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Orgasm on the Couch

by Moonlit Sky. about a month ago in sexual wellness / nsfw / fiction / fetishes / erotic
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Chris & Amy (m/f tickling erotica)

Amy giggles from the joke Chris had told while he rubs his hand up her leg, the alcohol taking effect on his girlfriend. She leans forward in laughter and her long yellow-white hair takes up the space between them. He chuckles too and his arm resting on the couch behind her circles around to caress her back and shoulders.

She grins at him, the alcohol making her eyes droop and she giggles again at his comment. Being playful, he squeezes her side and she jumps and giggles again. Then he grins and sits up, feeling that familiar urge.

He kisses her a few times, holding his hand under her chin while she leans into him. When she tries to straddle him, he pins her onto the couch and lets her adjust to the position.

He traces his fingers around her waist while she tries not to smile and fails. His fingers work their way up her stomach and sides and her smile turns into gentle laughter and she habitually pulls at his hands.

He keeps her pinned and moves up to lightly dusting her ribs, causing a little squeal and silent laughter to start. She arches away from it but looks up at him and whispers, "you can do worse."

He grins and in a quick motion has her arms pinned at her sides, as he sits on her waist. She giggles and kicks a little but she knows exactly what he's about to do.

He reaches his hand under her shirt and pulls it up, tracing and poking at her soft skin. Then, he moves his hands up and when they reach her breasts, she bursts out into a stream of happy laughter.

He tickles and teases her sensitive flesh and she laughs and giggles on the couch, and the minutes pass with her gorgeous sounds. Her thighs closing on themselves.

He digs into the sides of her breasts and she starts kicking at his back as her head falls back, which is only intensified when his fingers tickle her fully erect nipples.

Her laughter becomes mixed with moans as his fingers lightly pinch and flick against the hard buttons. Soon, she only moans and breathes hard through her teeth as his fingers swirl around her hot spots and massage her breasts.

"Ohh," she moans and Chris feels her straining to get free under him. "Okay, yellow."

"Do you want me to get off?" He asks.

"No," she shakes her head, "but my crotch would like some attention."

He smiles and reaches around to feel her very warm, rather wet underwear.

She moans again at his fingers putting pressure just above her clit, he rocks his hand back and forth and soon she whispers, "fuck."

He slips his hand inside her underwear and moves his way down to her opening. When he slides one finger inside, he uses the other to continue massaging her breasts and her moans get louder. He moves his finger back and forth getting faster with each slick stroke.

Her eyes are closed when he starts tickling the tops of her nipples again, she giggles and then gasps when he puts a second finger in. Her moans are more constant now and he thrusts his fingers as deep into her as they will go, making sure to hit every spot possible.

Her head leads forward as the minute passes on, still grinning and giggling at her nipples then moaning as he moves faster.

"Oh my god!" she grunts and her eyes start to haze over. She's close.

He thrusts his fingers faster, his arm beginning to tire but her mouth forms an O, and her thighs start to close in around his arm. He gives it a last effort and she shrieks out her orgasm as her thighs tighten and her organs push against him from the inside.

He slows his thrusts and as she calms down, she grins back up at him, "one more?"

sexual wellnessnsfwfictionfetisheserotic

About the author

Moonlit Sky.

I'm a writer. Often with a dirty mind. I love animals, movies, TV shows and books.

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