Secret Weapon To Blow A Girl's Mind In Bed!

If your sex life is bad if you're not knowing what to do to please a woman.

Secret Weapon To Blow A Girl's Mind In Bed!
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I have a whole formula for you that you can use that's almost like a secret weapon that will guarantee I mean, we're talking about 100% guarantee that this is going to work for you in terms of turning her on in the bedroom. I've used this, I've studied this, I've given this information to my coaching clients so they can use it with the woman that they're dating.

This stuff works. One of the reasons why you want to use this is twofold. One, if you're not in a relationship and you use this secret weapon and you use this formula, she's going to want to come back for more so you can have a really awesome casual relationship with a girl that you're interested in.

Now, if you're in a relationship or maybe about to be in a relationship like if you're dating someone, this is gonna trigger reciprocity. If she feels like she's pleased in the bedroom, she's gonna want to please you in the bedroom and this reciprocity, this circle of you two going back and forth and pleasing each other is going to create a more long-lasting and more fulfilling relationship.

If your sex life is bad, so if you're not knowing what to do to please a woman, she's not going to want to come back for more if you're in a casual relationship and in the long term relationship, it could cause her to not be interested in the relationship she has with you anymore.

I've heard stories of girls going off and cheating because their sexual needs aren't being met. I've heard of women just completely breaking up with a guy because sex is a big part of the relationship. This is something that you definitely want to learn and you want to use and here's the good news. It's very simple. Here's the idea.

You want to focus on the most sensual parts of her body and you also want to go slow. Combining these two things together, secret weapon. This is going to turn on 99% of the women that you're with. The reason why this works so well is this, sensual parts are the parts you want to go for if you know exactly where to touch a woman.

Just like if a woman knows exactly where to touch you on your essential parts, the most sensitive parts, it's going to turn you on, clearly. But also the idea of going slow and building tension. Here's the thing. Women and men are not pleased sexually the same way. Not for the obvious reasons of different parts, different anatomy, but also just different in terms of building tension.

A guy is ready to go. You don't really need tension to be built. If you're ready to have sex and you're turned on, you're just gonna go for it. A woman, she needs that buildup, she needs tension created within the moment and experience that she's having. She needs that built up.

That's why you want to go very slow. That's the whole idea here. You build up the tension so she becomes more and more comfortable, she feels safer and safer and then can be more and more turned on. Think about it like this. A woman needs more time, kind of like your boiling water.

Imagine you're boiling water, when you turn on the heat it doesn't start boiling right away. It starts to heat up, heats up, heats up, and then boom! It starts to boil and within a matter of seconds once it's been heating for that long. That's the analogy there and that's how a woman is, like boiling water. 

You need to turn her on. The sensual parts are very simple. It's going to be her G spot, which I've spoken about before. The part that is in her vaginal opening just right up at the top. And then there is her clitoris, which is the little nub that is above her vaginal opening and then there is her neck. Her neck is a very central part. There's a lot of nerve endings around the neck. If you're focusing on these three parts, kissing her neck and also a few bonus options here. Possibly the anus or the butthole.

That's a very sensitive part too, but that's something you would talk about with her before you actually go down there. And another part a bonus part is the nipples. But I really like focusing on the main attraction here the G spot and clitoris. That really gets her going and then her neck, which is a way to really warm her up so you can kiss her and touch her there to get things going. 

You use all these spots that I told you, combine it with going very slow in terms of maneuvering around these parts and you're guaranteed to turn her on. Here's something else. Women do get turned on in different ways a little bit. Those are those spots that are sensual for all women, 99.9%.

But some women like their G spot hit more. Some women like their clitoris hit more. Some women like… I don't know a lot of other things a lot more. You would ask her what she likes and what turns her on and that's very easy. You just ask her.

What I want you to do is if you're sleeping with someone new or you're gonna be sleeping with someone soon, literally when you're in the bedroom with her, ask her. Ask her what turns her on and then break it down like this. 80% do exactly what she just said. And then the other 20% you'll focus on the sensual parts that I mentioned here.

Good chance that in that 80% percent of the time that you're focusing on what she likes, you're also going to be hitting the sensual parts that I said. Do that with the woman you're with.

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