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Sweet, Passionate, Subtle

That moment where things are not so clear to me or any other person on the planet. Where a boy meets a girl and makes small little hints that he likes her and either she gets it or she doesnt. Or the moment where a girl makes small innocent passes at a boy that she is "Crushing on" but either he isnt into her or he doesnt notice. But, there are those rare few moments when two people come together and the both make those sweet, passionate, innocent little passes and we seem to only find one word for it. Subtle.

And, the funny thing about it is that the things that we do for people we like a lot are so minor that they dont even register. Like a girl shaving her legs or a boy wearing his best shirt in hopes that they can both get lucky that night. And lets not all pretend we are sweet innocent people. You know what im talking about. That not so subtle word called " Sex." or "Fornication", the mating ritual that happens between male and male, female and female, male and female, and all those other places in between that i cant quite think about at this early hour.

And also Sex between any love relationship, (As listed above). Is one that is of true heart, spirit, and soul. And NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Let any person tell you that you are not blessed to be with the one you love and care about. Whether it is same gender sex hetero sex or even transgender. Every one is beautiful in their own right and in their own way. But, now that i have had that tangent let us go back to what i was saying before.

"Sex" is not a word that needs to be beaten around the bush about. There are times where us as adults just need to have that Primal desire of skin against skin and passion against passion, where hearts, minds, and bodies can come together in a forgotten passion that used to rival that of any gods before. Where two individuals come together to complete each other and to become one.


Sadly now every thing is subtle only those that say fuck to what society says and how you cant or "Shouldnt" have sex on the first date are absolutely idiotic. If that is how you get to know your connection to some one if it is just a one time thing or an on going ordeal then be you and do what you feel is right.

No one should worry about your business that is just it. "YOUR BUSINESS!" No one else has the right to control your life except for you so forget all this dumb subtle stuff and just do what you need to do to make your self happy if your into anything "Kinky" then be fucking kinky. If your into pain either receiving or giving then you better bet your ass that you should have consent to do so before you do it.

Communicate your fucking feelings, help get in the right head space, and that always do your after care.

Be you Boo. Stay classy and Sassy.

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