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Taking Control, Chapter XI

by Natasha Penn 3 months ago in nsfw

Nothing wrong with entertainment before dinner, right?

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The following was requested by a commissioner. This is an NSFW post that explores power dynamics, DDlg, and degrading language. The characters depicted are over the age of eighteen and are NOT related in any way. The views expressed are not my own, and should not be taken as such. Reader discretion is advised.


The rest of our evening was filled with enough teasing and flirting to last a lifetime. Keira’s usual bratty attitude surfaced every now and then, but it only took a smack on her ass and a few words of caution to humble her. I did my best to make her wait, but the little slut knew exactly how to turn me on. Keira had jumped into the shower just as I was about to turn off the water, pressing her curvaceous figure against me and goading me into a make-out session that added more steam than the hot water falling on us.

After a couple minutes, I took hold of her throat and forced her to meet my stern gaze. “Don’t even think about it, slut. I gave you permission to finger yourself, and you decided to wait until later on. Later means later--and I’m holding you to your word.”

Then I exited, leaving my horny roommate to finish her shower alone.

That wasn’t her last attempt to seduce me: she ran off to her room again after her shower, only to emerge wearing a cute mint green dress that hugged her body perfectly. The neckline was so low, I’m surprised her tits weren’t popping out over the top. The ensemble’s skirt barely fell past her ass--a feature she showed off as soon as she saw me in the living room. I was on the phone with the local Chinese restaurant, placing an order for delivery when I saw her. Her dark curls were pulled up and twisted, only to be secured in a mock ponytail by a large clip. Stray curls framed her smiling face, leading my eyes to her pink lips before they descended to ogle at her chest. Those lips pulled up in a smug grin as she joined me on the couch. I was so distracted, I nearly missed it when the lady on the other end of the call asked me about side dishes.

“Oh, uh--an order of crab rangoon, two pork dumplings, one steamed and the other fried--”

Keira sat on my lap, facing the television. Her dress had pulled up as she bent over before me; she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her bare ass and pussy were presented to me, the latter mound of thick lips peeking out from between even thicker thighs. I only caught a glimpse; Keira let herself fall backwards, landing on my legs. I let out an oof and smacked one of her tits, satisfied by its jiggle. “Uh, I told you the, uh, dumplings, right?”

The lady impatiently recited my order back to me, completely unaware of my predicament. Keira paid no mind to me and leaned back against my chest, controller in hand. She had continued scrolling through Netflix, her breasts rising and falling with the occasional soft sigh. I wanted to reprimand her, but I couldn’t while on the phone.

“Yeah, that all sounds right,” I told the order taker. “Lots of duck sauce, if you can. How much is it?”

I watched Keira shut off the console and lean forward to pluck the cable remote off the coffee table. My eyes narrowed at her, but she continued to ignore me. I can’t even remember the last time I saw her watch something on cable. What’s she doing?

“Alright, thanks. How long will it take?”

Keira went straight to the on demand menu and scrolled over to the movie section, before scrolling all the way down to the adult category. I lunged for the remote, only for the little slut to hold it out of my reach.

“Great, thanks. Bye.”

I hung up and quickly set my smartphone on the end table to my right before wrapping my arms around her. “Give it. Don’t be a naughty girl.”

She glanced up at me from over her shoulder; her plump lips were pouting at my warning. “Can’t we just order one, Daddy? Please?”

God, she’s so fucking cute when she begs. “Don’t think for one second that I don’t know what you’re trying to do.”

My left hand slid up her chest and took hold of her throat, maintaining a firm grip. I held her against me, trapping her in place. Her dark eyes were wide as they watched me. Her lips were parted slightly, and her chest heaved as her breathing quickened. I felt her try to arch her back in an effort to grind her big ass against my crotch, but my right arm was still around her waist. I hugged her tightly, my mind racing.

Damn, she really knows how to get me going, I cursed internally. If I let her choose a movie, I have no doubt this fucking slut is going to order porn just to keep me in the mood. If I don’t let her choose a movie, then she’ll just find another way to get my attention--but that’s a problem for ‘future’ me.

Would watching porn together really be all that bad, though? The stray thought echoed across my mind, nearly convincing me. If we watch porn, odds are we’ll fool around a bit. I can probably keep control of the situation for a while… But the lady said the food should be here in thirty minutes. Should I lose control, will we have enough time for a quickie before it arrives?

My right arm had loosened enough to allow my free hand to pass over her breasts. Keira had decided not to wear a bra, so I could feel her nipples become erect through the fabric. I forced her head to the side and buried my face in her neck, my lips pressing against her skin. I breathed in the scent of her body wash as I kissed her there, softly sucking and nibbling. Her throat vibrated in my hands as she let slip a mew.

I paused from teasing her to take the remote from her grasp--she barely fought that time--and continued to the adult category. “Alright, baby. Tell Daddy if anything catches your eye.”

Flushed and flustered, Keira leaned over and kissed my cheek. “Okay, Daddy. Thank you.”

It wasn’t long before she suggested a title for us to watch. I placed the order and raised the volume until it was louder than necessary, then set the remote down next to us and embraced her from behind. Keira nestled against me, her eyes glued to the screen as the film began. We spent the next half hour fooling around; my hands would reach up and squeeze her tits, rubbing and twisting her nipples when the scene started getting heated. It was a typical “guy is caught jerking off to his step sister changing and they fuck” production, nothing I hadn’t seen before--but it made my little slut horny. I felt her wiggle in my arms, grinding her bare ass against me as the skinny whore in the film sat on her “brother’s” dick. My own cock was already rock hard in the gym shorts I had thrown on, and I knew she could feel my arousal.

She really wants to go there, doesn’t she?

I pulled the top of her dress down to reveal her huge tits. My mouth watered at the prospect of licking and sucking on them again, but I fought the urge to spin her around. Instead, I took a breast in each hand, squeezing them roughly. I pinched her nipples between my fingers, rolling and tugging on them until she cried out.

“You know, I used to 'accidentally' walk in on you changing,” I confessed. “I expected you would eventually start locking your bedroom door, but you never did. Hell, you started leaving your door cracked…”

My right hand released her breast, offering her a sliver of peace before I slapped it. The smack of my hand connecting with her skin rang in my ears, rivaling both the porn and her yelp.

“You wanted me to see you, didn’t you?” I remarked. My hand had resumed tormenting her tit, twisting and tugging. I was whispering into her neck as I bit and sucked, leaving teeth marks and hickies down to her shoulder. Her moans were ripe with urgency; her left hand was over mine while her right was holding my head to her neck. “I remember two months back, I walked over to your cracked door and watched you play with your pussy. You were lying naked on your bed, your legs spread. The view I had of you was so perfect--”

“That you started jerking off,” Keira finished my thought. Her eyes were glazed over with lust as she met my gaze. “I heard you come home and walk up to my door. I knew I was supposed to stop, but… I liked the idea of you watching. I liked it too much to stop. And when I heard you unzip your pants, I wanted to see you stroke your cock so bad--”

We both jumped at the sudden ringing of the doorbell. I recovered quicker than she did--I kissed her on the cheek and pulled the top of her dress back up. Then I nudged for her to stand, pulling her dress back down over her big, bare ass once she did.

“Get the cash from my wallet and pay him,” I told her, catching my breath. She nodded and scampered off, tugging at both the bottom and top of her dress so as to appear decent. I paused the movie, grateful that dinner had arrived on time, yet frustrated that our moment had been interrupted. I didn’t know that she could hear me outside her room all those times… And to think we could have started fooling around that much sooner. Better late than never.


Thank you for reading!

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Natasha Penn

Aspiring writer. Working on a sci-fi/fantasy book series. Will post my poetry, short stories, and the occasional random literary entry here.


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