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Taking Control, Chapter VIII

by Natasha Penn 3 months ago in erotic

Jacob learns that a real Dom looks out for his sub.

Taking Control, Chapter VIII
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

The following was requested by a commissioner. This is an NSFW post that explores power dynamics, BDSM, degrading language, and DDlg. The characters in this story are over eighteen and are NOT related in any way. The views expressed are not my own, and should not be taken as such. Reader discretion is advised.


I straightened my spine, let out a hmph, and gave her ass a hard smack. The bitch yelped and buried her face in her pillow, biting down. She caught her breath as I reached down and picked up the end of a rope from beneath the bed--the other end of which was keeping her hands together--and I pulled on it until I was content with how taut it felt. Then I tied that end to a metal ring at the center of the spreader bar.

“Now your wrist and leg restraints are connected,” I told her. “If you pull your ass away from me, your arms will be pulled up to your headboard. If you pull your hands close to your body, your legs will be pulled closer to me.”

As a demonstration, I placed both hands at the crux of her knees and shoved. Her knees skated across the surface as her lower half moved a few inches farther from the edge. I heard her gasp as her arms were pulled forward against her will. When she tried to pull them back, I spanked her ass again.

“Don’t even think about it. Just stay still and accept what’s about to happen.”

I spanked her over and over, again and again, incrementally putting more force behind my blows. Her whines were loud, mounting with each strike of my open hand. They goaded me, promising more moans straight from the whore’s mouth the more I inflicted pain.

“What did you do with your professor?” I asked her between spanks.

“H-He wouldn’t give me extra credit, s-so I offered to suck his cock if he helped me pass,” she stammered. “He said he needed m-more than that.”

I smacked her already-red ass again. “Then what?”

“Then I took off my clothes and bent over his desk, a-and then he fucked me.”

Another spank, another red mark and her jiggling rear. “Did you like it?”

“Y-Yes, Daddy.”

I took her ass in both hands and squeezed her swollen cheeks. A smile spread across my lips as she cried out in pain. Her pussy was so wet that I thought she might start dripping. “A slut like you would like that, wouldn’t you? Trading your body for grades, for gifts, for favors…”

My mind flew back to the ugly Volkswagen bug sitting in our driveway. “I bet you do the same thing with Lewis, right?”

I watched her bury her face in her pillow before I heard her muffled reply: “Yes, Daddy.”

“I knew it!” I smacked her ass a few more times. “You fuck your stepfather for gifts. No wonder you’re his spoiled little princess.”

With one final, perfunctory slap, I hopped off the bed and plucked a small bullet vibrator from her dresser. I switched it on, smirking as the loud vibration caused Keira to jump.


“I know why you really fucked your professor,” I revealed, rejoining her on the bed. My face was right by her pussy; I brushed my lips against one of her red ass cheeks, loving the way she shook at the slightest touch. “It’s because I teased you this morning, isn’t it? Daddy has been using your pretty little mouth to get off every day, and you haven’t gotten anything in return. You must be pent up, huh, baby?”

My gentle tone caught her off guard, but she answered nonetheless. “Y-Yes, Daddy.”

I planted kisses on her sore ass, leaving a trail across both fat cheeks as I slowly, gradually lowered my face, easing closer to her sex. Keira mewed, her back and legs relaxing as my lips nibbled at the folds around her pussy. I placed a hand on her lower back, nudging her to lower her torso. Her upper half dropped to the mattress with her ass still in the air; the position opened her sex even more, spreading her cheeks and lips to bare her tight holes to me. I slid a finger between her lips and explored her sex, softly testing out her sensitivity. She was sopping, and the slightest pressure made her jump.

“If Daddy had played with you this morning, would you have fucked your teacher?” I asked, genuinely curious. I wasn’t sure what answer I was hoping for, but I wasn’t entirely surprised by the one I received.

“No,” she admitted. “I knew a blowjob wouldn’t be enough for a pervert like him, and I-I wanted to cum so bad, Daddy.”

“Hmm.” My middle and index finger found her clit and rubbed it softly. “Did he make you cum, baby?”

Her body wiggled from side to side as she shook her head. “No, Daddy.”

“My poor little slut.” Sighing, I kissed her pussy lips again, my spare hand raising the bullet to her clitoris. “From now on, ask Daddy for help. Okay?”

I pressed the vibrator against her clit. She gasped and jumped, involuntarily lurching forward; my left hand took hold of her hip and held her in place. “Did you hear me?”

“Y-Yes Daddy,” was her shaky reply. “I’ll ask you for help when I need to cum.”

“Good girl.”


Thank you for reading!

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Natasha Penn

Aspiring writer. Working on a sci-fi/fantasy book series. Will post my poetry, short stories, and the occasional random literary entry here.


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