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Some Male Masturbation Tips

Penis Masturbation Tips

By DingfooPublished 3 months ago 9 min read

Creative Masturbation Techniques

Okay, so when it comes to doing the solo dance with your manhood, there are loads of cool things to try. We've got some tips for you on different ways to make it fun, including picking out some nifty tools like pleasure sleeves and prostate massagers. Plus, we'll check out products that can be a big help if you're dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED), disabilities, or having trouble moving around.

Basic Mastrubation Sleeve Options

So, there's a bunch of options out there when it comes to male masturbators. When you're eyeing a masturbation sleeve, here are some things you might want to think about:

  • Go for close-ended sleeves if you're into intense suction and slower moves.
  • Open-ended sleeves? Perfect for a bit of speedy in-and-out action.
  • Want an easy clean? Opt for sleeves that open up or stretch open.
  • Clear sleeves let you watch your little guy doing its thing inside.
  • Different openings give you different visual kicks and feels.
  • Soft vibrating sleeves? They come with various textures for your pleasure.
  • Plastic covers with sleeves can double as a protective case, keep your hands clean from lube, and some even have a screw-on back for adjusting suction. But, cleaning them is a bit of a task, and don't store them in there—it's like a party zone for mold and bacteria.
  • For open-ended sleeves, be ready for some potential exit for the love juice. Keep some tissue nearby to catch it. The upside? Cleaning is a breeze.
  • TPE and other soft elastomers need a sprinkle of corn starch after a good wash to stay non-sticky and lint-free.
  • Soft elastomers like TPE? They're porous, so clean them well, stash them in a cool place, and know they might not last as long as silicone.

Large Vs. Small Penis Considerations

If you're packing a longer package, think about going for an open-ended masturbation sleeve. Otherwise, you might end up creating an accidental escape route through the stroker. Now, for the girthy folks, check the diameter. If it's fixed and there's a hard plastic casing around the stretchy TPE material, you might struggle to fit. Same goes for rigid silicone.

Shorter shaft? Look for sleeves with textures right from the get-go. Some start a couple of inches in, and that might not do much for you if you're not reaching too far in. And, if you're on the narrow side, casings won't let you control tightness. Opt for ones without, so you can use your hand to squeeze as tight as you like.

Powerful Male Masturbation Sleeves

Looking for a hands-free experience with your sleeve? You've got a couple of routes to go. There are sleeves with suction cup bottoms or ones designed to work with a special pillow mount for your sex toys. But, here's a not-so-common option: try pairing a Wand Vibrator with a masturbation attachment. Now, this only works if you're into some vibrating action during your solo time—a preference not every guy shares. However, if you're on board with the buzz, this opens up some creative possibilities, delivering maximum vibration power and versatility.

Versatility at Its Best

The Wand Vibrator isn't just a one-trick pony—it doubles as a full-body massager and can be equipped with various attachments for G-spot, clitoral, and prostate pleasure. And yes, you can even slap on a masturbation sleeve, making it an incredibly versatile sex toy.

Works Even with Semi-Erection

Good news for those dealing with semi-erection or erectile dysfunction (ED)—you don't need a full salute to slip into the masturbation attachment.

Simple Cleanup

Thanks to the removable attachment and the worry-free design about getting electronics wet, cleaning up is a breeze and completely safe.

Easy to Handle and Mount

The Wand Vibrator's handle is easy to grip, a boon for folks with mobility challenges or chronic pain like arthritis. Want to go hands-free? Just slide the wand's handle between couch cushions, pillows, or, for an even better experience, use a sex toy pillow mount to keep it securely in place.

This combo of the Wand Vibrator and its masturbation sleeve attachment is one of our top picks for a vibrating masturbation sleeve.

Other Vibrators

There's a whole bunch of male vibrators out there, catering to various preferences. Some work best with a full-on erection, while others are great for guys dealing with ED. You'll find a range of options, from soft TPE sleeves with built-in vibrators to sturdy silicone vibrators. Take a dive into the world of male vibrators. Sex tech sex toy manufacturers like Dingfoo have noticed a surge in the sales of vibrators designed for men. Many guys have discovered the joy of having their penis, especially the head and frenulum, treated to some satisfying vibrations. Almost half of men have given vibrators a go at some point, including toys like vibrating male vibrators and penis rings.

Sex Toy Pillow Mounts

Ever heard of sex toy pillow mounts? They're like a cozy home for your masturbation sleeves, letting you slide them in and position them just right for some comfy thrusting action. No need for a sleeve with a built-in mount or suction cup. Check out the different sex pillow options to level up your play with various sex toys.

Suction Cup Masturbators

Ever tried masturbation sleeves or anal toys with suction cups? They're like the acrobats of pleasure, offering creative placement and stimulation. While suction cup-equipped sleeves are a bit rare, and often pricier, they bring a unique experience. They tend to be on the heavier side, requiring a flat surface for mounting, and some even come with vibrating features.

Prostate Massage

Think of prostate stimulation as the G-spot's counterpart—it's pure bliss. Using specially designed sex toys with flared bases for prostate massage is a safe and enjoyable way to kick up the intensity of your solo sessions. Plus, prostate massagers often come with remote controls for easy use once they're in place.

Masturbation for Those with Disabilities

When it comes to self-stimulation with mobility issues or disabilities, things can get tricky. Luckily, there's a variety of sex toys tailored to make self-stimulation more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Sexual Connection

Guys often forget to broaden the focus beyond the main attraction—the penis—during masturbation. While diving straight into the action is fine, taking a moment to run your hands over your entire body and connect with yourself can be a stress-busting game-changer. It's like a mindful approach to self-pleasure. For instance, you can explore Tantra, the ancient art of sacred sexuality, to enhance your sexual stamina.

  • Start slow, without a specific goal or plan in mind.
  • Focus on the sensations in each moment and where you feel them.
  • When the energy intensifies in your nether regions, take it easy, breathe deeply, and relax.
  • Visualize your sexual energy flowing up your body, away from the genitals.
  • When the excitement peaks, halt all movement and savor the moment. You might experience waves of ecstasy, a powerful climax, or even orgasm without ejaculation (a dry orgasm).

Using Foods & Hands

Traditional: Using the Whole Fist

The classic move involves wrapping your fingers around the shaft and moving them up and down. It's all about that direct hand-to-penis contact. Want a different feel? Try a reverse grip for a unique sensation.

Light Fingers

You've got options here—use all your fingers or just two. Position them diagonally on top of the shaft, with your thumb below. Running your fingers along the shaft like this can create a soft and mesmerizing effect.

Blow Job Simulation with Fingers

For that lip-sliding feel, lube up and hold the shaft with one hand. Use the index and middle fingers of your other hand together horizontally, palm toward your face, in front of the head. Slide the head between these fingers, keeping them relaxed. Pull back and repeat on the top third of your penis. Notice how the fingers follow the contours. Use your other hand to mimic lips, grip, and squeeze the head as you push the penis in.

Mattress & Plastic

Grab a plastic baggie, saran wrap, or bubble wrap, add some lube, and slide your penis in. Ensure it's well-lubricated. Kneel in front of a bed, lift the mattress, and position your wrapped penis between the mattress and box spring. Thrust in and out for a simulated sex experience. The bonus? Easy cleanup when you're done.

Exploring Unconventional Techniques

Sock & Condom Method

Grab a condom that's a bit roomy for your size. Fill the tip with water and water-based lube. Wet and slick up your penis, slide on the condom, making sure to eliminate air bubbles. Unroll it completely, leaving some excess at the end. Now, get a soft sock, turn the open part inside out over the toe, pull it over your penis with some slack at the condom-covered end. Lie down on your couch, hold the cushions apart with one hand, pull the sock down with the other, and settle into a comfy position. With the right lubrication, the slightest movement will have your penis gliding smoothly.

Using A Banana Peel

Peel a banana, slip the peel over your penis, and get down to business. The banana slime serves as a natural lubricant. Warm up the peel in the microwave for added sensations, but be cautious not to overheat. Alternatively, peel the banana by making one cut, remove the fruit, cut off the end, and insert your penis through it.

Using Soft Fabric

Grab a soft piece of fabric (silk, velvet, satin, etc.), lie down, and place it over your penis. With both hands, gently rub the fabric to the left and right, with the silk touching the sensitive underside. Avoid rubbing too fast to prevent friction burns. For an extra touch, drape some fabric over your scrotum for added stimulation.

Using Veggies

Choose a larger eggplant, cucumber, or zucchini. Cut a hole in the peel the size of your erect penis's base. Make a smaller hole in the pulp. Warm it in the microwave for about a minute, ensuring it's warm but not too hot. After adding lube, place it between pillows and thrust away. Cantaloupe or watermelon could also work.

Using Pasta

Cook some noodles, let them cool, and make a penis-size hole. Ensure it's cool enough to handle. Wrap lasagna noodles around your shaft and head, sliding up and down. Add oil or lubricant for a smooth experience.

Endurance Training

Set a timer for 20 minutes, and hold off on ejaculation until it rings. Increase the time if desired. Anticipate the alarm, hovering on the edge of orgasm. The alarm's longer ringing cycle, especially if it coincides with ejaculation, adds a sense of urgency and tension relief.

Concluding Thoughts

Regardless of your chosen method of self-pleasure, remember that masturbation is a healthy and enjoyable way to alleviate stress while embracing your sexual autonomy. Consider enhancing the experience with soothing music, a scented candle, or a relaxing hot bath, nurturing yourself in a positive way that brings sexual release and delights your senses.


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