Pay to Play?!

by Kai Storm 2 years ago in nsfw / comedy

It's too late to back out!

Pay to Play?!

Pay to play?! He didn't know but he found out quick. Like the rappers say, "Paper planes baby! Paper moves and lames sit on the sidelines and watch!" And what makes you think you're free from that rule like it doesn't apply to you. CASH MOVES EVERYTHING AROUND ME like Wu Tang said, "Baby so come correct or be gone!"

Yep, that's the code we live by, me and my boriqua sabrosa aka my Spanish Fly friend that I run with. You see, her and I have the same mentality...get this bread, nothing else. The craziest thing is how we met which is how I knew we were a lot alike. About a year ago, I was looking for a job and went on this interview for a receptionist position. At the time, I was broke as hell and about to be evicted so I needed some money fast. The thought of selling pussy was definitely on my mind but fucking strangers was scary and I definitely wasn't trying to be pimped. I went on the interview with only the bus fare to go home; I didn't even have enough to get some lunch. I got to the small but lonely looking office and the man that greeted me was also the man that was interviewing me. He was short, about 5'2", fat and wide with a gut that told me he hadn't seen much less washed his dick in years but of course, I kept that joke to myself. He wore thick glasses and had a grayish mustache that was surrounded by two-day-old stubble. His shirt was wrinkled and you could hardly see his belt but yet his pants were hitched up his ass like he was expecting a flood; it was a big ass mess but I needed a job so I smiled at him like he was Denzel. I had on a sheer all black dress with a business jacket over it which looked as professional as I could pull off at the time yet this man's eyes had me feeling like I was sitting there with nothing but thongs on. Although his questions were all very business like, his eyes took my dress off, uncrossed my legs so he could look at my goodness. I felt it, it was real and I wasn't going crazy...but I kept going with the interview like nothing underlying was happening.

Then he got to the point.

"Look, I'm going to get to the point. The last receptionist I had used to fuck and suck me when I asked her to. Yes, I paid her extra for it. It was a deal we worked out and in the end, we both got what we wanted. She got paid and I got my nut. I think you and I can work out the same deal."

I stared at him as he spoke, only surprised for a second then immediately disgusted when I looked at his hand and saw a wedding band. To myself, I said, This pathetic ass bitch is married to somebody? Then again by the looks of him, I can understand why he ain't getting none at home. Before I could answer, a creamy caramel boriqua mammi barged into the office. For a second, I thought it was his wife trying to catch him cheating but then I wrote it off because she was too beautiful to be married to a piece of shit of a man like that. I stayed quiet so I could get all the tea hot and piping.

"Kevin, guess what?! I just got off the phone with Carol. By the way she's on her way over! She was very interested to know just how much of her money you were giving me to fuck you. I told her to meet me here and I will gladly show her all the receipts she needs. I figure like this Kevin, since she's the real bread winner of the family I could get MORE money from her for fucking you that you could ever give me! What you think about that, bitch?! Since you don't want to pay me what the fuck I deserve!"

Kevin did not like that. His fat little body jumped up immediately, opened the wall safe to show us both how it was stacked full of crispy hundred dollar bills. Me and boriqua were smiling from ear to ear.

"That's what the fuck I'm talking about, bitch! You offering up chump change to suck that little wack dick you got, GIVE UP THAT MOTHERFUCKING BREAD!" Boriqua was no joke but's my turn mammi...let me introduce you to La Morena!

"Hold up, though. Kevin, never in your life have you ever EVER had two bad bitches with tasty pussies but guess what? Now is a great time to make the deal of your lifetime! You see, right now, you can have two bad bitches on staff, fucking you and sucking you when you want to and our compensation is everything in that safe split in half! NOW THAT'S A MOTHERFUCKING DEAL! Take it now or me and boriqua can go hit up Carol! What you think ma, sound like a plan?!

I knew my two cents were well spent here!

"I like how you think mammi, yes boriqua is down for this shit here! Kevin, get to counting and fast!" My ride or die boriqua jumped right on in with me.

"Well damn, can I at least get my dick suc-" Kevin and his stuttering ass tried to jump in but I cut him off.

"Count the cheddar 'n later you'll cum better!"

From that moment on, boriqua y morena rolled tight like virgin puss!

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Kai Storm
Kai Storm
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