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Sex Doll Maintenance

What you really need to know before buying a doll

By Aaron DennisPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

Anyone who’s considered owning a sex doll has probably done research, perused a few sites, maybe even read through some doll forums. Some of you might have even seen my articles where I give an introduction to sex doll ownership or help you avoid scam sites, but there’s more information I want you to have before settling on a doll.

I’m sure you have a size, color, and configuration in mind. Maybe, it’s that sexy elf?

Maybe, it’s that sultry vampire?

Maybe, it's this sexy stud-muffin?

I like the wedding band they put on him :3

You probably have a price range, too, and you surely want to shop from a trusted site, but what happens after you get your doll?

Whether your doll is silicone or TPE, it’s going to have a metal frame, and the joints will be very stiff. If they’re not stiff when you first receive your doll, then your doll might not be new, so beware of that.

Check out the shop’s return policy before purchasing!

However, assuming it is new, the joints will require a great deal of pressure to move into or out of position.

You’re always going to want to be sure that the elbows and wrists are straight first. Then, you can maneuver your doll’s arms by the shoulder. Next, you can move the elbow, and finally the wrist.

The same applies to the legs; you’ll want the knees and ankles straight, and maneuver the hips, or thighs, into position before ultimately bending everything else. If you don’t follow these instructions—even after having owned your doll for months—you can potentially wreck a very expensive item. I suggest always moving the big joints first. Then, make your fine tuning adjustments for maxim orgasmic potential.

Another issue is that the articulation surfaces will wear out. I’ve seen broken wrists and ankles, and what’s worse is that the metal will wear through the silicone or TPE. She might like it rough, but don’t beat on her, or you’re gonna be out two grand, and then what?

Try keeping your doll’s joints covered until you bathe it, and I’ll get to that.

You can see from my Amazon cart above that it's super simple to find clothes for your doll.There’s plenty of costume or cosplay items you can order from Amazon, like long gloves or knee socks, which can help reduce the impact on your doll’s joints as well as preserve the coating.

Also be careful about putting all of your weight on the doll. If you’re anything like me, you’re gonna wanna throw her face down and ass up, mount her, and go to town, but all that movement will really stress the wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. Definitely try to bang on a soft surface like your bed, but be careful about how much pressure you put on your doll.

Lots of people immediately assume, and so did I, that the doll’s holes will wear out quickly, but I haven’t seen that happen. The majority of doll damage will be to the joints or the exterior if not properly covered and maintained although, things might be a little different with the male dolls; I really don't know how durable the penis is. I mean, even dildos break, right?

At any rate, it’s recommended you wash your doll with softer soaps in order to preserve the “skin,” but I always use Dawn dish soap and have never seen a problem.

You’re obviously going to wash your doll’s holes out, so how do you do that? Well, mine actually came with a little douche. If yours doesn’t, just buy a cheap little douche. You’ll be fine. The last thing you want is bacteria growing all up in your doll. You can actually get infections that way.

This might lead you to think it’s okay to dunk your doll in the tub. Don’t do that. I use an empty bottle of Dawn, place a few drops of soap in it, fill it with water, shake it, and squirt her down. Then I rub the soap in, and then I rinse her with an adjustable shower-head, keeping as much water “out” of her as possible. Finally, I place her on a dry towel with a fan pointed at her to help her dry.

You might be wondering: Why not just dry her with the towel? Here’s another thing nobody tells you about doll ownership. Everything will stick to your doll. Pet hair, carpet fabric, clothing fabric, dust, dead skin cells, body hair; everything will stick to your doll. Just as soon as you’ve washed your doll, it’ll get dirty or smudged.

I suggest either buying a storage case, which most doll shops sell, or just wrap your doll in a soft blanket, like plush or something, but not fur or even faux fur because it’ll stick to your doll’s exterior.

Lastly, your doll’s wig, eye lashes, and make up—including nipple color—will wear off after a few washes. Fortunately, most doll sites sell replacement wigs (which shouldn’t require constant washing unless you blast over them), lashes, and make up. If those items don’t appear to be listed on that particular site, try the chat function to speak to a CSR, and they’ll usually let you purchase these items, or even extra heads, or eyes.

So that’s about everything a first timer, or prospective doll owner, needs to know before settling on a doll. Owning a doll can be a lot of fun, but it does involve a little work. It might sound like a lot of work, but don’t you, like, wash and vacuum your car? Don’t you grease the chain on your bike or replace the inner tubes? I mean, ya hose it off before riding again, right?

Well, thanks for reading. I hope I’ve provided enough information. You can see all of my doll ownership articles in one sexy place. NSFW 18+ is my page where I not only provide doll information, it’s a page where you can peruse numerous sex shop sites and get a little reading done.

Whether you’re single, married, gay, straight, a basketball, or time traveling lawn dwarf, there’s something for you and your lifestyle.

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