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one night with scorpio

by The Reflections Of 12 days ago in erotic · updated 3 days ago
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when the past comes knocking...

one night with scorpio
Photo by Dovi on Unsplash

“So uh….come here often?” An extremely over-used question further added volume to the waves of anxiety emanating off the man in front of her. No sooner had he asked did his attention get wholly consumed by the bubbles in his Guinness.

When his foot knocked against Pippa’s ankle, she smiled through the sharp pain. Rushing to get ready for tonight, she’d nicked the side of her ankle with her razor. Nothing major, the bleeding didn't last for long. But the uncomfortable burn did as the only shoes that went with this dress were heels with an ankle strap that rested ever so perfectly on top. Out of practice already when it came to wearing heels, she had entered the pub slightly on edge as she wondered if people clocked her walk.

Mouthing sorry, a weak smile was offered. He’d voiced his apologies a few times prior in the evening. 

“Don’t worry. No, it’s my first time coming to something like this, but I have eaten here and had their roast a few times. Heavenly. How about you, Lee?”

“It’s my first time too. Me mum’s been pressuring me to go for a while now. Tells me it’s about time I settle down. Told me I ain’t allowed back in the house if I don’t get with someone tonight! Uhhh…hahaha…you know what mothers are like, eh?” 

Slowly, Pippa nodded. But it wasn’t in agreement. It was more so to a realisation that things didn’t look promising this evening.

On the last Friday of the month, Miners Arms hosted Single’s Night. People were ushered into a main hall upstairs where extra tables were given a quick once-over, squeaky chairs placed accordingly and a fake rose placed in a pint glass encouraged romance. Drinks were were discounted and each table had nibbles. Dry and on the house. 

The owner of the pub had kicked off the night, already on one with the microphone almost as big as her as she teetered around the stage. A petite woman, her white hair and the rhinestones on her blazer reflected the artificial lights.

“Alright, you lovely lot, here at Miners Arms we’re all about the lovin’ alright? Lads, attention above board! Anyone I see with eyes below the neck will be be getting an eyeful of lemon! I don’t want none of that. Pull your finger out ya arse and be respectful charming men this evening. Don’t tell the lady what she wants to hear, give it some oomph and mean it!”

In the throng of the crowd, someone yelled “Maureen you’re still an absolute stunna! I would!”

A crowd of boys guffawed with one another as they fist-pumped each other. Everyone laughed as Maureen took a moment to smile to herself, preening her bouffant backcomb and smacking her outrageously pink lips together. Eyes glittering, she gestured for them to settle down.

“Girls, tonight is your night. You just sit back and look beautiful, alright? But listen, don’t fall for just sweet talk alright? I’m seeing some of you lot faces more often that I see me own family and that’s not right.” Someone scoffed loudly. “Georgia, I didn’t say you so you can stop giving it all that.”

Maureen turned back to the audience and shrugged her small shoulders. “Enjoy yourself, will you? Let your hair down! Be open to who you meet tonight. A clean slate. Also, for you lot who get too pissed and can’t see stars from stripes my man Tom will be downstairs to handle cabs. Have fun, kids!”

Pippa was brought back to the present moment as a square card was waved in front of her. “Oh shoot, I’m sorry. Did I miss something?”

“Yeah. What’s in front of you but can’t always be seen?” Lee looked down quickly to make sure he asked it properly.

Before she get could get a chance to answer, a loud argument arose from the staircase. She couldn’t make out what was being said but it sounded heated. The two men’s faces were red, a mixture of drinking and testosterone. From the other side of the hall, a man yelled as his lady stormed off, face like thunder. Infuriated, he mopped at his shirt with a napkin. 

When the chaos had died down a little she turned to face Lee. Really, she wished for the bell to be rung so that the pair of them could find someone a bit more compatible. Yeah, the pub provided conversation cues but she didn’t want to find someone using that. She wanted it to be more authentic. A connection where it felt like they’d known each other for years. Something instant. Something organic. 

“What a riddle….wow….um well, I would have to say….” Mid-sentence she stopped and took a deep inhale. “Are you wearing Old Spice?” She didn’t know why she even bothered asking.

“Old Spice? Dunno, me mum got me this. Let me ring her and check for you…..”

Pippa winced, but she was saved by the bell. Standing up, Lee kissed her cheek and held on to her elbows for a count more than she what she wanted to endure.

When the next person took his place, she just knew who would be sitting there.

And there he was. In all his glory. 

Donning his trademark outfit of all black. On top he had a black denim jacket, the fluffy borg encasing his neck. Underneath it a simple black t-shirt, silver skulls adorning a chest pocket. She didn’t have to look to know that he was wearing black jeans with rips at the knee and silver tipped boots. 

She knew because she’d helped him pick out everything he was wearing. 

A wool fedora was slightly titled to one side. It cast a slight shadow across his brow but didn’t dull the piercing green of his eyes focused on her. One hand toyed with a toothpick in his mouth. Lower lip slightly bigger than the top, she could almost feel the softness.

Pippa felt a barrage of a million and one emotions hit her.

Excitement. Apprehension. Anger. Curiosity. Sadness. Amazement. Arousal. 


“Hey, hey.” He leaned forward but he didn’t touch her. “It’s OK, I’m here.”

As the smell of his aftershave got stronger, she closed her eyes.


Surprise trip after work. thirtieth arrondissement of Paris. He’d teased her, saying she couldn’t handle her spice. She’d shot back saying spice was in her blood. Heat is a common thread in a lot of Caribbean dishes. He didn’t have much to say when the waiter cleared their empty bowls. 

So he’d showed her what was running through his blood. 

The apartment he had booked for them was ten floors up, complete with a gorgeous balcony, adorned with a little checkered table for two.

That evening her hands held on to the railings for dear life as he took her from behind, dress hiked up around her hips. She screamed her release into a flowerbed of petunias. Young people below them sung and danced along the streets, oblivious.

Nostalgia turned into anger as a memory from the more recent past played.


They’d gone up for a wedding for a long-time work friend of hers. Her ex, Melvin, who shared the same social circles as her was also there. There was no hard feelings between them as they’d both come to an amicable split. Things were cool.

Pete was well aware of this but his actions showed otherwise. Melvin had asked Pippa for a dance, and before she had a chance to politely decline, Pete had rushed onto the scene hot and heavy, and yanked her away from him. 

Both men had been drinking. A fight had occurred, Children had run to their parents for cover. Wedding goers looked on in shock and murmured commentary between themselves. In the end, the groom along with a few other men had to break the two apart. 

At the time, Rebecca had seemed to accept Pippa’s profuse apologies but it became clear that this was a sore spot in their friendship. She tried to reason with Pete in the taxi to the hotel but conversation came to a complete halt when he punched the window in simmering anger.

So she’d tried again. Over brunch. A neutral time. He wasn’t having it. Wouldn’t even entertain talking about it. Took a bite of toast and then took his coffee back up to his room.

He had it black this time.

The elephant in the room became something she couldn’t ignore anymore and their relationship dissolved. A part of her dissolved, too.

“I’m not doing this with you right now.” How dare he turn up here? She got up to leave but when he said her name she stopped. Her heart melted a little as her ears picked up that familiar voice. A voice that meant home.

As she repositioned herself in her chair she gave him a icy look. Quickly, he pulled back, fixing his clothes as he cleared his throat.

“I missed you.” She raised her eyebrows. “I’m sorry. I was a dick. I’m sorry for Birmingham. I’d been drinking too much. When I saw that guy approach you I just flipped. ”

“You made such a scene!” Pippa hissed at him. She couldn't help but emotionally react to him, even though she wanted to remain stoic. “It took Melvin months to get better. He had to go hospital for his jaw. He's just now looking back to normal.”

Pete looked down, running his finger around the rim of his glass. “Are you guys in touch?”

“No, we’re not." Bristled, she crossed her arms over her chest. "Don’t give me that look. If he wishes my Mum happy birthday I’m not going to ignore him.” 

“But you ignored me.” Their eyes locked. He was right. She did ignore him. The voicemails. The texts. The calls. 

She tried to forget about him. Because she knew that for that one second she responded to him she’d be caught again, hook, line and sinker. 

And for the longest time, she didn’t mind that at all.

The bell sounded. “On to the next ladies and gentleman. Let’s keep it moving!”

Chairs dragged across the hard floor as people said their goodbyes. A man approached their table, looking friendly as he beamed at Pippa.

Seeing the chair occupied, he politely said, “Hey man, I think it’s time for you to move on.”

Pete didn’t even look at him, intensely staring at Pippa. “I’m not done.”

She knew that look. A string of curses filtered through her mental chatter. The guy started to say something else but when Pete swivelled around in his chair, he soon found someone else to introduce himself.

“Pippa, I’m sorry. I regret losing you. I want to make this right. Can we get out of here?” Gingerly he picked up a conversation starter. “Unless you would like to discuss whether or not pineapple goes on pizza.”

For the first time this evening she smiled. A real smile. 


“How’s the food?”

“Pasta’s a bit cold. But it’s edible.”

“Talking of cold, are you getting cold feet? You’ve been looking a bit down in the dumps from the moment we entered this restaurant.” 

“I don’t have cold feet. You must do.” He gestured to their surroundings. “Friday night. Packed.” His eyes narrowed as he clocked her shifting what leg she had crossed. “Are you scared?”

“Yes, but not of you.” His jaw softened. “Of this.”

Like a knight in shining armour, he’d trampled all over her shot of putting herself out there and inserted himself in, front and centre. It was all too coincidental that he showed up tonight, at her local pub, wearing an outfit he knew she approved of, smelling delicious. 

If was planning to win her back, he had come well prepared.

Pippa’s guard was still up. It had been a year since they last spoke. But the feelings were still there. She wanted to spend some time with him, but in public. Where hopefully the chances of her being underneath him were slim. Too quickly and smoothly could they pick up where they left off.

“What do you mean?” Pete set down his cutlery.

“You know what I mean.”

“I beg to differ.” 


“Pippa.” It came out as a purr. Definitely not a tone appropriate for anyone else to hear. He wasn’t playing fair, using his bedroom voice on her.

“Don’t make me say it.”

A lazy smile. “I’m not making you say anything. I just need more…..clarification. A direct answer, if you will.”

“We both know that if I came home with you’d be making…me scream.” She bit out, eyes blazing. He matched her fire. Watched her with blatant approval and desire.

Embarrassed that her guard was slowly slipping, she focused on the intricate design of the tablecloth. Pete started to laugh. The waiter stood by the table awkwardly. As usual, Pete had an uncanny ability to bring out the truth in her. “More wine?”

He answered for the pair of them and ordered a cheesecake. Absolutely mortified, she watched the waistcoat clad man walk away. When the New York Cheesecake was placed on the table she got her spoon ready but it was swatted away.

“Take off your panties.”

She blinked twice, not believing she’d heard correctly what came out of his mouth. Pippa was quiet for a moment, giving him a chance to add some clarity.

He didn’t. 

“Look at where we are Pete.”

“I’d rather look at you.” Forcing her hand, he rested his hand on the table, palm open. “I’m waiting. And we’re attracting attention. People are starting to look now. They’re wondering what we’re doing. What you’re going to give me. At this rate it doesn’t matter what colour they are, you’ve piqued people’s curiosity-“ He was just able to make out a deep red fabric between the space of Pippa’s fingers as her nails dug into the flesh of his palm.

“I’ve always loved you in red.” He commented as he tucked them into his jacket pocket for safekeeping.

Although the stiffness of her back upright screamed totally not impressed she’d be lying to herself if that risky action didn’t give her goosebumps, in the best way. Tonight’s underwear of choice was on the more demure side with a wispy fabric.

Subtly, she flickered her eyes around the room as her legs pressed together as a barrier to the feel of the cold air.

Pippa tilted her chin upwards. “When do I get a piece?”

“You don’t.” He took another spoonful under her glare. “Kinda sucks right? I know its your favourite. I can see why. I haven’t eaten cheesecake for a while. I’ve missed it. Do you know what else I’ve missed?” His tongue wet his bottom lip. “Tasting you.” 

Pippa shuddered as that lowered octave reverberated within her. “I’ve missed my face between your legs. Feeling you shake. You get so hot against my skin it almost burns. And by some miracle, you taste even sweeter when you’ve come a few times.” She went to take a sip of wine but her hand trembled so much she resigned to imprinting her palm on the table.

Scooping up the last portion, Pete tilted his head. “Do you remember Bali?”

How could she forget?

Days were spent working up a sweat exploring the mountains and enjoying water sports. Night time would be a time of reprieve she thought, but Pete didn’t let up on the endorphin releasing activities.

Her legs were slightly sore that day so a massage was offered. But not the kind she’d envisioned. Pain relief was a plenty that night.

He licked her till she was breathless. Fingered her until her legs trembled. Nibbled her clit until she begged him to stop. 

Then they took a shower. On his knees he brought her to her second climax of the night using just the shower head. Under the intense pressure, she fell into him when she orgasmed.

Then he fucked her. 

Not all that used to being in the thick of so much nature, she was a little restless with the background noise. That evening Pippa appreciated it more than ever. Her cries in the night joined the raucous sounds embedded in the plush greenery around their private villa. 

“I thought the fruit over there tasted good but you were something else. When you’re about to come you make this little sound, in the back of your throat and each time my dick perks to attention like you’re calling the morning register. Every fucking time.”


“Each time I’m inside you, you think you can’t take any more but you do, don’t you? You take me. All of me, baby. Getting inside of you, as deep as I want, takes a bit of give and take doesn’t it? On both our parts. But it’s a perfect fit. Has your pussy missed me? I wonder-”

Silverware clinked as Pippa brought her other palm to the table. She didn’t care if people were looking now. “What are you playing at Pete? You have me walking down memory lane. You’re making me…..”

“….feel all these feelings you’ve tried to bury.” Her eyes started to sting a little. “I know. I want you to feel them. They never left. Neither of us have forgot. We haven’t wanted to. Because all I’ve had to rely on these last few years have been memories of you. I’ve ached for you. Jacking off just isn’t cutting it. No one else is cutting it. I want you back Pippa.”

Her nose wrinkled. “Have you been seeing anyone else?”

“No, I haven’t. I’ve been miserable as shit. Look at me. Trying to get your attention. Trying to win you back. And you’re out here, trying to forget me.”

“Look how that’s turned out.” She thought out loud.

The two of them together were chaotic. He was used to having his way but she gave him pushback. Sex was incredible between them. Nobody else did it like him. Chemistry they shared was something that she wasn’t too sure she could find at Miners Arms on a Friday night. 

She’d had a taste of Pete. She didn’t want anything else. 

“I’m glad you tried. I can’t.” He held her gaze, eyes looking solemn. It was then that she noticed the slight hollowness of his cheeks. The darkness under his eyes. His skin even looked a bit paler. He’d taken off his hat when they entered and his hair had grown out."I want you back Pippa.”

Blinking rapidly, she looked at him across the table. Her hand itched to hold his. There really was one right answer. Something that made sense for the pair of them.

“How was dessert?” The waiter was back.

Pete swore under his breath. Pippa laughed and sent the flushed man an apologetic look. 



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