Stealing 'n Creaming!

by Kai Storm 2 years ago in fiction

Cream get the money!

Stealing 'n Creaming!

Damn. I sucked the life out of his dick, rode it like it was a bike and I was on a marathon and now he's slamming the hell out of my ass from the back... how is he still awake, never mind still up?! Two Molly pills mixed in his Hennessy plus that purple haze blunt he smoked should have him dead on his back by now... but he's still going. I have to say though, I always find the motherfuckers with the good dick... .I don't know how but I always do. Like any other woman, I surely can pretend and put on the best act I could with a weak, piece of shit dick. With good dick, excellent dick and the highest of all, superb dick, there is no pretend in you. You're moaning, saying nasty shit, and cumming over and over and over... damn it I lost my thoughts for a minute but don't worry, people. I'm coming right back. Like I always say... walk with me.

Eight inch thick wood ramming my wetness felt good as fuck but... I had other shit to do... I wasn't trying to be here all night but then all of a sudden I felt him buck... Yes, that nut came finally. Next thing I knew, I heard him crash hard on the bed, mouth open and a steady flow of drool going down the right side of his face. Looking down on him I smiled as I got dressed quickly, ran through his pockets, & got all of his cash which looked to be about ten thousand dollars. Of course I had no time to stand there and count it. I was robbing the rich and giving back to me so I had to get out of there quick. My all black Mazda 626 with tinted windows was already parked in the lot of the motel so all I had to do was jump in and head for the highway... No sleep 'til Brooklyn!

What's my name? C.R.E.A.M. AKA cash rules everything around me. I get it by any means and I always have a back up plan. I go out of town... always out of town... I hit all of the spots—all the spots where the rich motherfuckers hang out. Ballers, they call themselves. Most of them are married, some have girlfriends, and some tell whoever they're with straight up that there will never be just one. No matter who they are, they always see me... see my melting hot chocolate, my thick thighs, my ample ass, my full 'n plump breasts and most of all, my big beautiful perfect for dick sucking lips. Dicks get hard just from one look at me. They walk right up to me, introduce themselves and I play whatever game they need to make them feel like THEY are in control... go ahead Daddy, take the lead role. As soon as I get you comfortable though, I'm running the fuck out of those pockets and I get the fuck out of Dodge. All of them come to the hot spots with anywhere from ten to fifty thousand in their pockets, all cash!

I GET THAT, I'M GONE! Simple like that.

Don't think shit is sweet, though. I carry a sweet 9 and I call her LAY DOWN because that's exactly what you're going to do if she's gotta talk to you. I do all my dirt out of town. I've got a tight crew hard rocks that protect me and my pockets are never empty because I also have a nine to five.

Yes. I'm clocking dollars at any and EVERY given moment!


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