Sex By Candlelight

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My Marriage Vows

Sex By Candlelight

I met him when I was getting married to a man I thought I wanted to be with, but there was no real sexual attraction between us. Suddenly, I looked up and there he was, staring at me from across the room. He was tall with thick, brown hair that skirted his collar, deep blue eyes, and a gentle way about him that I fell in love with immediately. He came to my wedding with my friend Jolene, and I wanted to object to the ceremony myself, and then go running into his arms and make hot, passionate love to him right there, in front of family and friends.

That was where the fantasy began, with this beautiful man who was ten years my junior, and he was hot for me. I could tell by the seductive way he undressed me with his eyes every time we were close to each other that night, and the way a slight trickle of sweat would begin to roll slowly down his neck, and his hands would begin to tremble a bit. He wouldn't look me in the eye because he was afraid he would give away his dark, lusty secret with his glance. Little did he know that he and I wanted the same, nasty ending to the story.

The ceremony was over, and I was Mrs. Blah in my book, but he was still there, smiling slightly when he'd catch my eye. My new husband was busy talking his way through the guests, and I saw my perfect opportunity to make this a night to remember. I pushed my way through the people, nodding and smiling politely, until I was in front of him. I grabbed his hand, and told him to follow me, which he did a little too willingly. Soon we were outside in the warm evening air, smiling at each other, and both of us spotting the pickup truck at the same time, with the keys still dangling in the ignition. The truck belonged to my brother Kenny, so taking it was not really stealing, but I still felt like we were Bonnie and Clyde on a fast get away.

I drove, my white veil still clinging to my head, and the ends of it flying straight back out the window as we flew down the old dirt road, laughing and never questioning each other about what was happening, because we both knew. It didn't take long to find a spot under a big maple tree that had thick, lush grass beneath it. In less time than it takes to brush your hair back, we were on the ground under the tree, my veil still caught in a branch I forgot to duck under.

I pressed my open lips to his, and relished the sweet taste of his tongue in my mouth, slowly stroking inside my mouth to give me a hint of what was to come. I could feel myself growing wet inside, and I was throbbing from wanting him so much. I brought my mouth away from his before I exploded inside from passion, and licked down his neck to his nipples and lightly nibbled on them, and then moving down to his penis that was large, but not so large that I couldn't get it in my mouth, and begin sliding my lips up and down his shaft, while gently taking his balls in my hand and squeezing ever so lightly. I could tell he was about to explode, but I wasn't going to let it end here, not after I had waited all day to be with him. I pulled my mouth back, gave him a quick smile and then told him I'd race him to the truck. He threw his arms up in the air and flopped down in total disgust, still hard from what he was anticipating was going to happen.

When I started the engine, he quickly jumped up and ran toward the truck, his clothes still in his hand, and began dressing as we drove down the road. I wanted more than just a quickie under a tree. I wanted romance too, and I was going to get it tonight.

I made a quick stop at the store, gathering candles, oils and holders for the scents that I loved, massage oil, and two pillows. My brother always had blankets and of course his truck bed was "protected" according to what he told mom, by a mattress so nobody could damage the lining of his truck. Right, I know I believed him.

I grabbed a quick bottle of wine and some plastic cups, and we were off to fulfill my dream of making love under the moonlight, outside, on a beautiful night. We adorned the back of the pickup with candles around the edges, and every here and there we sat an oil burning bowl so we could enjoy sweet scents mixed with the smell of the night air. For a long while, all we did was sip wine and talk about our lives, occasionally reaching over to touch the other, until finally touching became kissing and then we were lying on the mattress, cradled in each other's arms, and exploring every part of each other's bodies while still kissing, our sweat mingling from the anticipation of being one, with him inside of me and wanting me, ejaculating inside me while I feel him throbbing and then feel the wetness inside. I began stroking his leg with mine, moaning, and rubbing my lower body against his genitals. He was the one holding out now, punishing me for what I did to him earlier, but that was fine with me because it made things last longer. I was so wet I could feel my legs sticking together, and he could as well, finally laying me down and kissing me hard, taking full control. He put his hands in mine and put them over my head, smiling and kissing me again. And then he pushed my legs apart with his, and began to tease me, entering me little at a time and then pulling back, until finally he could no longer stand it himself as I writhed beneath him, begging him to enter me, and he did; thrusting the full length of his thick shaft inside me in a methodical way that drove me crazy. He went slow and then fast, and then slow again until finally he was ready to orgasm. He began pumping me very fast, and it was the most sensuous feeling I have every had in my life.

The marriage was annulled the next day, and I did it with a big smile on my face.

Denise Willis
Denise Willis
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