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The Andersons

by Vanity 4 months ago in lgbtq

Chapter Five

The morning came through, the sunlight shined throw the window curtains and the fresh air blew in since I left the window open last night. I inhaled and exhaled the air in and out of my lungs. Memories of last night with Brenda flooded my mind. I closed my mind and pictured the movements she made when we danced together, her smile, her eyes shifting back and forth between my lips and my eyes. The way she bit her lips, my heart raced and I gasped at the way she was able to hold me captivated. The sweet sound of her laughter filled my ears. I smile to myself.

She was the first on my mind in the morning. My phone vibrates on the drawer and I am forced to end the movie I played in my head. I grabbed the phone and read the text message. It was from her. Brenda.

"Good morning fathead"

I smile to myself and reply, "Morning mi amor!"

"I'm at your door."

I turned off my phone and went straight to the door. I opened it and saw Brenda standing, her beautiful teeth showed as a smile spread across her face. She was beautiful.

"Hey!" she said softly with her eyes that sparkled at the sight of me.

"Come in." I opened the door wider for her, I stepped aside and she walks into our room. I still considered it our room because we reserved it together. It bummed me out whenever she decided to change rooms.

She still had that cute smile on her face and her hands were behind her back as if she was hiding something. She giggled when I tried to playfully take it away from her hands.

"What is that you're hiding?" I said while trying to see her back but she turns in another direction.

"I can't tell you yet." She said playfully.

"Why can't I know," I said softly and she walks further into the suite and lets her eyes wander around. Her hands gently touch the fabric of the curtains and I can see on her free hand. she held a piece of paper. Peering over outside her eyes admire the amazing view.

"This is beautiful!" She says before turning around. I gave her a closed-mouth smile. Honestly deep inside I wanted to share this suite with her. She looks at me with those big brown delicate eyes and then she looks at the paper in her hands.

"I wanna take you somewhere," Brenda speaks quietly.

"Where do you want to take me?" I asked with a grin and she responds, "I can't tell you but you have to come with me if you want to find out."

Brenda walks to the bed and sits on it with one leg on top of the other and leans back.

"Let me take a quick shower."

"Oh take your time honey," she says softly.

My stomach flutters while I make my way to the bathroom and take a quick shower. I step into the shower and close the glass doors. The door fogs up from the steam of the hot water that ran down my back that rinsed out the shampoo in my hair.

Coming out of the shower with water dripping down my body and my hair in a messy ponytail, I had already worn my bra and a pair of spandex shorts, my towel over my shoulders. Brenda was lying down on my bed using her phone. She didn't even notice that I was done which I was grateful for because she has a way of making me do what she wants especially when it has to do with fashion.

I opened my suitcase and looked inside my belongings for something to wear. I take out a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Immediately, Brenda snaps her fingers while keeping her eyes on the phone. I wonder how she does that. It's like she has a third eye that sees everything.

"You are not wearing that, are you?" She says while peeling her eyes off her screen. She looks at me waiting for a response.

"I's not too bad," I replied with my cheeks stained because I knew what this already led to.

Her eyes take in the view of my body. She bites her lips and looks at me up and down, thinking I didn't notice as I am looking for something else to wear that would please her. She stands up and walks up to me. She points at a set of faded blue white and orange color block short sleeve top and bottom.

"Try this," she says while placing her hands on her hips and tilting her head to the side.

I take the outfit she chose and put it on. Her eyes never left my body. She stood in front of me and watched every coordinated move with close proximity as if she looked away she would miss something important. After putting on my shorts I smiled and then winked.

"Did you like the show?" I teased.

She removes her hands from her hips and steps closer. Her hands straighten the fabric and fix the hood of the shirt. I looked down at her. She wasn't too short and I wouldn't say that I towered over her. She was the perfect height. I guess can say that I am tall enough to see the top of her head. Fresh citrus and floral smell radiated off of her. It transported me into another place. A heavenly place.

"There you go." She says while placing her hands on my cheeks. She gently presses them together and brings her face forward and she says, "You look fantastic!" I could feel my heart race in my ribcage. Her touch drove me insane. Inside of me was like a furnace of fire and she was the engine to that furnace. I wonder how I make it sane every day that I am around her.

She lets go of my cheeks and walks towards the door. I stood there dumbstruck and in awe of her. Every muscle in me froze.

"Are you coming?" She asked while standing by the door and holding it open.

"Of course." I snapped out of my imagination of her.

I put my shoes on and followed her to the elevator. The doors opened as soon as we got there and we hopped in. I press the bottom to the first floor. The elevator begins bringing us down and watched as the numbers descended. The elevator stops on the 6th floor and the door opens revealing another passenger.

My eyes fall upon a tall and beautiful red-head wearing just skinny jeans and a t-shirt, dark red matte lipstick, and high heels. Something in me didn't want to look away and so I kept my eyes on her as she walked in.

"Bonjour!" She says with a gentle voice and a bright smile that sent chills down my spine.

"Hi!" I respond immediately and scooted closer to Brenda to make space.

Brenda bites her lips and tucks her hair behind her ear and looks away. I could tell she felt uneasy around this girl. I turned my attention back to Brenda and looked into her eyes. Something vibrates. It was Brenda's phone. She takes it out of her pocket and reads a text.

"It's your father," she says, "He wants to know if we are enjoying our vacation so far." She concludes with an impossible smile that made me smiles as well.

"Tell him he is missing out," I whispered in Brenda's ear. Her mood loosens up and she smiles even more.

The red-headed girl seems quiet. She held her purse close to her body as if she was nervous. She looks down at her feet then at her reflection on the steel door. From the back where I stood, I look at her reflection and catch her staring at me. Catching her in the act made her look away. She bites her lips and looks down again. The elevator finally comes to a stop and the doors open. The girl steps out of the ride clutching onto her purse. I watched as she walked away, captivated by her catwalk. Her long legs took long strides, each one hit the ground with a sense of determination, elegance, and confidence. "She's beautiful," I thought.


"Alex!" Brenda calls my name from afar. I come back to reality. I realized that I was still in the elevator and she was waiting for me to come out.

"Sorry," I said while walking towards her. She looks into my eyes. she could tell that I was lost in my imagination.

"I'm here." I smiled at her. She turns around and walks away to the door. I could tell she was uneasy. Her eyes scanned the street as if she was looking for someone. On the left, there was a taxi parked by the curb of the building. Brenda made her way to it and I followed.

"Au centre-ville, s'il vous plaît!" Brenda says in french with a thick accent that made me smile to myself. It was cute to listen to.

The taximan nods and we climb in.

"What, Alex?" She catches me staring.

"Nothing," I replied with a closed mouth smile.

Our ride was a quiet one because we both kept our eyes on the street admiring the beauty of the city. And I didn't mind the silence. It was a comfortable kind of silence. The one where even though words weren't being said, the moment was still great. I was amazed at the architecture of the buildings, the people in the streets, and the different car selections.

The ride finally stops and Brenda pays the taximan. We step out of the car. I looked around at the busy street of Paris that was packed with tourists, teens taking pics, some probably making vlogs, and others that were there just for the fun of it. I looked around and took in the view. I was amazed. My heart sunk at the idea that Brenda came up with.

"Where did you find this place."

"Monsieur Martin and I had a discussion at night when I couldn't go to sleep." Brenda takes my hand and leads me further down into the crowded street. A violinist played an instrumental o "B.S." by Jhene Aiko and people gathered around to listen. To our left was our stop since Brenda stopped in front of the shop with paintings that hung on the wall and others were placed on easels around the room for display.

"Wow," I whispered underneath my breath.

Brenda goes to talk with the owner of the shop who was a lady with dyed purple hair. I decided to go around the room and look at the paintings. They were beautiful. Each had its own story one completely different from the other. The colors used in each was unique. My eyes fall on the window where I caught a familiar face. It's that girl from the elevator. She sat across the street outside of a cafe shop, legs crossed drinking a beverage. Her hair fell behind her shoulders and past her back. She smiled at her phone. It looked like she was on the phone with someone. My heart raced a little.

"She's beautiful." I hear Brenda's voice pull me back.

My heart raced even harder at her comment. Her comment made me uncomfortable as if I was caught in the act of cheating even though Brenda and I aren't in a relationship. I wasn't interested in the red-head in that way. She was attractive, yes, but my eyes were only set for Brenda.

"She looks familiar," I replied.

"Yeah, that's because we saw her earlier in the elevator." She speaks a certain tone in her voice.

"No," I replied. "That's not it." Maybe her face is just one of those faces that are just familiar.

Brenda tucks behind her ears strands of her hair while holding on to a wrapped canvas. She bites her lip in nervousness and I smiled at her.

"What's that?" I asked.

"This is for you." She said quietly. I could tell she was nervous and it was cute. Excitement flushed in me as I unwrapped the gift. I removed the brown wrapper and little by little the painting came into view. She exhaled heavily, fiddling with her fingers. I let my fingers feel the crispt effects in the texture of the oil painting. I could almost picture the articulate movements of the brush used to bring every color to life. It was a painting of me and Brenda looking into each other's eyes. I remembered this moment. It was when we had decided to take a selfie after our first night together at a club back in New York. It's one of my favorite picture of us. I shift my eyes away from the painting and looked at Brenda who was looking at me, awaiting an answer.

"I love it Brenda!" I said with a smile I couldn't suppress.

"I'm glad you love it!" Her sweet voice rings in my ears and weakens my bones. She walks backwards towards the doors. Mystery settled in her brown eyes.

"There's one more place I gotta take you to."

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