Stranger pt. 4

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Stranger pt. 4
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He grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet, and once i got to my feet i felt a slight wave of dizziness that made my stomach nauseous from all the anxiety i was feeling. I was being kidnapped by this man forcefully kept against my will what the hell am i supposed to do how am i supposed to feel about this, I know that if i try to run at the moment he is the weakest or off guard he would automatically assume that i am one of the guilty party and that is not something that i am wanting at this particular moment. But, if i do nothing to help him, he could torture me. For some unknown reason the thought of him sexually torturing me came to mind but before i could get involved with my wild fantasies of him and me his voice cleared my head and snapped me back to reality.

" Come on, we are going out to look for her and you will retrace your steps with me of every thing you had been doing for the last week or so. I want to know where you had seen her, where you had taken her, and where she was staying."

He said in his demanding tone and i wanted to dig my heels into the ground and stand firmly where i was and tell him i wont help him, but at this moment i am to scared for my life if i was to refuse him and his requests. Not that i had much to go back to i could just continue my work from here as long as i can get my art supplies and my computer.

" Since i will be staying here with you is there any way just so we dont raise suspicion that i could get my art supplies and my computer so i may continue my job. I know finding your cousin is important but me being able to continue my job is as equally important."

I say as he drags me to the garage where i assume he keeps his cars, and he looks at me over his shoulder and quirks his eye brow at me.


I quickly add so he doesnt think that i am demanding anything from him. His lips quirk up on one side in a sexy smirk, and a soft chuckle. A wave of desire flooded me and went through my whole body starting from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I swear to god if he was not gripping my arm so tightly i may have turned into a pile of jelly.

" Fine, I will agree to this request. "

He said in his sexy Italian voice, as he dragged me to his fancy car that looked extremely expensive. How could a man that looks to be only business afford such a car like this was he an accountant or something with banks? I thought to my self as he walk me over to the passenger side of the car and opened the door. After he opened the door and ushered me into the car, he closed the door behind me after i entered into the car and got my self buckled in.

He walked around to the driver side of the car and got in him self, buckled in, started the engine remotely and pushed a button to raise the garage door so he could pull out. Once on the road heading away from his Villa in the Mountains he speeds down the road swerving with the twists and turns of the road making me feel like i may loose my stomach out my mouth with his driving.

" Should you really be driving this fast.?!"

I yelled as he revved the engine loud as he drove.

" No one comes on these roads except for me so i dont see what the problem with me driving so fa-"

He was immediately cut off as a car slammed head first into the passenger side door of the car.

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