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OnlyFans Only For Fanatics?

by Ashlee Sannazzaro-Cameron 11 months ago in how to

OnlyFans, a site for TikTok's talentless, and Instagram's ill-favoured.

In an online sphere of Youtube vloggers, Instagram models, and TikTok sensations, fame and fortune seem so easily attainable. But alas it is not quite that easy. It would be a lie to say you haven't at least attempted to earn that "influencer" coin at any point in your lifetime. There, however, seems to be a key theme behind the success of online celebrities – you have to be 1. Idealistically attractive and 2. Quirky and bubbly enough to emit that charm of relatability. I will admit, have I tried my hand at becoming the next Charli D'amelio? Absolutely. And did my aspiring TikTok career take off where I could be earning even a fraction of what fifteen-year-olds these days make? Unfortunately and realistically, no. But, I do have an answer for my fellow average looking, and confidence lacking community. I introduce to you the world of OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a site where anyone can make some quick cash. Now I'm sure to all the debted, financially struggling university students reading this, that sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Essentially you can post your "service" to a private profile you create, and only those who pay a subscription fee to your page can access this "service". Understandably the site does margin profit off of your earning, snatching a fat 20%, but by comparison to other similar sites, OnlyFans actually intervenes the least. And the most fantastic part about OnlyFans? You don't have to be unrealistically beautiful or talented–unless you, of course, decide to go down that route. Now that sounds like a winning situation for the standard teenager, like me.

I first found out about OnlyFans through the social media site, Twitter. Dozens of Twitter users in my timeline were promoting their OnlyFans accounts. Intrigued by this and confined by the everlasting quarantine period, I took it upon myself to create an OnlyFans account for myself. But the only question was, what service was I going to offer to the masses of consumers, that was unique and exciting enough to steal their $20 monthly? At this point, I recruited the help of my flatmates. Eventually, we decided that this account was no longer going to be just me, but instead a joint business venture. After some brainstorming and intensive OnlyFans account inspiration searching online, we came up with the perfect game plan, propelling us one step closer to paying off those student loans.

Feet pics.

Feet pics, the answer to solving economic inequality. Feet pics specifically target those that are rich, those who are desperate enough to spend their oodles of riches for a beautiful, glossy pinky toe. Honestly, feet pics could probably solve the world's wealth distribution dilemma! But for now, it was the solution to mine and my flatmates' own wealth distribution dilemmas. But we weren't just going to publish any willy-nilly feet pics, no! Our feet pics are of a supreme quality, only the best for our $20 monthly subscribers! This OnlyFans account was no longer just a side hobby, to explore from time to time again. It had become the flat gang's side hustle, tasty riches to soon be in the palm of our hands...or should I say feet?

Besides the apparent drive for capital as the sole (haha get it?) purpose of our OnlyFans account, it also became a surprisingly fun flat bonding activity! What's more fun than you and your closest friends whipping out your naked feet and oiling them up for some creepy internet lurkers to do who knows what with them? Okay, we don't really like to think about what exactly is being done with our artistic photographs. Still, as long as they're paying customers, then I can't complain. So from my experience, I offer some wise advice to those wanting to start their own OnlyFans journeys.

Tip 1: Find something unique to offer...or give feet pics a try! No matter what "service" you decide to offer, make sure it is one that you are comfortable with. If you have an exceptional talent or skill, or just some pretty good looking feet, then I recommend putting that quality content out there!

Tip 2: Collaborate with your friends! Honestly, putting yourself out into the world is scary, especially if you're in this on your own. So grab your flatmate, your mum, your nana! (all with permission of course). The process becomes more enjoyable if you can share the limelight with someone else.

Tip 3: Get creative! Now you're probably reading this thinking, "what in the flipping heck is creative about feet pictures?" And I tell you dear Craccum reader, everything can be creative. Think of what unique quality you can bring to the site. My flatmates and I have so many ideas for set designs, costumes, makeup, you name it! So don't be afraid to express your weird and wonderful ideas on the platform!

So with that, I leave you with my genuine thoughts about the website OnlyFans. What I can say the most though is, don't be afraid to give it a go! Whether it's for money or not, it can be a lot of fun.

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Ashlee Sannazzaro-Cameron
Ashlee Sannazzaro-Cameron
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