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The Benefit of Friends

Playdates with Alice and Jesse

The Benefit of Friends

Playdates with Alice

Jesse pulled into a long driveway and came to a stop in front of an ordinary house in the suburbs. Her son Nick had recently befriended another boy from church named Luke. Luke’s mom Alice had invited them both over so the boys could play video games together. Jess swallowed hard as she looked up at the house. Alice had always intimidated her. With her athletic body, blonde hair and blue eyes. Alice was pretty close to perfect. There was nothing Jesse could think of that she wanted to do less than suffer through another boring playdate with a boring perfect mom.

Nick ran up to the door and frantically pushed the button no less than 3 times. Alice answered wearing tank top and tight black workout clothes. “Hey Nick, Luke is waiting for you in his room.” Alice smiled as Nick ran past. As Jesse came up the steps Alice looped an arm around hers and whispered, “I have some wine for us.” Jesse giggled. “Oh, thank God!”

Jesse could hear the sounds of the boy’s playing some video game in Luke’s room. Jesse took a seat at the kitchen counter. She leaned forward propping up her elbows on the counter. “Is that noise going to bother you?” Alice moved behind her chair to grab something she needed. “I don’t think so. Besides who knows what kind of fun we’ll get into.” As she passed behind the chair again, she allowed her fingers to poke Jesse in the sides. Jess sat upright allowing a giggle to come from her lips. Alice turned and looked at her, eyes full of mischief. “What was that about?” Jesse flashed her an equally mischievous smile. “I just wanted to see your reaction. “As she walked by a second time, she moved a strand of Jesse’s red hair behind her ear.

Alice placed a glass of wine in front of Jesse her blonde hair brushing Jess’s shoulder. Jess caught Alice’s wrist before she could walk away. Then wrapping her other hand around, she grabbed Alice’s side. Moving her fingers up and down slowly at first then quicker. Alice doubled over with laughter. Jesse grinned wickedly and began tickling both her sides at once.

Alice went to her knees then fell to her side. “Ok ok I’m sorry. Oh Stop!” Seeing the stronger more athletic woman at her mercy was intoxicating. The way her touch forced a reaction from Alice. It was giving her too much pleasure. At the realization Jesse stopped abruptly. “Are you ok? I just wanted to see your reaction.” Jesse couldn’t wipe the smile from her face. Alice was still laughing but managed to gasp out. “Fuck! That was so much hotter than it should have been. I can think of other things I’d rather use your fingers for though.” Blush stained Jess’s cheek as she rolled off her friend and stood up. She offered Alice a hand and helped her to her feet, “Come with me. I want to show you something.” Alice took Jesse by the hand. Her hands were strong but so soft. Alice led them into her bedroom. “You know I’ve always thought you were so hot.” Alice locked eyes with Jesse. The stare was smoldering. Jesse began to feel a wetness form between her legs. Alice locked the door and crossed the space between them. She grabbed the back of Jesse’s head and pulled her forward into a kiss. The kiss was hard and deep. All of it was pure heat. Alice’s hands made their way to Jesse’s hips thrusting her own body forward rubbing against Jesse.

Alice wrapped her arms around Jesse’s waist and picked her up in a fluid motion carrying her to the bed. She pushed Jesse down kissing her mouth hard as she went. Jesse reached up and grabbed Alice pulling her down on top of her. Alice was kissing Jesse on the neck. She made her way to Jesse’s favorite spot right under her ear and Jesse could not stop a moan from coming out. She moved her hands up Alice’s shirt and reached back to unclasp her bra. Jesse pulled her shirt off first discarding it quickly then pulling Alice’s bra off as well. Jesse could feel a throbbing building now between her thighs. She could hardly stand it as Alice unclasped her bra and began sucking and lightly biting her nipples. A low moan found it’s way out as she pinched Alice’s nipples first with her fingers then her teeth. Alice groaned and pulled Jesse’s body closer to her own. Alice started with her fingers gently stroking Jesse’s nipples then allowing them to travel down her body finally reaching her legs. Alice gave her legs a little squeeze and Jess felt the throbbing deepen.

She wanted so much for Alice to feel her pussy, but her hips began to tighten and close. The intensity of what she felt confusing her body. “Do you want to try something new?” Alice said almost toying with her. Jesse was conflicted what she wanted was for Alice’s tongue to find her clit but the thought of trying something new intrigued her. Jesse nodded an enthusiastic yes and gave a coy smile. Alice’s smile widened. “Go open the trunk in my closet.” Jesse got up quickly and practically ran to the closet. Alice stayed outstretched on the bed watching intently waiting for Jesse’s reaction to what was inside the trunk. Jesse found the trunk bound in brown leather. She gently unlatched the clasp and lifted the lid. She felt redness creeping into her cheeks. She looked over the lid at Alice and smiled not sure what to say. Jess looked down the trunk was filled with various sex toys, vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, various oils and lubes, whips, feathers, a ball gag, some things she’d never seen before. “Well what do you want to do? What’s your fantasy with me? Surely you must have one.” Alice’s look was absolutely ravenous.

Jesse did know what she wanted. She didn’t even need to think about it. She pulled something out of the trunk and held it behind her back. She stood up and brought the hidden item out in front of her. “I want to be in control of you.” Jesse said holding up a pair of white fuzzy handcuffs. Alice cocked her head to the side. “Then you better come put them on me.” Jesse swallowed hard. If she was going to do this, she wanted to go all the way. She walked forward stopping just shy of the bed. “Take off your pants.” Jesse tried to take on an authoritative tone. Alice stood and unzipped her high waist jeans sliding them down and letting them go to the floor. She stood there wearing only her black thong which was practically swallowed up by the woman’s ass. Jesse had always admired Alice’s athletic frame her ass stood out as one of her best features. “Take off your thong and turn around.” Alice smiled taking her thong off and turning her back to Jesse. She took a moment to size up Alice’s naked body. She was so amazingly hot.

Jesse walked behind her and admired Alice’s ass from close up. The workouts had been successful. Alice’s ass was tight. Looking at Alice’s ass made Jesse feel like a lion sizing up the back of a zebra to take down. She gave Alice a playful slap on her ass. Alice recoiled but only out of surprise. Jesse brushed Alice’s hair to the front and began kissing the woman’s neck. She worked her way down to Alice’s spine and continued kissing her. Jesse kneeled on her knees her hands gripping Alice’s hips and pulled her closer. She took a playful nibble on Alice’s ass causing the woman to moan. Jesse stood up again and attached the handcuffs to the bed post. She looked at Alice her smile wide. “Get in bed and put on the handcuffs.” Alice climbed into the bed and fastened herself into the hand cuffs.

Jesse placed a hand on Alice’s cheek and caressed it gently. “Don’t worry I’ll be gentle.” Alice looked up at her eyes full of expectation. “Not too gentle I hope.” Then she gave a wicked laugh. Jess took the moment to relish in her chance to do whatever she wanted to this woman. Jesse went back to the trunk. She pulled out a crop whip and brought it back to the bed. She ran it over Alice’s body. Starting at her feet and dragging it upwards she stopped at Alice’s cunt only for a moment before continuing upward. She stopped putting it under Alice’s chin and turning her chin upward so that she was looking her straight in the eyes. “I have rules and it’s important for you to follow them. First, while you’re in the cuffs you’re my pet. Second, you must ask my permission before you cum. If you cum before I give you permission, I’m going to have to punish you. We don’t want that.” Alice nodded her head. She was taken aback by her friend’s confidence in this role it did something to her. Seeing her friend take control of her body was enough to make her wet on the spot.

The next thing Jesse pulled out of the trunk was a blindfold and a very powerful vibrator. She placed the blindfold on Alice’s eyes. Jess climbed onto the bed and straddled Alice’s body. She ran her hands up Alice’s thigh allowing herself to stop at her clit. “She’s already so wet.” Jess thought smiling to herself. She began brushing her fingers against Alice’s clit so softly it was almost as if her fingers were barely there. Alice sighed mildly bracing against the cuffs. “This is going to be too easy.” Jesse thought. She moved her hands up ward stopping at her nipples. She twisted them slightly between her fingers as she leaned forward and began kissing Alice’s neck. Softly at first then harder and more intensely slightly biting her at times. Alice’s moans grew louder and louder.

Alice turned her head and began trying to return the kisses. Jess took Alice’s face in her hand gently but firm and pushed it to the side. “Did I tell you to kiss me back?” Alice shook her head no. Jesse allowed her fingers to creep up finding the smooth soft skin right under Alice’s arms and began to tickle her. “Now I have to punish you pet.” Alice couldn’t stop the laughter from erupting from her. She tried straining at the cuffs, but they were fastened too tightly to give her much room. Alice’s body jerked with the sensation and Jess couldn’t help but enjoy the sensation the movement underneath her caused. Jesse moved her hands once again to Alice’s nipples they were hard, and Jesse caressed them with her fingers. Alice moaned and sighed feeling the pleasure of Jesse’s touch. She moved her mouth down and began licking and sucking on each of Alice’s nipples in turn. She moved her hands down to Alice’s pussy sticking two fingers in and then a third and a fourth. Her fingers moved rapidly at first in and out. She heard Alice sigh then gasp. She felt Alice bracing herself against the cuffs. “Don’t forget the rules pet.” Alice sighed and gasped again the words finally coming to her. “Please can I cum?” Jess stopped playing with her nipples and sat back for a moment. “Not yet pet. I have other plans for you.”

Jesse smiled and moved her body upwards onto Alice. “I want you to pleasure my nipples.” She placed a boob in front of Alice who smiled taking Jesse’s rather large nipple into her mouth. Alice held the nipple in her mouth while she licked at it and sucked on it. It felt amazing and Jesse found herself pulling Alice’s head closer and deeper into her breast. Alice held the nipple between her teeth and Jesse audibly moaned wishing for a moment that Alice had a hand free so that she could be inside her as well. Jesse pulled her boob away from Alice abruptly and resumed kissing her starting with her nipples and moving downward. She stopped at Alice’s stomach exploring her perfect abs every so often she’d brush a finger against them causing a gasp of laughter.

Jesse moved her mouth down still farther kissing the perfect skin of Alice’s inner thigh. Alice could feel her pleasure growing more and more. Her need for release was palpable now. Alice didn’t know how much more she could take as Jesse moved her mouth and began lightly kissing her clit. Jesse occasionally sliding her tongue across the clit. Alice wanted to scream out. It felt so good and denying herself the release of cumming. Alice moaned once more. “Please finish me off Jess. I need you to…ahhh ahhhhh OOoOOhhhh.” Jesse could feel Alice’s body shiver underneath her. Hearing the woman cum so violently almost made Jesse want to cum on the spot. “Did you forget our rules?” Jesse said. Alice tried to look contrite. “No, but I couldn’t hold it back any longer.” Jesse put her hands on either side of Alice’s cunt and began tickling her furiously. Peals of laughter came from Alice. “See I didn’t expect you to have a ticklish pussy. That is a fun surprise.” Jesse said teasingly. Her hands moved to her thighs still tickling as she went. She founds moved her fingers to Alice’s clit once again. “Oh fuck! Not now. It’s too sensitive. I can’t.” Laughter overtook Alice she squirmed but could find no escape. Jesse pulled back smiling. She knew whatever she did now she’d likely have to endure later. “Now you know what your punishment will be if you break my rules.”

Jesse found the vibrator she had brought over turned it on. The hum was loud and powerful. She started by pressing the vibrator against Alice’s nipples. Alice arched her back and groaned. She moved it down to Alice’s stomach her abs tensed, and Alice let a smile spread across her face. She made her way down to Alice’s clit still sensitive and wet. Part of Jesse ached for it to be her turn. She pushed it in hard causing Alice to cry out. As the sensation continued Alice’s cry became a groan and then steadily built into a moan. Alice’s hips rotated moving into the vibrator. Jesse could see the pleasure building on Alice’s face her eyes closed her mouth open slightly. Jesse turned the vibrator off and began kissing Alice on the mouth. Alice responded tilting her head and opening her mouth hard against Jesse’s. She slowed the kisses down moving her mouth to Alice’s neck. Alice smiled and nuzzled her neck closer to Jesse’s mouth. “Do you like that?” Jesse asked. “Yes.” Alice gasped the word out. Jesse kissed down Alice’s neck to her collar bone. Jess took her finger and traced along the collar bone. She moved her mouth down and began kissing Alice’s breast. Jesse filled her mouth with Alice’s nipples and her hands grasped underneath Alice’s breast. “Don’t stop!” Alice gasped and arched her back. “Please finish me.” Jesse smiled and kissed Alice on the mouth hard and deep sucking on Alice’s bottom lip for a moment before pulling away. “Are you ready?” Jesse asked looking into Alice’s eyes. “So ready.” Alice moaned.

Jesse moved her hands down to Alice’s wet cunt. Alice’s body responded immediately to her touch. Moving her body rhythmically with Jess’s hands. Jesse bent down to Alice’s ear. “Not yet. You finish me and then I’ll finish you.” Alice’s moan of disappointment was audible. Jesse moved her body upwards unlocking Alice’s cuffs and lying back on the bed. Alice was on her all at once ravenous and hungry. Alice pulled Jesse’s thighs apart and began licking and sucking at Jesse’s clit. Her tongue began hard and fast then before Jess could cum Alice slowed down. Alice made small slow circles with her tongue. Her hands moved up Jesse’s body up her stomach and finding their way to her nipples caressing them in between her fingers. The sensation between Jess’s legs was almost too much she began closing her thighs Alice grabbed them forcing them open once again. Alice began working her tongue against Jesse’s clit slipping her tongue over the wet spots on Jesse’s cunt. Jesse felt a heat rising inside her she arched her back as her orgasm hit her with full force. Her body shuddered so hard it was like her own earthquake. She gripped Alice by the hips and pulled her on top. She turned the vibrator on once again and moved it directly to Alice’s clit. Alice howled lurching forward with the sudden pleasure and catching herself against the wall. Alice’s body shuddered and then she gasped. Wetness dripped down onto Jesse as Alice came. Jesse pressed the vibrator harder into Alice’s clit moving it back and forth. Alice came again harder than the first a stream of liquid dripping all over Jesse. Alice rolled to her back. “Same time next week?” Alice asked pulling blankets in around her. “Definitely.” Jesse said with a short laugh.

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