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SnapChat Seduction

by KimberleeFantasies 8 months ago in erotic
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An Unforgettable Night

SnapChat Seduction
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

SnapChat Seduction

By: KimberleeFantasies

It was a normal day, like any other. I went to school, then to

cheerleading practice, and walked the five blocks home after. Only when I arrived home, it was quiet. Normally, my parents would be yapping about something or other in the kitchen and making all sorts of noise, but as I opened the front door, there was a dead silence. I walked inside and went directly to the kitchen. No parents. ‘Where could they be?’ I thought to myself. I continued to look around the whole house and still could not find my parents, so I went back into the kitchen for a second time. This time, I saw a white piece of paper lying on the countertop. It read:


We had to go to your grandmother’s.

We won’t be back until Sunday.


Mom & Dad

‘Sunday?’ I thought. ‘That won’t be for another three days.’ My mood instantly boosted knowing that my parents were gone. I couldn’t believe it because I never get a break like this, but here it was screaming, ‘Kim, here’s your chance!’ I instantly checked my SnapChat to see what my friends were up to and decided that “Little Kimmie” was going to make a big splash by posting a snap of her own.

It was mere seconds before I entered my parent’s room.

I went straight for my mother’s dresser. I chose the top left drawer and slowly opened it. Inside were all sorts of sexy, frilly lingerie’s. There were a variety of colors in all sorts of styles: baby dolls, bodystockings, corsets, and more. I dug through the motherlode until I found the perfect red plaid mini-skirt, G-string, and white tie-top. The outfit was brand new, had the tags still on it, but it was ‘going to look perfect on my little eighteen-year-old body’, Kim thought. I quickly put it on and shoved the other outfits back into the drawer before heading into my room.

I stood in front of my mirror and admired how sexy my teen body looked in the little schoolgirl outfit. I grabbed my Bluetooth speaker and turned on some Lil’ Baby to set the mood, then grabbed my phone, and got back on SnapChat, only this time, I was going to be the star. I recorded a snap video of me dancing sexy to the music, revealing more of my body than I ever have before. I put my hands through my beautiful, long blonde hair and flashed my seductive green eyes at the camera while I danced. Afterwards, I said, “This is Kim. I’m lonely and oh, so horny. Guys get at me if you wanna play.” And ended it with a big kiss. To finalize it, I clicked post and made it public so all my followers could see it.

My phone was going off like crazy! I had so many snaps reacting

to the video that I almost couldn’t keep up replying to all the men that wanted to fuck a teen slut. I went into the kitchen and poured myself a drink of my father’s Brandy. It was hard going down, but it made me feel good, helped me become a bit looser. I was loving the attention I was getting, so much so, that I climbed up on the countertop, leaned back, and started to run my hands over my large tits and pinch my long hard nipples a bit. I was becoming very wet. I needed a real man to fuck my little pussy, someone that knew how to control a dirty teen slut like me. So, I grabbed my phone and I sent out a second snap, this time giving out my address saying, “First man here gets to fuck my little pussy. Better come quick!”

While waiting for my mystery man to show up, I had another glass of Brandy. I was feeling pretty good now and was waiting to get fucked by a nice, big cock. I couldn’t wait! The anticipation was building inside of me like wildfire. ‘Who is he?’ I thought to myself. ‘What would he look like?’ I don’t care as long as he gives my pussy a nice, good pounding. The doorbell rang breaking my thought process. I hopped off the countertop, adjusted my skirt, and smiled as I went to answer the door. I went up to the door and said, “Who is it?” in a sexy voice. No one answered. So, I repeated myself. Still, only silence. So, I opened the door, and there standing was a sexy older man, maybe late 40’s, medium build, glasses, brown hair, and brown eyes. “Come in,” I suggested, and he walked in the door.

He walked over to me and said, “I’m Dan, but you can call me

Daddy." He went on to say, “You sure are a dirty, teen slut, aren’t you? Well, I’m gonna fuck that tight little hole of yours until you scream my name!” I didn’t know how to react. Dan just took my hand in his and asked me where the bedroom was. I led him to it. He threw me on the bed, ripping my white tie-top open. Before I knew it, he was on top of me. He started to kiss and nibble on my neck all the while pushing up my skirt with his leg. He was taking off his shirt and then undoing his belt. Both hit the floor at about the same time and made a small noise. I started to get wet again.

He took my perky breast in his mouth, one by one, sucking on my hardened nipples, then smothering his face deep inside my tits. “Mmm,” I moaned as he was doing this. I could feel his hardened cock pressing against my wet pussy as he bucked against me while he did this. He started to kiss lower, down my belly, and very close to the top of my mound but stopped and ripped off my skirt instead. Then, he proceeded to rip off my G-string as well. “There, now you are a naked teen slut. My naked teen slut!” he exclaimed.

He moved off the bed and slid his jeans and his boxers off. This

was the first time I could see his cock, and it was massive. Daddy’s cock was about 8” long and 3” in girth with a nice curve towards the head. It made me excited to see it, but I was shocked as well. I had only been with high school boys and their cocks were very small compared to Daddy’s cock. I have never seen a cock this big except for in porn. I started to get anxious wondering how it would feel inside of me, wondering if it would hurt, but also thinking that a cock that size would be able to get the job done.

Then, he sat on the edge of the bed and commanded me to get on the floor in between his legs. I obliged and said in a soft voice, “Yes, Daddy.” He took his massive cock in his right hand and ordered me to suck it. I raised myself up from the cold, wooden floor and met him. His cock was inches from my mouth. I looked up at him and he started to put it in my mouth. I opened wide to oblige. It filled my whole entire mouth- his thick, long, veiny cock. I could feel it pulsating in my mouth as I sucked on it. I spit on it to get it nice and wet, then I started to stroke the length of his cock with my left hand and used my mouth to go up and down on his nice cock, twirling my head from side to side as I went down on it. Daddy was really seeming to like that, and his cock tasted so good.

After a while of me sucking it on my own, Daddy grabbed my

long, blonde hair and pushed my head down on his hardened cock. He forced me to take the length of him entirely in my mouth. I started to gag, but he didn’t care. He just told me to take it all and that I was his dirty, teen slut. I wanted to please him so I tried sucking his cock the best that I could even though I was still gagging, I let him push me down on his cock until he entirely filled my mouth and throat with his throbbing cock. He was moaning as I sucked it. He must have been close to cumming because he pulled me off his cock and said, “Get up and bend over the bed, now!”

He bent me over and had me spread my legs. Daddy started to slap my nice, round ass with his cock. It was nice and wet from me sucking it, plus I’m sure he had a little bit of pre-cum on it as well. He started to tease my pussy with it sliding it around on my wet clit and back to my ass. He was having fun making me squirm. He said, “Now Daddy is going to fuck your little teen cunt!” and within moments his huge cock was inside of me.

At first, he just stuck the tip in. I could already feel my tight

pussy opening to receive his cock. The tip felt nice. My pussy was very wet by this time. If I were wearing panties, they would have been soaked. He teased me by taking just the head in and out of me, then he put it in a little further. I gasped. When Daddy finally put the full length of him inside my tight, little pussy, I moaned both in pleasure and in pain. He slammed hard against me and when he was fully inside, I squealed. “You can take it.” He spoke. I didn’t know if I could take it or not. I was digging my nails into the bedspread as he pumped in and out of my fuckhole. This was the biggest cock I have ever had. He was pumping me so hard, I thought he was going to rip me wide open. At the same time, it felt good to be Daddy’s little slut.

I started to relax and spread my legs a bit wider to welcome his cock in. Daddy grabbed my long, blonde hair and pulled me up from the bed while he was fucking my little pussy. The more I relaxed, the better it felt. I was soaking wet. I started to moan, “Oh, Daddy!” I went on to say, “Fuck your teen pussy!” He was hitting the right spot. It started to feel amazing to have a massive cock inside me. My moaning grew loader as he held onto my hair with a tight grip and fucked me from behind. He kept pounding me in and out with his huge, veiny cock. “Don’t stop!” I cried out. I was so close to cumming myself.

I reached down and started to play with my bald pussy. I was

rubbing my clit with my index and middle finger. That heated things up. I could feel Daddy’s cock going into my little pussy while I was playing with my clit. That turned me on a lot. It didn’t take me long before I was ready to come. I yelled, “Daddy, I’m gonna cum!” and right after that I started to squirt my hot juices all over Daddy’s hard cock. It felt amazing to cum with a real man, not just some little high schoolboy. Daddy just started to pump into me even harder and faster. He gripped at my perky tits and grabbed them hard as he bent me over the bed again. He used me like his little fuck toy to the finish. Then he pulled out his cock and spewed his hot, sticky juices all over my nice ass. I could feel it oozing. It felt hot. Then, Daddy said, “You’re one good teen fuck.” though he was out of breath.

Afterward, Daddy got dressed as he was wiping the sweat off himself. He told me not to give out my address online, that he was affiliated with SnapChat, and that’s why he showed up initially and not anyone else, that he had blocked my address from going global. I thanked him for that. He said, “I might have to come back here again. You were great!” I just smiled, and when he was fully dressed, he let himself out. I stayed in my bedroom, lying on my bed when he walked out the door. I felt fulfilled and happy that he is the one that showed up. It turned out to be a great night. I’m sure I’ll write about this in my diary later tonight, but I have to say, “Thank you” to my parents for being away for once.


About the author


Welcome to Kimberlee Fantasies! I've been writing Erotica for 22 years. I started at the mere age of 13, and since have broadened my horizons. My stories/blogs are filled with XXX Erotic Fiction. I hope you enjoy reading each of my entries.

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