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Onlyfans Feet Picture ideas: 15 Best Onlyfans Feet Content Ideas

by Aamir Kamal 2 months ago in how to · updated 2 months ago
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What are some of the best Onlyfans Feet Pictures ideas? We have listed 15 of the best Onlyfans Feet Content ideas for you.

Onlyfans Feet Picture ideas: 15 Best Onlyfans Feet Content Ideas
Photo by Diana Nazarali on Unsplash

OnlyFans has proved to be the most successful source of earnings for all feet pics sellers out there. But if you are one of those still struggling to accomplish in this field, here are some areas where you can possibly be lacking.

  • You don't have a fetish mindset for feet. You are unaware of the fantasies of feet lovers.
  • Your feet are not much presentable.
  • The content you post is not worth investing money or time.
  • Lack of intimacy in your feet content.
  • Or, you probably have not yet subscribed to other ideal feet models on OnlyFans.

The blog post will introduce you to the best 15 OnlyFans content ideas. These ideas will help you cover most of your flaws in this business.

What kind of feet content should I post on OnlyFans?

Most of my buyers are men of age between 18 and 33.

I'd do a lot of foot-pet play sessions for $250 an hour with a two-hour minimum. During the sessions I'd collar and leash a client and walk him around, letting him worship my feet.

As stated by Goddess Valora, the famous foot fetish model. She also said most of them like to play the role of cash pigs. So, based on these facts, you need to project your mind towards making your feet look intimate.

So, be a submissive secret to your subscribers. You can also enjoy the perks of being a submissive feet model, discussed later in the blog.

In this age group, men usually like following kind of stuff in feet content.

Desirable feet pose for OnlyFans

  • Foot accessories
  • Use kinky props
  • Involve partners
  • Add intimacy

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15 Best OnlyFans Feet Content Ideas

1. Crossed leg position

Rest your one leg over another. The pose embraces your foot arch and makes feet fetishists go wow.

2. An upside-down pose

You can stand over your head and hands if you are a yoga freak. Or you can lay over your bed and lift your feet up, capturing from the front of your knee.

3. Legs open wide

Yeah, the pose is meant to show your feet, legs, and inner thighs. You can dress up in kinky underwear and pose for this position sitting at a corner of the bed.

4. Feet Bondage

Well, to feet fetishists, nothing can be sexier than tied feet. They feel like putting themselves in an alpha male role and messing up with tied-up feet.

5. Feet dipped in lubricating liquid

Something dirty has to be part of your fetish Feet content. You can use something edible as well; it gives another level of hormone rush.

6. Show your face in pictures

Your feet and face in a picture. This is something dang sexy from the feet lover's perspective.

Your sexy expressions add a boost to their sexual gratification.

7. Wear Stocking

Stocking and knee-high socks can make your legs and feet inviting. Some men also have a fetish for calves.

8. Feet pics in high heels

Pumps, wedges, and sandals with high heels can grab your feet more attention. Don't wear fancy heels,; they are too much to feel fetish for.

9. Tattooed feet

A Tattoo can raise the temperature for those who feel a fetish for it.

10. Feet on your partner's face

Though it's a part of feet sex, you can capture feet foreplay in pictures. Place your feet on your partner's face and rub your feet against his lips.

11. Feet worshiping

It's a video-based foot content idea. You will have to involve a partner for it. Feet worshiping include feet gagging, tickle play, foot sole licking, and toes sucking.

12. Feet pics in jewelry

Slave jewelry, anklets, and toe rings add more fetish touch to your feet pics.

13. Feet pics featuring foot massage

Give your partner a nice and slow massage using hot oil. Make sure you have the consent of your partner before you post your video on OnlyFans.

14. Exclusive content idea; Foot job

A foot job is as nice as a blow job. Use lubricating sol before you stroke his penis between your feet. Such videos can only be posted by premium OnlyFans users.

Exclusive content idea; Hypnotizing feet session

You can come dressed up and take off your heels and socks while posturing in front of a camera.

How can I make my feet presentable for feet lovers on OnlyFans?

Before you use all these ideas in your feet pics and videos, you have to make your feet presentable.

I have gathered some ways if you want your buyers to keep coming back to you.


Give your feet a nice pedicure and foot massage 3 to 4 times every week. If you are making enough money to afford a visit to a pedicurist, that's great.

However, you can also give a pedicure to your feet at home. You need crystal salt, liquid shampoo and some equipment for it. Or you can follow these steps. (source)

Follow healthy feet routine

Clean your feet in warm water. Wear thick socks to prevent them from drying out.

Add washing your feet with an antibacterial soap to your foot care routine. Also, change socks throughout the day.

Don't wear hard shoes

Cracks, Swelling, corns, and callus can make feet lover disinterested in your feet pics. Wear shoes of your size and avoid wearing flip-flops. Slippers/Flip Flops don't provide arch support. This can reduce the curved shape of your foot arch.

Moisturize your feet

Moisturize your feet every night before going to bed. After applying it, you can cover them with socks to lock moisture. It will leave a soft and glowing touch on your skin, making Feet lovers fall for it.

Use bold nail colors

Bold is mood-boosting, and I think this can result in arousal.

Name some famous feet porn models on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans feet models have been known worldwide for their unbelievable earnings. Many newcomers to this field have chosen a few experienced models as their inspiration. Initially, it's always money that attracts you to a certain way of earning. However, a jack of all trades has no room in this fetish industry.

To gain expertise, apart from your content, subscribing to these models can help you apprise with wants and needs of feet lovers.

  • Eva Lovia
  • Sexy Lena
  • Goddess Tall Tasha
  • Gilly Sweet Feet
  • Mistress Cindy Rays
  • Shae Peach
  • Caroline

How much can I make selling feet content on OnlyFans?

You can make anywhere between $200 to $1000 in a single month. However, it depends on your feet content, marketing, and the number of your sales.

Many foot fetish models such as Char Borley have made $20,000 per feet picture. Another woman Valora is making over six figures in a single year in this industry.

P.S; OnlyFans Feet Picture ideas: 15 Best OnlyFans Feet Content Ideas

There is no doubt you can make packs of dollars in this industry. However, many people took this field for granted initially but later realized it, as they turned it into a full-time job.

All this is achievable if you are good at contention. These best 15 feet content ideas will bring substantial growth to your OnlyFans page.

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