stranger pt. 5

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stranger pt. 5
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There was a loud ringing in my ears, my head was killing me and my side hurt from my shoulder down to my leg. What the hell happened, all i remembered was that i had told Don to slow down and then. It all came flooding back we were driving down the road at such a blazing speed that i had asked if he should have been driving so fast. He had said that he was the only one that drove up and down these roads but i guess today we were not alone like he thought cause then we were side swiped by a car. And then, the thought hit me, Don where is he. I turned my head and looked for him wincing in pain as i moved my neck he wasnt in the car. I unbuckle myself from the broken seat belt that must have snapped on impact, and when i went to move i cried out in agony.

As soon as i cried out i heard what i could only assume was gun fire. Im going to die here arent i.? I thought as i laid down flat against the car front.

"Baby Girl you ok?!?!"

I heard his voice i have to be dreaming, i could hear his voice clear as day but my head was killing me.

"Don, Don is that really you.? "

I asked out loud and then out of the blue his face clear as day comes around the car at the drivers door he had some blood running down from his forehead he climbs in and helps me out of the car but as soon as i put pressure on my right leg i cried out in pain.

" Hold on baby girl an ambulance is on the way."

He said and lifted me up into his arms. He quickly moved away from the car with me and put me gently down on the ground away from the car.

"Stay here and dont move i'll be right back."

He said softly as he looks to me before moving away. To go to the car he pulls out a bag from the back seat and as he was walking back to me he motions for me to cover my ears and i do and once he sees me covering my ears he presses a button on a remote and the car blows up shortly after he is by my side again.

I look on in horror as the car is blown up in front of me and the shock of it all sends a wave of nauseousness through out my body. Why would he do this why would he blow up his own car.

" I believe that your not part of it now and that your not the one holding up my sister some where but now i need to protect you. Otherwise you will be killed do you understand me.?"

He asked me as he gently touched my left shoulder. Shortly after the explosion we heard sirens and saw the ambulance come up the road. I guess the guy that fired the gun is long gone cause they never found him or seen him. The ambulance put an emergency IV in my arm and quickly gave me some pain meds to numb out what i was feeling and once we were all loaded up and i was sedated they sped away to the hospital. And, because of the pain and the sedation i blacked out mid way through the ride.

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