally. My advice is to not jack off or have sex for one week. Day one may be easy, but it will get increasingly difficult. You will think about your dick all the time. You will think about sex all the time. That is okay. This adds to your arousal.

Touch various parts of your body (other than your penis) during this week. Stroke your leg, your abdomen… anything. Learn what feels shockingly good to you when you haven’t came in a few days. Half way into this week, fantasize about what gets you off. Do it a lot. Think about small things… details versus the usual “I’m fucking a hot woman” fantasies. Are you a breast man? Fantasize about a beautiful woman stepping out of a sauna. Imagine one bead of water rolling down a breast, and dripping onto her hips. Follow the bead of water in your minds' eye, down her thigh and onto the floor. Add more drops of water… imagine steam rising off of her breasts. Imagine the warmth and wetness on her body if you were to touch it. Imagine her hair clinging to to her neck, grazing her nipples. Feed your psyche with arousal by details.

Keep adding details in your mind. If you are into guys, do the same! But whatever you do, DO NOT GET YOURSELF OFF. Pay attention to what your body is doing during these exercises. Are your boxers wet? Is your dick twitching? Is your face hot? Is your heart beating unusually fast? Now ask yourself if your body normally does this when you are horny for only a short duration of time. At the end of the week, allow yourself to cum, however you want. Feel free to make it fast and furious. You have done well. But rest not, there is still more work to do…

2. Time

How long does it take to make a woman cum? 15 minutes? One hour? What I am getting at is to have a nipple orgasm, you have to stop expecting that you are going to be jizzing yourself down in “no time.” Frankly, your nipples are not your dick. You might as well start thinking of them as man clits. All preconceived notions concerning how easy it is for a man to make himself cum have to be thrown in the trash once you start playing with your nipples. You are starting from scratch. Completely uncharted territory.

Men, no matter their sexual orientation, expect RESULTS, and we want them fast! Sorry to disappoint you, but you are going to have to learn the value of time, and time well spent. Have you ever spent an hour, even two, giving your girlfriend a mind blowing cataclysmic orgasm? Remember the feeling of satisfaction knowing that you made her happy by giving her the time she needs to get her body where it wants to go? Now translate that same sense of care and concern onto your own body.

You cannot be so concerned about the destination. If you step on the gas you will only end up frustrated, disillusioned, and insecure. In fact, the ride there is truly all you need to focus on. Remove all sense of time from the equation. Don’t even LOOK at a clock. Make sure you are relaxed. Make sure you have no impending obligations. If you have a report to finish for work, do it. You absolutely cannot feel pressed for time. It is also important to give yourself the time to learn your body. This will not happen immediately. You are not going to be a nipple orgasm pro by reading this and trying to do it all tonight. It may take you days, weeks, even months… and some of you may never get there. The point is that you need to have a healthy respect for time.

Now imagine you were trying to roast that same chicken, but your care and attention to it is what caused it to cook, instead of one hour in the oven. Each time you expect the chicken to be done at a set amount of time, the more uncooked it becomes. What you are doing is spending time enjoying and loving your body with no expectations but to feel. This is the key.

3. Concentration

Can you chew gum and eat soup simultaneously? To achieve any task, you need to focus on the task at hand. If there is anything pressing for your attention, or any distractions whatsoever, you will loose the focus you need to get the nipple job done. The power of the mind is king. You have to be able to hold focus on the minute changes in your body, and they will become magnified.

If you are getting a BJ while watching the nightly news, you are either not going to cum, or you are not going to miss the report on the missile strike. When was the last time you got a BJ? What was going on in your head? Probably “OMG OMG OMG THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD. MY DICK. MY DICK. MY DICK. I'M GONNA CUM. I'M GONNA CUM.” If you were thinking about your grandmother, I am sure you weren’t focused on your dick. Unless you have some explaining to do.

Staying in the zone is paramount. Whatever you need to stay in that zone, supply yourself with it. If it's too cold, adjust the thermostat. If you are hungry, have a light snack. If you don’t feel horny with all the lights on, turn them low. The next time you jack off, try this experiment: during the middle of your arousal, purposefully think about what you need to buy from the grocery store for a few seconds. Did your arousal take a nose dive? Next, think about your dick, and how good it feels to stroke it. Did you suddenly start to experience heightened pleasure in your dick? This is the power of concentration. And you are going to need a lot of it.

4. Self-Control


This is the main killer of a potential nipple orgasm. Lack of self control. What do I mean? What often happens when guys try the nipple trick for the first few times, is they end up just making themselves super horny (nothing wrong with that, though.) They get so turned on in fact, that they end up attacking their dicks and beating themselves silly. They lie in a semen-soaked daze… knowing that they failed the mission but still got a prize.

Challenge yourself. Push yourself to the brink of arousal…you have to almost get desperate for an orgasm and still not touch the peen. The human body is amazing, though. What will happen is your body will eventually give you the orgasm that you seek… if you do not take the easiest route to it every time. Anyone who has had a wet dream knows that your brain WILL make you jizz on down the road, if you get horny enough with no relief. If you give in, just pat yourself on the back knowing that you tried… and keep trying.

This is by far the hardest thing to do. As a man, I was in that same boat during my first nipple adventures. It honestly feels very good to have them played with while pawing at my erection. I've been driven to that same edge, and lost control. I knew, though, that one day… I would simply have to… let it marinate if I ever wanted to even see what was on the other side of that bridge. My sheer curiosity allowed me to resist the urge one day, and indeed, it happened.

There is a window of sensation within us men, where it gets to feeling so good that we almost have a violent urge to bust one. It happens to us all. We feel as if the earth is going to incinerate if you don’t cum. We feel as if our life depends on it. Then as soon as we finish, we wonder why were we in such a rush? The fact is… you are always going to be able to cum for the most part. Your ability to orgasm will not vanish just because you deny yourself momentarily. Have you ever been horny-agitated for so long that you suddenly lost all ability to cum? Nope! Your orgasm is going nowhere. It is waiting in the future like a video game monster. The longer it takes for you to get to that guy, the bigger and stronger he will become. He is going nowhere. He is waiting on you, but he will always be there.

Now, Jedi, you can take the tools above to apply to the steps below:

  1. While you are already aroused, and preferably after not cumming for a few days, get in a comfortable position (on your back) and lightly touch one nipple. Then another. Do not start by pinching or rubbing heavily. If you start out swinging hard, there is an overload of sensation. Even if it feels good, there is nowhere to “go up” from that point. Notice how each time you touch your nipples, you feel a jolt of sensation in your nipples and penis at the same time. You may also notice a jolt of sensation in the thigh area. Touch one and then the other but not both. Switch back and forth for a few minutes. Slide your thumb/finger across your nipples like you are unlocking an iPhone that won't seem to unlock. It is best to let a few seconds pass before you slide a thumb over your nipple again. You want to tease your way into it.
  2. Focus on your arousal. Think about how long it has been since you have came. The longer it has been, the more your brain will focus on this naturally. Complain even. “It's been so long since I came. I am so fucking horny. I need to cum so badly.” It's all good and dandy. Tell yourself how good it feels to play with your nipples. Notice that it feels like you are getting an invisible BJ when you touch them. Your dick may be super hard by now, which is good. It may twitch, jump, or sway each time you stimulate a nipple. It will seem to be timed to the nipple strokes.
  3. You can either use the detailed fantasy technique described earlier, or watch your favorite porn. It is best to either watch a playlist preloaded, or a very long video so that you do not have to actively change videos which may break concentration. If you decide to watch porn, experiment with watching it in slow mo if you wish, for an especially sticky treat.
  4. At a stage that feels right to you, begin to swipe both nipples at the same time, and experiment with different directions (up, down, lightly tapping/twisting.) A very small change in direction or intensity will be magnified due to the increased arousal. This is the key. It is best to time the intensity of the stimulation with the intensity of your fantasy or the video that you are watching. If the actors in your video are moaning and getting close, increase the stimulation of your nipples, either by pressure, speed, or both. Keep repeating in your mind how good it feels, and how close you are. Keep telling yourself that this is going to make you cum.
  5. Be sure to stop nipple stimulation for a second or two, periodically, so that your body does not tire of it, but not so long that you loose your erection or your arousal level dips. This is the equivalent of getting a BJ, and the Blower takes your dick out of their mouths for a second or two, tells you how big it is, and then deep throats you on home. Feels great, doesn’t it? Do this to your nipples.
  6. The first time you have a nipple orgasm, you may not notice what is happening at first. You will feel tingly sensations in the penis area, and your nipples will seem to be on fire. What I have noticed is some guys freak out, or get overly excited once they realize they are “close” causing their adrenaline to spike, and their orgasm to retreat. You must find a way to override this feeling of excitement, which may be difficult at first. Keep your nerves mellow, and enjoy the ride. You may or may not cum the first time, but this technique, over time, will recalibrate the mind/body connection and your brain will learn to respond to more subtle forms of sexual input. You will derive intense arousal from things that only gave you a mild boner in the past. You must learn to reprocess stimulation, mental and physical.

Having a nipple orgasm will happen faster and faster the more your body is trained to have them. One day your nipples will be an entree at the Orgasm Buffet, instead of an appetizer. Each time you want to get off, you will be able to decide… nipples or dick? And you will feel like a mini God.

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