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The Big O

by KimberleeFantasies 3 days ago in erotic · updated 2 days ago

Cucumbers Have Multiple Uses

The Big O
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The Big O

By KimberleeFantasies

It seemed that all my friends at school were sexually active. It

made me feel lame because I was still a virgin and haven’t even explored my body on my own. I didn’t have a boyfriend, never been kissed, you can imagine how I felt. Hearing them talk about their sexual conquests, made me feel left out. It also made me tingle down below as it was so exciting and risqué. ‘It is time for me to do something about this,’ I thought. I needed to at least explore myself, find out my likes and dislikes, what turns me on, and what sex feels like. I knew the house would be empty because my parents were attending a business conference. So, I decided that after school I was going to go home and masturbate for the first time.

School seemed to drag on, class by class, as I waited impatiently for the clock to turn to 3 pm so I could go home and start on my task. I kept thinking about how it would feel to touch myself and if I would reach an orgasm. My pussy became wet as I thought about this. I was in daydream mode all day. Finally, the last bell rang for the day, and I hurriedly grabbed my books and threw them in my bookbag, and headed to the door.

I rushed home as fast as I could. The five blocks seemed like

nothing. I quickly let myself inside and started to think, ‘I don’t own any sex toys, so what can I use to…” I decided to rummage through the refrigerator and settled on a smaller cucumber. ‘This will do the trick,’ I thought as I pulled it out and held it in my hand. I ran to my room and stripped off all my clothes, then got on the bed with the cucumber, and laid it beside me.

I turned on some soft music on my phone, then laid back on the

bed, I closed my eyes and started to think about the stories my friends told me. I started to tingle again down below. I ran my hands around my small breasts. My nipples became hard almost instantly. I tweaked them in between my thumb and my index finger. It felt nice and relaxing and made me tingle even more. I reached my hand down in between my thighs. I could feel the warmth from my pussy. I spread my legs and started to run my index finger across my pussy lips, then opened them and ran my finger up and down the length of my pussy. It was wet and I was getting more excited.

I found my clit and took two fingers and rubbed over it in a circular motion. I leaned back into the bed more as I was getting very aroused by touching myself. My breathing became short and quick. Then, I ran my hand down further and found my little fuckhole. I stuck two fingers inside and penetrated myself with them going in an in and out motion. It was feeling pretty good, but I stopped.

I grabbed the cucumber from the side of the bed and started to

rub it up and down the length of my pussy. It was rock hard and very big, even for a small cucumber. I grabbed some baby oil from the end table and lubed it up, running my hand up and down it to coat it well. The baby oil made the cucumber nice and warm. Afterward, I took a deep breath, spread my legs wide, and stuck the tip of the cucumber in my tight, virgin fuckhole. It felt nice and hot. It was spreading my pussy wide open. I pushed it inside a little more. I gasped. It was so large and was having a hard time going in since I was a virgin, and my pussy was so tight. I urged it in further, then pulled it back out. I did this a few times to get the cucumber used to my pussy. When I felt my pussy was stretched enough, I shoved the length of the cucumber inside of me. It felt amazing! It filled up my whole pussy. I grabbed at the cucumber pulling it out, then pushing it in. I finally got to where I had a rhythm going, and I started to fuck myself faster and harder. I was feeling hot and dizzy by this time and was moaning loudly.

I used my right hand to play with my swollen clit as I fucked myself with my right hand. I was getting so hot, and I knew I was going to cum soon. I was excited about the finish, so I kept pumping as fast and hard as I could and taking my two fingers and rubbing my wet, swollen clit. All of a sudden, cum came squirting out of my pussy all over the cucumber and I started to moan and scream loudly as I experienced my first orgasm. It was amazing. Nothing had ever felt that good. I popped my own cherry.

After I came, I kept laying on the bed in total bliss. The cucumber

was lying beside me, wet from my cum. I laughed to myself covering my eyes. This turned out to be a great experience and the cucumber sure did the trick. ‘Now I know what all my friends are experiencing,’ I thought as I laid on my bed. ‘I need to get a boyfriend, but in the meantime, this cucumber sure did the trick.’ I quickly fell asleep after experiencing my first orgasm and knew now that masturbation was a fun, healthy way to reach the big O.



Welcome to Kimberlee Fantasies! I've been writing Erotica for 22 years. I started at the mere age of 13, and since have broadened my horizons. My stories/blogs are filled with XXX Erotic Fiction. I hope you enjoy reading each of my entries.

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