Sweet (Pt. 3)

by Dee Wolfe 7 months ago in erotic

Daddy knows best.

Sweet (Pt. 3)

Sparrow seems to appreciate it most when I suck her clit, so I do so thoroughly. When I slip a finger into her, she mewls, and I get my first taste of just how tight she is. She’s utterly clamping down around my finger. As I navigate her core, I keep up my ministrations on her clit. She suddenly shudders, and her hips fly up as she lets loose a deep moan, and I know that my finger has struck gold. I make it my mission to pay as much attention to that spot inside her as possible. I move my mouth down and add another finger, positioning my tongue between them and delving in deep. Her juices are flowing, and she’s heady with the scent of arousal. She tastes amazing, and her nectar is doing nothing to ease the throbbing in my own pants. I can feel her walls getting tighter, and I know that she’ll come soon. Moving one hand, I pinch her clit, giving it a gentle twist as the other puts just the right amount of pressure on her G-spot. She screams and clamps down around my fingers as she comes. Her hands nearly rip holes in my couch, and her legs slam against my shoulders. I catch a glimpse of her and notice that her eyes are rolled back, her mouth is open, and the veins in her neck are standing out from the force that bows her back. She looks glorious. And I feel like I could come in my pants like a teenager just from seeing her.

After giving Sparrow a few moments to collect herself, I slip her legs from around my shoulders and place her feet gently on the ground.

“Are you alright, Angel?” I ask, softly stroking her belly.

“I … I’ve never had…” I cock my head at her.

“You’ve never had an orgasm?” I question. Surely that’s not it, though. I’m certain she’s made herself come before. But she shakes her head. I coo and stand, leaning over to kiss her forehead.

“Well, it was my pleasure to give you your first. Now, daddy is going to get you clean. How does a bubble bath sound?”

“You … You do that?” She asks uncertainly, not meeting my eyes.

“Of course. I have to take care of my little girl, don’t I?” I scoop her into my arms and make my way to the master bath. I place her on the step in front of the tub and turn the taps on. I bought bubble bath just for this occasion. The good shit. It smells of honeysuckle and vanilla, automatically bringing back memories of childhood in Texas.

“Aright, up you go,” I say, helping her to her feet. “Arms up.” She hesitantly does so, and I take her shirt off, tossing it to the heated marble beneath our feet. I make quick work of her bra, and notice that her cheeks are tinted pink.

“Aww, Baby. It’s ok. Daddy loves your body. So beautiful for me.” She looks down at her feet, wiggling her toes, the onyx polish catching in the lights from above. I chuck her chin up and meet her eyes.

“Do you want me to wait outside? I’d love to bathe you. But if you’re not ready for that yet, I can wait.”

“N-no. I want you to stay. Please.” She replies. I smile.

“Of course, baby. Let’s get you clean, shall we?” She nods and takes my offered hand, stepping into the sudsy water and sink down onto her ass.

I’ll admit having a man clean me is a new experience for me. But not a bad one. Collin is very gentle as he runs the cloth over me, cleaning every inch. He cleans deftly between my legs, and despite him just eating me out, I still feel myself blush as his fingers rub over me. And he’s thorough on my breasts. I can see his arousal, but I have no idea if I’m supposed to mention it or not. He must catch me looking at his crotch, because he smiles.

“I’m alright, baby girl. Tonight is all about you. There’ll be plenty of time for me later.” It’s a promise that hangs heavy in the air. And I’m almost excited for the future.

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