Over the Edge

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And into Paradise

Over the Edge

Sweat dripping down her brow as she gasps. Nails catching on her partner's skin before grasping at the sheets instead. She moans, low and sweet, the pleasure unbearable. She pushes her hips up uselessly, trying to force friction where she wanted it.

Her partner ignored her and dutifully kept going, lips and tongue; determined to bring her past the peak of pleasure and right on over to heaven. Nip to the thigh to catch a breath before returning to the task at hand.

She's writhing now, unable to hold still. The feeling is so heady and her mind is drifting away. She's dizzy, floating when suddenly it all crashes around her like stars.

She comes back to reality slowly, shaking, feeling leftover shocks and tingles. It's bliss but her partner has more in store for her and she can barely wait.


They’ve been at this for an hour, hands everywhere, mouths dutifully creating pleasure while legs tangle around each other. Hands scrabble at the sheets to find something to ground them to this moment. They’re both exhausted but they can’t help but crave more and more and more of each other. It’s always like this, electric and uncontrollable. They always try to outdo one another, push and pull until neither can go on anymore. Even then they taunt each other into one last go.


They’ve edged and denied, submitted and dominated, used toys and bodies to their own benefit. Sex becomes their own little world, parking their day at the door like a hat.

It doesn’t matter if they barely have the energy to use their hands on one another or if they just make out and grind until they come from the friction alone. They don’t expect anything from each other that they haven’t already agreed to give. In those moments, they cannot lie, they’re only able to be honest. If they want more, there’s more, if they really want it to end it ends… they respect each other even as they dare one another to do more, say more, be more.

It’s sex but it’s only part of their romance. Outside of the bedroom, they look after each other. It’s a constant back and forth pulling each other up and who cares if the way they do that best is with sex? It works for them and they couldn’t imagine being any other way.


It took them a long time to get here.

They started off with verbal assaults and schoolyard taunting when they were kids. Rivals of the highest order.

It didn’t take long for even that to fade into curt nods and sneers in the hallways. Too different from one another, too many faults they needed to hide. High school was hell for everyone.

College was weird. Same town as ever but different schools. No reassuring presence of someone you knew would keep you on your toes. Suddenly it meant they had to seek each other out for the familiar rivalry. Half of the insults they traded were back-ended compliments now, hard to tell the truth from the lie.

Eventually, they worked together… some nowhere job in their nowhere college town with no one to distract them from one another. Now their words were more compliment than jab and when one hit too hard, they were quick to back down. They became close friends.

It wasn’t until they were nearing 30 when it turned into a romance. Hot and steamy, like nothing they’d ever experienced before. They knew each other's buttons, knew how to get under one another’s skin. Goading each other just right. This was it for them, as serious as you could ever get. They’d always been focused on each other too much. They’d taken this long to get here they might as well own it.

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