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one night with taurus

by The Reflections Of 20 days ago in erotic · updated 19 days ago
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pleasure, always.

one night with taurus
Photo by Joyful on Unsplash

Rose petals.

Dispersed ever so sparingly, kissed the smooth maplewood floor under Rey’s sandals. It was a Sunday night south of the river, Canary Wharf to be exact, and she had just come in from an extended work trip that had spilled into the weekend.

She worked in one of the many high-rise buildings that bordered the edge of South Dock. Finance was well known for being a stressful field to work it, albeit extremely rewarding. When she spent the best part of her week thrust in the throng of deadlines, lunches with potential investors, colleagues who wanted to do nothing more than run up the expenses allowance with alcohol, Rey couldn’t be more grateful as she stepped over the threshold of her apartment.

Now for a week, annual leave was all hers.

Friday’s usually meant wash day for Rey, as a consistent deep conditioning regime had allowed her afro to grow unabashedly thick and voluminous. Regardless of the fact that it was 2022, Canary Wharf still housed working professionals who’s beliefs were still outdated. She still dealt with disapproving looks when she wore her hair out, giving it a rest from braids. She damn near wanted to whack Lisa from Admin who thought a seemingly innocent inquisition about her hair allowed a hand to dangerously veer close to Rey’s hair. She wasn’t fooling anybody and Rey nipped that in the bud swiftly.

As she saw the petals arranged in a way that beckoned deeper exploration, Rey smiled to herself. Her hair would have to wait. She’d texted Nico, her boyfriend, to let him know she was on her way home but she hadn’t had a reply on this occasion. He was a painter, and occasionally had late nights at the studio so Rey assumed she’d got in first.

Placing her bag and trench coat on their deceptively cosy couch snugly pressed up to the wall in their open-plan apartment, Rey allowed herself to be led deeper inside.

The apartment itself was beautiful. Not too heavily decorated, as Nico had a simple taste which complimented her minimal nature. So together, they focused on quality. A waffle-grey throw was draped invitingly on their slate-grey sofa. Peeking out from under them were several velvet cushions, oyster blue in colour, providing a perfect buffer for their backs as they curled up in the evenings to The Tudors.

On the other side of their open-plan apartment was a medium-sized kitchen area, furnished with warm LED’s under the cupboards. Not too big, not too small.

A good portion of their time together was spent there, Nico feeding her tiny morsels of pasta in creamy sauces, from his hand, delighting in the indulgent expressions of satiation that overtook her.

They’d made this into their dream place. With three years under their belt in this relationship, this was a milestone for them that really highlighted the solidity of their relationship.

The petals stopped at the foot of the bed in the bedroom that they shared. On it, lay six perfectly placed red roses at an angle, the vibrancy of the carmine petals standing out on the bedspread, ivory in colour. Rey’s heart swelled as she took in the sight, tears daring to form. This was a beautiful sight to come home to, and she deeply appreciated Nico’s efforts.

The satin surface of the bedsheets winkled under the pressure of a knee, grounding her as she carefully picked up the flowers. The scent of the fresh roses, no doubt organic, almost felt like a pick me up, reviving her out of her tired state. Inhaling deeply, she closed her eyes to better tune into the moment.

When she opened her eyes she was met with darkness. A silky blindfold had been slipped over her head. In a matter of seconds, a gentle knot was fastened at the back of her head.

“Welcome home.” Soft lips brushed the nape of her neck. Hands slowly moved up to rest gently on the nimble slope of her shoulders.

Darkness always felt a little disorienting to her. Deep into her teenage years, she’d sleep with a nightlight on. At night, her imagination became extremely overactive and her anxiety spiked. In her adult years this fear wasn’t as prominent, but it still remained.

Nico knew this. He was testing her boundaries, but with good intentions.

“Nico….” A protest was declared, foundation weak. “I just got in, I need to wash my hair…I mean, down there probably could do with some TLC…no I know it definitely needs some work…I just-”

A warm chest engulfed her back now, muscular arms locking over her ribcage tightly, ever so-slightly causing her breasts to rise. Rey couldn’t help but lean back. One reason why they stayed together so long was that his steady nature was a reassuring lighthouse in the turbulent sea of her emotions.

“Do you trust me?”

She was quiet for a moment. Rey knew what he was asking of her. She breathed out an inaudible sigh, slowly adjusting to the lack of light and the feel of the blindfold against her eyes “You know I do.”

“Good. Now let me welcome you home properly.”

Upon hearing those words, a tingle shot up her spine. She could get down with that. Nico backed away from her then, freeing her hands of the roses. Unsure of what to do now, she stood still and tried her best to utilise the other senses at her disposal.

Fragrance wafted through the air, from a carefully curated bouquet of honeysuckle, wild grasses and flowering oregano placed on the dresser. Most definitely from their local Farmers Market.

Rey had never been one who ventured to Farmers Market, but for their first date they’d spent the day exploring Columbia Road Flower Market on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Nico had watched her eyes light up as she took in all the vibrant colours and floral arrangements, delicately crafted and tied up with care. He appreciated a woman who appreciated the beauty that Mother Nature so freely gave to us.

The smooth sounds of Ginuwine filled the room. Rey could have melted into a pool on the floor. Seduction was on the menu tonight.

A gentle pressure at her ankle let her know he was back. An upward motion gently rolled up her linen trousers as he carefully unlocked the straps of her sandals. A tender kiss placed on the inside of her left ankle before he moved to the right.

The slow pace with which this evening was unfolding slightly amped up the anxious thoughts in her head, but she relied on her breath to bring her to the present moment. Before him sex usually took place in the scatty bedroom of her ex Peter, opened beer bottles arranged like candles across the floor and bedsheets that rarely got changed.

Meeting Nico changed her perspective on how sex could be. How it should be.

The scent of the skin sprinkled with fresh drops of sweat. Low moans in the hush of the night. The feeling of curves meeting hard planes. Fingernails digging into the skin. Falling over the edge, so you could do it all over again. It became a whole lot more.

Fully naked, Rey lay on the bed, waiting with bated breath. She couldn’t help but tent her knees together to shield her pussy somewhat. If she was honest, her insecurities were silly, hair on a female’s body was nothing to be ashamed of, but she couldn’t help but feel if she’d known, Rey could have shaped it a little. A tropical resort that looked a little more four stars, as opposed to two.

Standing at the foot of the bed, Nico scowled, firmly sliding a hand in between to drive them apart. “What are you doing?”

Slightly embarrassed, her hands flew up to tangle in her hair for comfort. “I just….I’m not as tidy down there…” She bit her lip to stop her going off on ramble, feelingly incredibly mortified.

“Hey.” His voice was closer now. “Don’t close yourself off to me. I don’t like it. You know how I feel about this. I couldn’t give it a shit if you never waxed again. I’m still going to eat you out like it’s my last damn meal.” A kiss, slightly forceful in its pressure to seal his declaration, was placed on her upturned lips.

Damn him, he always made her feel so confident in her femininity. Rey just needed to get used it. A silent thank you to the Heavens was spoken.

As she stretched up to deepen the kiss, a firm hand on the middle of her chest halted her. “Hold on.” She could hear his smile, slightly crooked, which only added to his Italian charm.

A warm tongue teased the fleshy part of her ear, before it was sucked infuriately slow. Rey couldn’t help but laugh, wrinkling her nose at the sensation. When he first did this, she felt incredibly embarrassed. Who knew that ears, when touched the right way, felt so damn good and encouraged spots within her body to fire up?

With Nico, the body was to be worshipped, in its full entirety. From her crown to her feet, he paid it due attention.

Releasing her ear, Nico’s nose traced a line down to where her neck met her shoulders and he breathed in deeply. The earthy scent of patchouli pleased him immensely. He placed a wet kiss there, working the smooth column of her skin.

Who ever said foreplay was dead was lying. Rey curled her toes like a cat arousing from a slumber, happily open to receive the adoration Nico was showering down on her. Her hand came up to gently massage the smooth locks of hair. His ancestry was of Italian descent, hers of a Caribbean nature, thick hair was something they shared.

A low growl rumbled from his chest as she raked her nails along his scalp. Still lavishing kisses on her neck, he moved one hand to her chest that was rapidly rising and falling. One thing Rey loved about Nico was took care of himself. The feel of his hands was such a stark contrast to the feel of Peter’s calloused hands. Her left breast yielded under his palm as he massaged the tissue in gentle motions, first one way then the other.

Her nipples puckered under his pressure. The tautness demanding touch right this minute. His hand wasn’t enough. She wanted him to take her in his mouth. Give her some relief.

Leaving the seductive curve of her neck, Nico rose up to lean back onto his haunches as he surveyed the absolute goddess of a woman before him. Rey’s hair cushioned her head, a jet black fan on the pillows, giving her an air of regalness.

He wasn’t one of those guys who said they didn’t see colour, because if he did, he’d be lying and Nico was a man of his word. He saw colour, but it didn’t extend past an observation.

She’d taught him about her culture, and he his, and together they just worked. A part of him thought a big reason he won her over was his ability to handle spice.

Life was for living?

No, life was for experiencing.

Nico felt blessed to have Rey enter his life.

Feeling nostalgic, his mind wandered back to their first date where she had little knowledge of the wide variety of flowers accessible in the world. Nico took this as an opportunity to get closer to her, purposefully holding bouquets of flowers near to him so she’d have to lean it to smell the different scents. Close up like this, she looked even more stunning. He was privy to the intricate shiny coils that made up her hair, neatly tied back into a fluffy puff for the date. He didn’t hide his blatant staring at all. He saw the diversity between them, her mocha skin to his warm olive, and almost loved her a little bit more for it.

“Nico…” A restless hand reached out. Legs parted showed signs of dampness. Breath a little raggedy.

“Sorry. Got lost in taking in your beauty.” He had half a mind to paint her body. 54 x 36. Walnut oil mixed with rich Old Holland paints. But the thought of friends and family who visited them occasionally put a pipe in the works. He would just have to have her naked more often, for creative purposes of course.

Focusing on her nipples, Nico licked his lips before he leaned in to taste. Devious eyes watched her as he blew gently on that puckered bud. A moan spilled from her lips. Ever so delicately he used the tip of his tongue to trace the perimeter, and was rewarded with a strong undulation of the body.

Nico started to suck gently. Slow, drugging pulls. He closed his eyes in reverence. Testing her limits when he invited her to dance that thin line between pain and pleasure as he rolled a nipple between his teeth. Tightening his hold, an infinitesimal amount, he held it for a heartbeat or two until the vibrato of purrs raised in throatiness, only to fully capture it and suck hard.

Rey half-moaned, half-smiled. The guys that she had been with often overlooked how many nerves were in the breasts but again, Nico knew all the right places to get her off. Moving to the next breast, one hand slid between her legs, caressing the smooth skin of her legs, her hips, the curve of her ass, but infuriately ignoring her centre.

Releasing her breasts, he rained kisses over the expanse of her stomach. Caught a laugh when using his tongue he traced the the dip of her navel.

His mouth watered as he took in the sight of her pussy. Nico shook his head as he remembered Rey’s earlier objection. He was a real man. He couldn’t give a shit. A little hair or hell, even a full bush wasn’t going to derail his MO. Nico liked his woman as she came. But he might pull on her curls if she ever needed a reminder.

Rey squirmed on the bed. She could tell now that Nico had gotten between her legs and it took a lot of willpower for her not to call the whole thing off. OK, not a lot. He had introduced an air of mystery to the night, and she was excited to see where it would take them.

She tried to focus on relaxing, taking in the moment. A firm advance by a determined tongue didn’t allow her to rest for too long. At first contact, she couldn’t help but clench her hands as her body jerked slightly.

Nico flattened his tongue against the pillowy lips of her pussy. Staking his claim over her, he dragged the smooth pad all the way up to where her most sensitive bundle of nerves rested, and then all the way down to her entrance, where her desire oozed out.

Starved, because he hadn’t seen her in a week, he lapped up the moisture spilling freely, darting his tongue in her core for encouragement. Like honey. She tasted like honey. Feeling invigorated with the frequency of which her mewls were coming now, his hands spread her legs wider. Increasing her ability to feel what wickedness he doing. Increasing his ability to carry out said wickedness.

With every stroke delivered, Rey’s eyes seemed to roll further back into her head. When he teased the ring of her entrance with his pointer finger she had to stop herself from impaling him right there and then.

“Nico.” She could barely get the words out. It was hard for her to function under this ordeal that was going on unbearably long. Nico would work her up to a frenzy, where within seconds she would teeter on the edge, only to be denied that fall as the pressure of his tongue became barely there. He would plunge his fingers in deep, curving the tips and then pull out.

Rey was on fire. “Tonight would be ideal.”

Chuckling to himself, he stopped to place a kiss on her inner leg. Grazed his teeth over the soft flesh. “It feels better when you draw it out.”

“But it feels good now!” She pleaded, her head thrashing from side to side in frustration.

“I can make you feel better.” The promise hung lush in the air.

Annoyance flared up within her. Was he really asking her to wait? “I’ll just get my vibrator then.”

Nico paused.

“No problem, when I’m done. Now tell me, does this help speed things up?” Two fingers sunk into her entrance and a thumb circled firmly on her clit. Rey yelped and greedily start to roll her hips. Intense licks of longing danced along her spine. “Or how about this?” Nico’s fingers started to move faster now.

“Fuuuuck!” Nico had captured her clit between his sinful lips and began to tug at hard with his teeth. Breathing in the scent of her skin, he closed her eyes as he felt her body become putty in her hands. She began to moan in earnest now, hands trying to grip onto the bed cover to anchor her against the impending descent into euphoria. “Oh God, oh God. This feel so good, I’m-”

She was doing too much talking for his liking so he got to work. Fingers started to piston out of her with speed now, the wetness of her pussy giving him all the liberty to do so. Locating her g-spot, he curved his fingers. A spurt of cream rewarded him for his efforts. Not wanting a single drop to go to waste, his tongue was there, lapping up her juices before he returned to tease her nub. Wanting her to fall apart under him, he suckled hard now, pressing forcefully on her g-spot.

Rey came instantly. Loudly, too. Even though she still had the blindfold on, she could have sworn she saw stars. Or at least, she was riding clouds.

Removing his fingers, he sucked the juices off. The best part.

Leaning over her now, he moved to rest on his forearms above her, settling snuggly against the warmth of her body as he watched her return back to the room. “So this vibrator.”

Rey didn’t answer but puckered her lips for a kiss. She didn’t want to give that away just yet, not if this gave Nico a little nudge to get a move on in the bedroom at opportune moments.

He didn’t press her. Well not in that way. His dick was an imminent reminder between them, a reminder that something else needed attention.

Gently pushing the blindfold off her face, he gazed into her eyes. Slightly damp with tears because of a sensational orgasm, he kissed her slowly. Tried to convey his love for her. Invited her tongue to play with his.

Still not satisfied, Rey reached between them to cup him and gave a warning squeeze. Breaking the kiss, she was met with light eyes and a knowing smile. Nico rose up, repositioning himself over her.

“Rey?” Her eyelashes fluttered.

“That vibrator you were talking about……I threw that out in last week’s trash.” Capturing her mouth with his to silence the onslaught of verbal abuse directed his way, Nico made sure to move in such a way a vibrator would be the last thing on her mind.



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