Sharing a BBC

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Ménage à trois

Sharing a BBC

Effiom was heading to his workplace when unfortunate thing happened. His bicycle flat tired out of the blue. He was pissed. This was his first job after getting the US Green card, being one of the few lucky Nigerians drawn earlier this year.

He was a tall, jacked, and pretty handsome 23-year old black man, trying to succeed abroad, and the last thing he needed was this unfortunate thing. "Fucking shit, buses are rare on this road, I'll be late again," he was thinking to himself. He didn't have much of a choice, so he went to the nearby bus stop and waited. Google showed that the next bus should come in 15 minutes.

Effiom was about to calculate the exact time of arrival to his workplace when he heard a voice behind him.

"You look like you need a ride young man." It was a good looking, thin, 40-something white woman, a blonde.

"If you go westbound, I might tag along shortly," he replied.

"My roommate and I live just around the corner, we saw your little misfortune with a tire," she replied timidly.

"We can give you a lift westbound, but first we could use a little help in our house. There's one big closet that we want to move. If you'd be so kind..."

"Sure ma'am, I can help you with that," Effiom responded.

"Crystal's my name, please don't call me ma'am," she giggled, and stretched out her hand.

"Effiom, nice to meet you," he shook her hand, and followed her to a house nearby. Crystal took him to the bedroom and showed him a large wardrobe closet with full length mirrors.

"If you can help me move this to the other side of bedroom, it'll be nice. My roommate Amber will help us, too."

Amber entered the bedroom just a few moments after them. She was a stunning blonde, in her early forties, but with much bigger boobs than Crystal. Effiom looked shortly to her breasts, and then quickly turned his gaze down. She was braless under a single T-shirt; a great provocation.

"Damn, those tits are fucking perfection," he thought.

She smiled, knowing that he noticed and winked to Crystal, who winked back, with a devilish smile. Two women pushed from one side, and he pulled from the other, and in just a blink of an eye, closet was on the other side of the room.

"Thank you young man," Amber said.

"This handsome man's name is Effiom," Crystal added, got closer to him and caressed his cheek.

"You're welcome ladies," he replied with a big smile having a few dirty thoughts on his mind.

"Does your name have a certain meaning?" Amber said, and got closer to him too.

"Yes, it means 'crocodile' on my native language, Nigerian."

"Ooo really, a crocodile? I always admired crocodiles, such dangerous and powerful animals. They can fuck over those gazelles like it's nothing," Crystal said.

"Are you good at fucking, sweetie? I bet you are." Amber added, and started touching his chest and feeling his biceps.

At this point Effiom concluded it's best to go with the flow, and forget about his job. He was dead on, because ladies never had an intention of driving him. Moving the closet was just an excuse to lure a young meat to their bedroom. Which they successfully did.

Crystal gave him a short kiss, and grabbed his crotch. He responded in kind and grabbed both of their pussies. Amber slipped in her hand under his shirt, pulled his chest hair, and also gave him a kiss, but hers was juicier. The trio started to undress each other, and shared wild kisses; Amber and Crystal between them, and both with Effiom.

Next thing you know he was titty fucking Amber, and at the same time licking Crystal's pussy. Crystal sat on Amber's face, and he switched from titty fucking to her pussy. He didn't have a condom, neither have they offered him one. It was a pure lust, a desire without thinking about possible consequences.

The women laid on top of each other, and he was switching from one pussy to another, pounding one for a couple of minutes, then the other.

Then they both kneeled in a doggy position, and he was ass fucking them, alternating. It was painful at first to have an eight inch dick in their asses, but they both got used to it pretty fast. It wasn't every day that they had the opportunity to fuck a gifted young African man.

Finally, they sensed he was close, so they laid him down, and went for the double blowjob. One was sucking his dick, the other his balls. They were changing positions and rhythm until he came. Crystal was the one who took all the sperm in her mouth, and then shared a juicy kiss with Amber, sharing all of that sticky cum with her equally-nymphomaniac-inclined roommate.

But that was only the beginning. They planned to use this young man again, after a shower and a brief period of rest. They knew he needed to recharge his load, and he knew he was gonna call in sick, for the first time ever, to his new job in this blessed country of America.

Francis Y. Algonkin
Francis Y. Algonkin
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