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The 3 Magical Things About a Relationship That Unexpected events You

The three magic words that everyone of us needs to use more frequently in relationships—not just intimate ones, but in all relationships—are "I appreciate you."

By The Lost GirlPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

I felt a little bit shattered within before we even met, before I even knew you. I advised myself that until I found all of my missing jigsaw pieces, I would be better off by myself. A little part of me, though, hoped that I would run across someone who would prove to me that it's acceptable to have a few missing parts, a individual who was willing to embrace my mosaic jigsaw jigsaw.

1. I then met you out of the blue.

It was unplanned and haphazard. And I assure you that I had absolutely no intention of being in love with you. However, there was something indescribable about you. I realised I was in trouble as I got to know you more, the real you. the time you gave me a kiss.

It simply seemed so natural. It had a certain feel-good factor. It resembled one of those cliché movie moments where the audience goes wild as the trumpets play and fireworks burst. That movie moment, yes. the most ridiculously cheesy. The funny aspect is that you want the one you have to last forever. No, hold on. maybe the ironic aspect. whenever I kiss you. I continue to feel the same. It appears as though the movie scene is replaying. Again. once more. once more. I don't mind that this scene continues playing, as cheesy as it is.

2. There were numerous reasons why I shouldn't have fell in love with you, yet I did, as well as many illogical situations.

Oh, and right before you realise you're in love, there's this lustful moment. You mentally toy with the concept. You even make a small bit of an effort to flee. Then all of a sudden, you feel oneself being drawn back. like in a whirlpool. the tornado. Strong and intimidating yet somehow welcoming.

But then, all of a sudden, you realise you are all in. You do not wish to flee. You desire that this love last forever.

Consequently, it may be how I convey information to you. When I speak your name, my voice shifts in a manner that makes me feel as though I could say it indefinitely. Perhaps it's the narrative or the memories. how every feeling from a memory that occurred months ago is still there in me. Or perhaps it's the way I perceive you. I could be across a packed room from you and my heart would still beat faster.

I needed you even though I wasn't seeking for you.

The best gift anyone has ever provided me was acceptance, which you gave me.

3. I didn't search for you. I didn't anticipate you. But I'm delighted we connected.


I'm delighted I dated you and fell in love.

You acknowledge my true self. You give me a piece of your puzzle.


The three magic words that everyone of us needs to use more frequently in relationships—not just intimate ones, but in all relationships—are "I appreciate you."

They might be so potent because we frequently don't hear them.

After we presented this at a professional gathering, one male participant told us:

I frequently tell my wife, "I love you," but when I used your 3-word phrase, she genuinely started crying.

"I then began to cry.

"I'm not sure we've felt this linked in two decades! I simply assumed she was aware of my appreciation for her, but stating it was effective.

The first time you say it, you could get a response like this, but you'll never get a "I appreciate you" response.

"I Love You" Could Be Upsetting - We frequently have conflicted sentiments about love since almost everyone has experienced heartbreak, suffering, and treachery at the hands of someone who "loved" them. On the other hand, appreciation is typically a "safe" emotion for the majority and is not as charged.

Recent research on gratitude, also known as appreciation, show that when we are in an atmosphere of gratitude, our physical, mental, and emotional health all significantly improve. Read How Appreciation Might alter Your Life for more information. Therefore, consider what feeling grateful for your partner could do to strengthen your relationship, stoke your passion, deepen your friendship, and even improve both of your well-being and energy levels.

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