Shocking Sexual Taboos

We all know some weird sexual taboos, but do any of them meet the standards of these?

Shocking Sexual Taboos

The one undisputed fact about sex is that it's everywhere. Really, there's an 'internet rule' that states "if it exists, there's porn of it". Try it - google anything and stick 'porn' on the end of it, you'd be surprised. As a result, some odd taboos emerge from this, from the innocent and intimate to the dangerous and even illegal. Us humans are a freaky bunch, and our sexual taboos really reflect that.

In this list, I'll be exploring the wide spectrum of these, from the mundane and expected to the extreme and scary. Sit tight, it could get funny and it will get uncomfortable.

Stranger Danger?

A recent sexual survey found that over 50% of women fantasize about having fully blown erotic sex with a complete stranger; meeting in a darkened alley and not even knowing his name, being whisked to the fanciest hotel and being fucked all night. All you'd remember in the morning is the stubble on his jaw and the smell of whisky drifting through the darkened room. It was consensual, you both wanted it, but the anonymity drives you crazy - who was he? Will you meet him again? The women that expressed this type of fantasy recognised it not as a one-night-stand, but more intimate - a complete trust of a stranger that blurs the line of danger and thrill seeking.

Many women fully adore the concept of hooking up with some mystery man, going to some unnamed hotel, that you really don't care to remember, with him for an unhinged, animalistic and wild night of uninhibited and unforgettable sex. Some women feel like the only people they can fully let loose with are strangers, mainly because they won't be judged. It's incredibly likely they'll never meet that handsome stranger again, comforted by the fact you don't know their name and they don't know yours. Life will move on, but your mind certainly wont.

The Big One...

So, the most common taboo in the entire world also happens to be the most extreme on ideological basis' alone - rape. It's a hard-hitting, scary and blunt word, but the taboo itself, or at least the consensual roleplay of it, is somewhat harmless. Whilst critics brandish it as an insult to survivors around the world, supporters argue otherwise. They say the roleplay element encourages intimacy and dependence on your partner, with complete submission and trust encouraging the flourishing of a truly healthy and open sexual relationship.

When asked how they'd like it to play out, most of the women said they would like their partner to fulfill it when they're least expecting it, like when taking out the trash and being "grabbed" and blindfolded, or in the dead of night when they were asleep. On the far end of the spectrum, a minority of women did express that they would "probably like it in real life", however sexologists are united in the view that this crosses the line of sexual enjoyment and genuine cause for concern. We think that too, keep it safe, stick to your room and your partner.

Good ol' Gang Bang

One of the oldest taboos in the book is the good ol' gang-bang, a sexual experience that has been recorded since the dawn of pornography and fascinated by women for decades. Whether it's a bunch of girls, a bunch of guys or a mixture of whatever, gangbangs are largely appealing to some for their openness and lack of judgement; you can be yourself, completely let loose, and thrive in a 'community' (I think?) of like-minded individuals without the fear of judgement or social dismissal. Gangbangs can be arranged through a massive variety of ways, from the old method of Craigslist under the 'swingers' section, to college parties and even private gatherings of friends.

When asked what attracts them to gangbangs in particular, the females questioned suggested they enjoyed "the concept of no commitment", being free to fuck whoever under one giant consensual bubble. They also expressed joy in the idea of having sex around others, suggesting an audience adds to the excitement of it all. Whilst some of the 'wider society' views this as swinging, those who actively enjoy gangbangs argue that it's just that - a gangbang.


Another extreme taboo that has fast emerged through the rise of the internet is bestiality, which is defined by the Urban Dictionary as:

"Referring to sexual relations between a human and an animal."

Yeah, it doesn't really get more rose-tinted than that. Basically, in the past 30 years or so, the number of people having sex with animals of all kinds has risen. Under that canopy includes dogs (the most common), cats, horses (the second most common), dolphins, chickens and even birds. Whilst there is no law against the attraction to animals, there are strict laws across most US states against the carrying out of bestiality - fucking an animal. This was actually in reaction to a death caused by a guy who had sex with a horse, where the animal's penis ruptured his internal organs and subsequently caused international outrage.

Since then, thousands of porn sites have popped up, showing a wide range of animal-human interactions. Whilst a really rare taboo for individuals to hold, accounting for the bare minimum of those who expressed their taboos and kinks to researchers, it does still exist and some people are genuinely turned on by it. As a heads up, viewing it in the UK may be illegal under the "possession of extreme porn" legislation, so don't get any ideas.

This has also, arguably, caused the incline in the "furry kink", people who gain sexual arousal through acting or dressing like animals, such as those in this article's heading image. This has gone so far as to have international annual conventions, as well as spawning large scale public criticism and ridicule.

Benjamin Wareing
Benjamin Wareing
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