Roscoe and Dr. Moze Serve Reality Straight Up.

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Roscoe and Dr. Moze Serve Reality Straight Up.
1958 film by Roger Corman.

Fabulous! Spectacular! Terrifying! That is what life is like in 21st Century! We don't need to make shit up! It is already too scary to believe.

Two Presidential candidates both having no actual idea what hundreds of millions of people do each day. And they could care less. What we all need, want, and hope for, does not figure into their agendas at all. The only plan is to be in charge, to stay in charge, and tell millions of people what to do, and spend trillions of dollars in the process. Lost in a fantastic Hell-on-Earth as the movie poster says! Naked witches read from The Book of Revelations, and it is all true! And the girls get spanked when they talk back.

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GRIMOIRE, a novel by Roscoe Forthright

In the article above, and the included links, many people under 30 will find new ways of looking at reality, and understand why people in their 70s and 80s were able to fuck-up the world so completely for their children and grand-children and great-grandchildren. They were not thinking ahead. They were not thinking at all. The two very old men running for President are as clueless and useless in building a better civilization as anyone of their generation. It is honestly up to us. We, the people under 40 must come up with viable solutions, and make better things happen. This is not about global warming--- it is about changing the way our civilization functions.

Reading Roscoe's new novel, GRIMOIRE, explains all these things in a pleasant way, as fiction, as a group of Catholic nuns become Pagan witches and have sex rituals with handsome boys in the woods of British Columbia. Roscoe Forthright and Amber Riverwood look at the reality of the 21st Century without buying into any of the nonsense of current social and political agendas. There exist a bigger agenda. The agenda to create a better civilization, not just to survive this or that new disaster. Much of the disasters or over-rated, and that is intentional, to keep us all scare enough to do what we are told without thinking rationally for one moment.

The political and economic philosophies of the 20th Century do not work. They were a disaster in the 20th Century, and they have begun to make the 21st Century equally awful. We do not yet have 85 million dead bodies of World War II, or the several million since WWII. But the people in charge are working on it. Leading us down paths just as self-destructive as the paths of the 20th Century. And the people in charge hope we are all too distracted to notice. Give 'em another stimulus check and football.

That is the plan. Distract us with football, soccer, hockey, and global disasters, Covid, Terrorists, Climate Change, Mass immigration, and take away all Free Will and Freedom of Choice in the process. Oh, and destroy the economy of entire sectors of business. And destroy the Middle Class, wherever their is one. China boasts it will create a middle class- Sure they can do that. And not one of those billion citizens will be allowed to tell the truth about anything. Unless they want to lose their jobs and go to a re-education camp, and sew garments as a slave-laborer. Yes, college teachers, scientists, engineers, all re-educated to sew blouses and panties.

That is exactly how much those leader care about their citizens. Our leaders in the U.S., Canada and the European Union are just as indifferent. We do not have the camps quite yet. But that is only a matter of time.

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