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The Doctor

by Fantasies On Paper 11 months ago in lgbtq

Pt. 2

The Doctor

Here we are, about to knock on her door. I’m scared, but in a good way. I guess I’m excited. Are we going to talk about yesterday? Are we going to just ignore it and be friends? Anything could happen at this point.

*knock knock* *the door opens*

My heart is in my throat. It seems like forever until I see her face. I catch a glimpse of her lips behind the heavy door. I can’t say anything, I just freeze.

Harper - *With a low voice* Hi..

Saia – Hey..

Harper – Come in! Want anything to drink?

Saia – Uhm, I’m good.. I think we should, uhm, talk..

Harper – Yeah, we should..

We are in the kitchen. She gets closer to me so we can talk. She’s not saying anything, and I’m not either. She just takes my hand and pulls me closer.

Saia – Harper, I..

Harper – Tell me to stop..

Saia – I can’t.. I want you.. So bad..

She grabs my shirt and pulls me into a kiss. It’s aggressive, passionate and wrong. I could taste her hunger. I kiss her harder. I pick her up and put her on the counter. I rip her shirt off uncovering her round breasts. Without any hesitation I start biting them leaving a mark. She lets out a moan and grabs the back of my head. Pulls my head back and bites my neck. We can feel the anger because we know we can’t be together. Yet, here we are, half naked in her kitchen starting something that is way too powerful to stop. We let each other get consumed by the moment. It’s so wrong, but it couldn’t feel righter. She gets up and takes my hand, leading me to her bedroom. She slowly let’s go of my hand without turning and takes off her shorts. My top is on the kitchen floor and my jeans are undone. I come from behind and grab her. My hands travel between her legs feeling how wet she is. Without moving, I slip one finger in making her grab my wrist, letting me know she will dictate the pace. Her hand travels down mine, cupping it, moving it showing me how she wants it. I start moving slowly, watching her every reaction. Feeding myself with her moans. She turns around and pulls me into a kiss, falling onto her bed. Without realizing she’s on top of me, kissing my body, making her way down. My jeans are coming off, leaving my naked body in her arms. Her lips travel down my stomach, in between my legs. Her tongue touches my lips and I let out a big moan. She’s hungry and I can feel it. I grab her hair while she’s eating my out. I can’t think anymore, I can’t speak, she’s taking over and I’m letting her. I pull her into a kiss and tell her to move on my face. She nods and does as I ask her. She’s on top of me and I’m eating her out. She leans over to satisfy her cravings. She slips two fingers in at the same time with me. I can feel her getting tight. We are close. Within seconds we collapse together without any words. We sit there for, what feels like an eternity and fall asleep.

I wake up and she’s not in bed anymore. I grab the first shirt I can find and go searching. She’s still half naked making food. What a view..

Saia – Hey..

Harper – You are up, I made pancakes. Hope you are hungry!

Saia – Definitely.. So that was..

Harper – Mind blowing? Amazing? Hot?

Saia – All of the above! *I say this with a smirk on my face*

Harper – I know we have a lot to figure out, but I’ve never felt like this before..

Saia – I haven’t been so crazy about someone before.. I don’t want it to end..

Harper – I don’t want that either.. So how about we don’t?..

Saia – I can work with that! So, what about those pancakes now, I’m starving, you made sure of that!

Harper – I’ll make sure to do it again! *wink*

We spent the rest of the day in bed watching movies, having snacks and just getting to know each other.. in every possible way *wink* We will figure everything out when we are ready, but until then, we’ll just give each other dirty looks at the hospital, kiss around corners and enjoy each other in the on-call room. It’s an adventure, and we are willing to risk it all, in the name of love!

The end.

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