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Stranger pt. 8

by ToxiBera 2 years ago in erotic
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short story

Stranger pt. 8
Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

"Say it again."

he demanded in his deep Italian accent. I looked at him in total confusion. I knew what he wanted me to say he wanted me to say Sir again. And, because for some ungodly reason i wanted him to demand it from me one more time. The way he controlled himself and the way every thing around him had to be a specific way. My life had been spiraling out of control for years and i had control over most of the aspects of my life but to have some one take control over me in my fucked up world that i was living in with thinking every thing was just fine when really it wasnt was pleasing to me. The thought of this man controlling me, telling me what to do and what not to do, to have him tell me how i should act and how i should dress brought some sense of stability to me. It made me feel calm, like knowing that a man of his stature could control me and i would be perfectly fine with it because i knew he would keep me safe and protect me brought me some small form of comfort. And, a part of me wanted to know if he could. I had read into the world of BDSM but i have never seen it be preformed before. I had never been apart of it, and yet me just saying Sir seemed to have turned this man from one form of dangerous into a dangerous that i wanted to explore and get to know. I wish i could figure out what it was about this man that stood staring at me with his smoldering sky blue eyes.

"What do you want me to say again, Sir?"

I said softly and casted my eyes downward like i had read in so many files on the BDSM subject. I wanted to be a submissive, i have dominated my life and all aspects of it for so long that i just NEEDED some one else who was capable enough to take the reigns for a while. I didnt quite catch it because i was in my own thoughts but i swear i just heard an animal growl some where in the room. I quickly looked around and when i looked back in front of me where Don had been i jumped slightly and gasped at how close he was suddenly. How on earth could he have moved so close so fast with out me having heard anything or catch his movement out of the corners of my eyes. What was this man really. Could he be a Dominate.? Could he be the Dominate that i need.? The one i had been silently hoping would just fall out of the sky and in my path and the one that wanted and would choose me.?

In the next instant he reached up and lightly grabbed my throat and softly squeezed. I gasped slightly and then bit my lower lip. ' God his hands were so rough against my throat. I never realized just how amazing they would feel on my skin what is he doing to me? May God help me' I thought to myself and then i heard it again. That low growl and now that i am face to face with him i have now only realized that the growl had come from him directly. What he said next weakened me so much that my knees should have given out on me.

"Good Girl"

He growled out lowly as he still softly squeezed and held me by my throat. His voice was doing so much havoc on my body and emotions right now that it wasnt even funny. I felt fear, excitement, desire, lust, my folds had began to get wet from how turned on he was making me just by holding me by my throat and softly caressing his thumb against the pulse in my neck. I believe that i am now officially screwed, he was doing so much to me that i cant stop picturing what his hands would feel like if they were moving over my breasts, all rough and calloused from working hard, and then lower over my belly and to my wanton folds that were pulsating with the need to be played with. What was this man doing to me.? I asked my self and bit my lip even more. What i hadnt realized was that he was watching my lips, watching how my teeth moved over my lip teasing and tempting him and i heard him take a sharp intake of breath, hearing him breath in sharply i decided to play a little teasing game and make it look as innocent as possible. I stuck the tip of my tongue out and ran it slowly over my dry lips to moisten them just a little and his eyes followed the movement and his hand around my throat squeezed a little more.

As he squeezed i blushed and the words escaped my lips and i couldnt take them back.

"Daddy...... please...."

I had whispered almost breathlessly and there it was again, that Dark, Dangerous smolder that meant something whether i liked it or not was possibly about to happen and he pulled me to him with his hand still on my throat and put his other hand on my lower back so that way my hips pressed against his and he let me know right then and there what he was wanting and just how big his member was.

"Please what baby girl.?"

he lightly growled out as he lowered his lips a breaths distance away from mine.

"What do you want Daddy to do baby girl."

This time he whispered against my lips. And, from reading all the stories about submissives and how they are supposed to act i quickly thought and lightly whispered.

"May i be honored with a kiss on the lips Daddy.?"

i softly asked, he smirked and lowered his lips onto mine and kissed me deeply, passionately, filled with desire and want. The way he was kissing me made me feel like he had been wanting to do this for the longest time. I dont know when things had changed between us but i just know that they did. That he wanted me just as much as i wanted him and to be honest i think the fact that i am acting like a submissive just seemed to turn him on even more. While we kissed he gently ran his tongue over my lower lip telling me he wanted more and i graciously obliged him. I parted my lips slightly and his tongue slid slowly into my mouth as our tongues began to dance. And, that was when i knew, I was done for....

(( to be continued. Please leave a tip if you liked it trying to pay off some things. Stay classy and sassy. thank you for all the love and support.))


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