Should You Wear A Condom?

Having sex without a condom is like a Navy Seal going into combat without a bulletproof vest.

Should You Wear A Condom?
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Having sex without a condom is like a Navy Seal going into combat without a bulletproof vest. It's like a knight going into battle without his sword. You already have a sword, all you gotta do is put the sheath on it. I have this debate with people all the time.

I wanna teach you about a little something called The RAW score. I want you to imagine a scenario. It's the weekend. A Saturday, to be exact. You and your friends decide to go out and hit a few parties. You're out, maybe you're drinking a little bit, having a good time, and you happen to meet a cute girl.

Let's call her, Random Hoe #1, if you're one of the 4% of girls in my audience, then you can just refer to this person as Random Jackass #1. You guys are talking, vibing, flirting a little bit back and forth and things are going well.

Now since you horny motherfuckers already know where this is going, I'll fast forward to what you would call, "The fun part." You bring Random Hoe #1 back to your place and you guys are getting it on, and right before it's time to go all the way and diddle the dam, you think to yourself, "Should I wear a condom?" but she quickly brings your attention back to the task at hand, and you forget about it and go to town anyways, raw and without proper protection.

Think about it like this, if you just meet someone the first night and they already let you go into battle without your bulletproof vest, what do you think your chances of coming out of the battle with an "injury" is? Well, I'll tell ya…. Pretty damn high!

When you diddle the dam without any protection, you're essentially diddling the dam with all the other people that Random Hoe #1 has diddled the dam with…. unprotected. And it doesn't end there, you're basically doing it with all the other people that all her battle partners did it with, and all of their battle partners, and all of theirs.

And you see where this is going, don't you? So can you just imagine how high the RAW score of this is?

Let's do a simple calculation. Random Hoe #1 had sex with 3 people unprotected total. Each of those 3 people also had sex with 3 people unprotected. For simplicity sake, we'll cut it off there but in reality, you'd also have to account for all of the other people those 3 had sex with as well but I'm not that good at math and I don't want to make this too long so we'll leave it at that.

When you calculate that subset of people alone, that comes out to 9 other people you're going to battle with, just by sleeping with her unprotected! I know some of you extra horny bastards are thinking "Oh damn that's awesome that means my body count goes up by 9 just by sleeping with her alone that's great!"

But hate to break it to you, it doesn't work like that. Now that you understand the RAW score, let's talk about what I like to call, the "Come one, come all" rule, yes that's a pun intended.

The "Come one, come to all" rule states that if the person you just met will diddle the dam unprotected with you, it means they do it with other people they just meet. So again, you're not just risking it on one person, you're betting on all the other people she's gotten it on with.

Let's make this even clearer. You bring Random Hoe #1 home on a Saturday night. Chances are if she's a party animal, she easily could've banged 4 other Random Jackasses like yourself raw just that week alone. Don't believe me?

Let's do the math, It's a Saturday night, so that means she had 4 other opportunities to go out that week alone. Tequila Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, and Friday… that's four opportunities with four other random jackasses just that week alone.

That's not counting all the others in the past 2 weeks, or 2 months! Do you see how quickly this RAW score adds up? And based on the "come one, come all" rule, there's a high chance you're not the only one she let go into battle without a bulletproof vest.

If she lets you go in without your battle gear, what makes you think she makes all the other randos go in with their battle gear? You're not special, she does this with everybody! She's basically advertising to you, come one, come all!

Hate to break it to you, but to the 3 ladies watching this, you ain't off the hook either… This advice goes for girls too, frat dude chad could've banged 2 girls at the day party… one the night before and 3 others the week before. It's not safe to go into battle unprepared for you ladies either. And you know damn well if he ain't wrapping it with you he ain't wrapping it with them either.

Besides, some of you won't leave the house without makeup on but you'll go straight into the sack without preparation… like seriously? Are you jerking to me? This goes for guys, girls, and whatever else you are. Wrap it before you tap it.

In conclusion, don't be an idiot. Think with the head above your shoulders, not the head below. Once you let your meatball men and diddle stick start making decisions you'll end up in a dark place and a whole lot of expensive consequences.

Because not only are STD's annoying and potentially dangerous but don't even get me started on the potential of having a kid. You don't want baby mamma drama. I mean hey, take a from a guy who has 54 children in different parts of the universe. Leave the dozens of kids and baby mammas to the gods like me.

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