Sex, Love, Life: #3

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The Awkward Moment

Sex, Love, Life: #3

When Nathan was around 18 to 20 a lot of things had started to change for him. He had moved out of my mother's and into his aunt's while he waited to find his place. His boyfriend of three years had recently broken up with him, and he was struggling to find work while continuing his education. Since he had so much time on his hands he decided some "fun" was needed, and so his slut years began.

It didn't take Nathan long to find someone whom he might be able to connect with more than just a simple one night stand, but as a friend with benefits. His name was John. He was in his late 40s and in the middle of a divorce from his husband. He too was just looking for something simple and fun to waste his time. John and Nathan agreed to meet up but only if certain rules were in place:

  1. No kissing, it was too personal and neither of them were looking for anything serious.
  2. No commitment, meaning that they were free to see other people.
  3. No lying, they wanted to make sure that they both would be honest with each other about everything, no matter how difficult it might be.

John was kind enough that day to come and pick Nathan up from his home. The two of them decided the best thing to do at the moment was to go out for a coffee and talk for a little bit before heading back to John's to do the “deed.”

"So what do you do for a living," asked Nathan, as the two of them sat down at a table with their coffees.

"I'm a teacher, and my soon to be ex-husband is a nurse." It's at this point Nathan should have known what would happen in the near future. Nathan had already slept with two nurses and a paramedic back when he was 17, so it wouldn't be any surprise if he had already slept with John's husband, or would end up sleeping with John's husband.

As they continued to drink their coffee, they continued to chat about small things such as jobs, education, goals, and just basic life stuff before they finally headed to John's home.

John was a perfect gentleman as he opened the door for Nathan and gesture for him to enter first, as well as asking him if he needed anything to drink. Nathan laughed and politely refused. John smiled as he took Nathan by the hand and lead him upstairs toward the bedroom.

John was the first to make a move. He leaned in slowly and kissed him ever so gently. As they kissed, John wrapped his arms around Nathan's waist and rested his hands on Nathan's ass. While squeezing his ass Nathan moaned ever so slightly. One of his biggest turn on was when a guy played with ass, squeezing, pinching, slapping, anything along that line.

John expected this much when Nathan began to moan ever so slightly in pleasure. He smiled as he lifted Nathan's shirt off and over his head exposing Nathan's beautiful 18-year-old slim figure. Nathan couldn't count how many kisses John did as he made his way down Nathan's torso and to his treasure trail. He slowly undid Nathan's jeans and worked his tongue down the treasure trail until his mouth reached Nathan's dick. He began to suck his dick with ease, it slowly grew bigger and bigger in his mouth till Nathan was fully erect.

"Mmm... Yes... Suck it slowly," Nathan moaned out as John continued to suck. It wasn't long however until Nathan spoke up, "bend over I want to fuck you," he somewhat demanded. John obeyed, however, standing up and stripping. He bent over the bed slowly while spitting into his hand, as he reached back he started rubbing the spit against his hole.

"Fuck me hard." He begged as he arched his back lifting his ass into the air. Nathan smiled as he spits onto the tip of his hard cock and started to push it inwards. Slowly at first but then faster and faster until he couldn't hold back and let out a scream of pleasure as he came deep into John's ass. John quickly began to jerk his semi-hard thick cock till the two came all over the bed sheets.

This wouldn't be the first time this would happen. Over the next couple of weeks, John and Nathan continued to see each other. Their friends with benefits situation was exactly how they wanted, casually going for coffee or dinner before going back to John's place and fucking the hell out of one another. Things, however, were quickly about to change.

"I'm going out of town for a couple of days and I want you to tell me about every guy you sleep with when I get back," John announced one day as they were doing their typical coffee date.

"Sounds good to me," Nathan replied somewhat smugly.

The day after John left for his trip Nathan began his search for a replacement fuck buddy. It didn't take long... After all, Nathan was only 18-years-old and how many older gay men would say no to such a young man. He soon received a message from Frank.

"Hey, Nathan. You're really cute. I would love to meet up."

"Of course, how about tonight at my place?" Nathan wrote back as quickly as he could trying not to sound desperate.

Frank agreed and Nathan quickly texted him the address and the time of when he should come over, before heading off to take a shower and prepared for tonight activities.

When Nathan opened the door to greet Frank, he was stunned to find that Frank was shorter than him but extremely attractive. He had dark black hair and dark tanned skin. Nathan drooled as he was pushed back against the wall. Apparently Frank wanted "it" and wanted it now! He got down on his hands and knees and ripped Nathan's pants off as quickly as he could. He took Nathan's cock and balls directly into his watering mouth and began to blow him. As he did this he undid his zipper and whipped out this massive thick cock and began to stroke it until it leaked so much pre-cum that it began to drip onto the rug.

Nathan couldn't help but to cum down Frank's throat as he watched this man’s pre-cum hit the floor over and over again. Frank swallowed every last bit of it. He smiled as he stood up and turned for the door. He leaned against the door and slightly spread his ass and gestured for Nathan to come and fuck him.

"Can you cum again?" He asked as he continued to stroke his thick cock. Nathan nodded and walked over to him. His cock was still throbbing, so without any spit, he pushed it deep into Frank's tight hole and thrust until Frank was screaming in pleasure as he began to cum. He came so hard that it hit the door and slid to the floor.

The night was amazing and so was the sex. They never once talked about anything personal, except what they did for a living. Frank was a nurse... what a surprise. When John returned to town he called up Nathan to go out and get the scoop.

"So, tell me all about," John said as they sat down at their favorite coffee shop. Nathan laughed and started to explain everything that had happened and whom he had slept with.

"A nurse, was his name Frank?" John asked sarcastically.

Nathan nodded with curiosity, "That is my soon to be ex-husband," Frank explained laughing as he did. Nathan couldn't help but blush. He was so embarrassed and ashamed. Of all the people he could have slept with it had to be his friends with benefits soon to be ex-husband. All seemed fine between the two for the rest of the year that they knew one another, but like anything else in life... There will always be an expiration date. John had found a job in another town and was on his way to start his new career and his new life. Nathan, on the other hand, was now on the search for a new boyfriend.

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