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Ryou Ayumi - The Married Woman of the Neighbourhood Association

By Nitin

By Adult reviewsPublished 7 days ago 6 min read

Hiroshi is an aspiring mangaka who joins the neighbourhood association. While there he meets Mami, the beautiful married woman who is the current president. When it comes time to pick a new president the only option winds up being Hiroshi, and while he's unsure about it Mami agrees to give him some support. He can't help but be attracted to her and as it turns out, Mami also enjoys the attention from the younger man. The two then end up in an affair that would rock their little town.


The plot was very good. I think what I liked the most was them expanding very significantly on the plot. The original doujinshi is very short and ends after the first sex scene, so we got around three times the content we normally would have. They even managed to expand on the earlier content, showing Ayumi masturbating to him before giving him that original handjob. They did a wonderful job of the remaining content, mixing in everything you could want. It showed them having a lot of sex and it also showed how wild their affair was. Rather than just have sex in the tatami room like they did in the first sex scene, it evolved to having sex all over the place, including in a public washroom. Watching Ayumi get fingered at the association and then have that transition into washroom sex was really hot and it really showed the passion of their affair. I thought that also helped with how risky things felt, because even though it wasn't the in-your-face risky that the handjob or fingering was, it was still risky in a sense and came across well. Speaking of risky, I found they did a good job of mixing that with regular content. The final bit included a risky blowjob at Ayumi's apartment, almost getting caught by the husband, but concluded with a less risky bedroom scene. It came across as realistically reasonable for what a risky scene might look like. I think the three hour runtime really helped get across a full story, and ending where they did was great. I felt like I was quite satisfied in the end, and four full sex scenes with all the plot bits in the middle was very nice. Speaking of the narrative, the narrative itself was pretty good. A nice simple affair but one with the female leading the way. It had the nice story in the background with the association to give it an actual plot and weaved the association and husband into the plot without being overbearing. The pacing was great and I wasn't too annoyed by the intro, using a masturbation scene to get enough of the way there to tide until intercourse within the first hour.


The sex was great. Ayumi delivered a really nice performance, being just assertive and upbeat enough to make it work. She did a great job of leading him through things, even as he was a virgin and not too sure about having sex with a married woman (aside from her being kind and hot). You could really see Ayumi going out of her way here, including some solid deepthroat attempts; while she won't be winning any awards for it I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it. Ayumi's moaning was also in check throughout the video, being what you would expect for a slightly assertive housewife. Even in times where it was a little more than I would have liked, Ayumi was still smiling and having a good time, so it felt quite lighthearted and nice during those times too. She also managed to make it quite passionate at times, so you could see her making out with him, hands and legs wrapped around him, gazing into his eyes, licking his ear, etc. I liked how the pace of things changed throughout the video, from the sweeter first time together to the more furious sex in the washroom when they were deep in their lust. Speaking of the washroom, they had fantastic environmental usage during the video. The second sex scene in the kitchen managed to use the counter and chair quite nicely, and of course having sex on the counter in the washroom was also great. Yes, one sex scene was on a futon and another in a bed, but I think given the other two scenes I wasn't really annoyed by it because the overall was satisfying.

Production Quality

The production quality was quite nice throughout. The outfits from Ayumi fit things well and watching her get fingered with a skirt or partially clothed sex were nice. I found myself even enjoying the slower buildup at times, like Ayumi blowing him with her clothes on and only slowly moving toward popping out her tits (which was in the original doujinshi); that tease came across really well. Even the tease before the action started was captured well, and watching her top being revealing or her ass while bent over looked amazing. I found the camera angles were on point as well, giving you good angles no matter what was going on, especially during the risky bits. I might have liked to see a position from behind them in the washroom but it was so narrow I forgive them for being physically unable to do so. The lighting was also good throughout, utilizing lamps instead of spotlights or natural lighting. I felt like their effort to use a proper public setting for the association was also nice, just to really tie things together and make it feel more realistic.

Overall Satisfaction

Overall I thought this was a really fantastic video. Ayumi isn't an actress that typically does this well so it was nice to see her performing this well. I think part of that was her fully buying into the narrative but honestly she went above and beyond my expectations for this. I came into it wanting to watch it because the content looked good and it was a pleasant surprise to see her do this well. She was a great match for the video and she really delivered. It really makes me want to go and watch her other doujinshi adaptations because I think she could do a really good job of them, or even just more stuff from director Kawaguchi Kitorune, who did an excellent job here. Adaptations are rarely this good and I would highly recommend this one to anyone interested.

URE-088 - Ryou Ayumi - The Married Woman of the Neighbourhood Association









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