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Reviews of Is Feetify a Legit or a Scam Website?

by Aamir Kamal 7 days ago in industry

A complete, in-detailed review of Is It is safe to use Feetify for making money and selling feet pics on

Reviews of Is Feetify a Legit or a Scam Website?
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What is Feetify? Well, it is a social site that displays videos or pictures of the most amazing feet from men and women. Anyone posting pictures of elegant feet earning money on this website; Feetify provides a platform that allows connections between sellers who showcase gorgeous feet and buyers who are the ones that admire beautiful feet. You can also purchase customized videos and pictures of fantastic feet at this site.

Some of the specifications of Feetify include a free sign up where there is no fee paid for signing up, the connectivity involves buying tokens for communicating and connections. For the mode of payment, buyers can make payments through the Feetify secure platform; pictures are very easy to load, and anyone can join anonymously. also offers one of the easiest methods in which you can earn extra money; a determined individual can establish a dedicated and vast fan base and also get extra benefits through cash tips and cash gifts. This website also allows people to connect, chat, and buy pictures; the site provides a great place for even forming long-lasting friendships.

Some of the disadvantages of Feetify include the site not appearing on any social media platform, the site also does not share any contact details and it doesn’t have the About Us page. For anyone to be able to contact sellers or buyers, they have to upgrade their current status to a premier member.

Is Feetify a safe website to use?

To find out whether is perfect for you, check out their web platform which offers a unique concept. Post pictures of your classic feet and get paid afterward; this is a brilliant way of earning money at the comfort of your home. Sellers earn their money when they remain active and when they post videos and pictures of their lovely feet; this means any seller can still earn money even when no one buys pictures from them. When some members get added to the Featured Members page, Feetify pays them every month.

In case buyers want to connect and chat with sellers, they have to buy tokens; buyers can only pay for pictures if they can chat and connect with sellers. For buyers, they can navigate effortlessly through the site and also browse through the pictures; treats their buyers to ornate, polished, delicate, stylish, simple, and classic feet according to what the buyers want.

The secret behind Feetify’s success is how they attract their buyers with videos and pictures of feet that look exactly how their buyers need them to be.

Is Feetify legit?

Most also wonder if Feetify is legit; most people have a fetish for blemish-free and lovely feet; because of this, several sites provide a platform for buying and selling gorgeous feet and is an example of such a site. The site provides complete transparency to the customers because one can easily contact buyers and sellers of just by signing up on the website; the website is, therefore, legit for an online user.

Several customers have their views concerning Feetify. Because of the numerous mixed reviews from customers, the site has an average rating; you can enjoy watching videos and viewing the pictures before you decide to buy pictures from Thanks to lots of the buyers and sellers available on the platform who actively use the site to connect, buy, and sell. Such voluminous activity gives the site an enormous traffic volume.

Currently, Feetify is about ten months old notably with the domain of a .com extension. As per Alexa traffic rank, Feetify has a good flow of traffic. The website is cool, catchy, and provides a fantastic platform to the members; the active members are around 31,570. You can message active members and this serves to validate that this site is honest and transparent.

Reviews of by Customers:

Although Feetify has mixed reviews from their customers, their site has plenty of traffic and views. Because of this, the site is recommendable, legit, and perfectly safe to use. In case you have doubts, go ahead and communicate with active members after which you can sign up as a member; the site owners do not post simulated fake members nor robots.

The professional design featured in Feetify is different from other websites that have dead links, poor designs, spelling, and grammar checks. When you access the site, check out how well it is put together and it doesn’t look like someone wanted to simply make a profit without considering how it would look like for the business.

PayPal Is the platform Feetify uses as the main source of making and receiving payments for the users showing that it is a secure and trusted payment gateway by many. In case anything wrong happens during transactions, both the seller and the buyer get covered thanks to the return policy or the reversal terms.

As mentioned earlier, there are no upfront fees demanded by Feetify; it is free to join. Whenever you want to access extra features, you will have to upgrade to a premium membership. Rules are available and have to be strictly followed so that you don’t get banned; the site has plenty of benefits to offer to its members but to make the most of this website, first read and observe all the rules listed on the page containing the rules.

You may be banned from Feetify following failure to stick to the rules; some of the rules are, be at least 18 years to participate in the site, never use a fake profile picture of feet that don’t belong to you, and claim it as yours or post fake videos and pics and claim they are yours. Additionally, posting celebrity feet videos and pictures from google or other sites and claiming them as yours isn’t allowed.

Always remember to post high-quality videos and pictures of your feet since most money also comes from cash tips from buyers or when they get customized versions of your pictures.

As you can read a review of on the Quora thread here, but in my opinion, this is one of the most in-detailed reviews of where you could find out that is a legit site or not.

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