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one night with sagittarius.

by The Reflections Of 5 days ago in erotic · updated a day ago

trying to make it happen in a tent.

one night with sagittarius.
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The wet squelch of mud underneath their boots was the furthest thing from their mind as they navigated through an oncoming throng of people heading further into the forest. They were at Amber Lights, where up and coming artists took to the stage over a three-day period to promote their talents. The backdrop of looming oak trees and glowing lights interspersed between branches further added a layer of intimacy to velvety notes of Neo Soul crooning from the heart of this greenery.

Definitely up their street, but Eve and Will had more pressing matters to attend to.

It was their first weekend away - albeit with a couple of their friends in tow - and the lust between them was almost synonymous to that of newlyweds during the honeymoon period.

At first though, they didn’t get on.

Eve thought Will a walking train wreck; he’d spilt a drink on her and lacking finesse tried to wipe her top with an already dirty handkerchief stuffed into his back pocket. She’d avoided him like the plague for the rest of the night until she saw him in a couple weeks later in the daytime. 

Cheerfully, he pointed out that her backpack was hanging open. He’d wormed his way into a booth with her over coffee and she became reluctantly taken in by his blunt, not meaning to be offensive humour, and happy-go-attitude to life. He was the kind of guy who it was difficult to feel mad at for an extended amount of time.

With his wicked humour, he wasn’t too bad on the eyes either. Tall, with a little bit of a belly, his green eyes twinkled down at her. Will took a trés relaxed approach to his hair and let the curls grow out until he became long enough to squeeze into a little man bun at the nape of his neck. When he debuted his new look to her, she laughed but he shrugged her off, demanding she accept him as he was, in his pea-sized man bun and scuffed boots. 

So she did.

His hair grew in length and now rested on his shoulders, causing him to look super sexy in the mornings.

Fast forward a couple of months, and it was the two of them, thrust into an environment of raging hormones, dubious-looking powders and more variations of beer than you could count on two hands. Drinking didn’t start at one, because technically it never finished.

Trying to hold on to Will’s hand was difficult to do as he charged ahead, a man on a mission. Gingerly, Eve tried to hop, skip and jump her way over a multitude of glass, plastic and the odd banana peel. Girl Guides did come in handy after all.

Anticipation formed goosebumps on her skin as she thought of how this evening would end up. Deliberately she had worn a tight-fitting top with a sheer panel running down the front. Her second best asset according to Will; her legs the first. 

From the minute he saw her dressed in this, it was on. And with thirty minutes until the next performance, now was an opportune moment.

Suddenly, Eve felt her face connect with cotton fabric stretched across Will’s shoulder. He smelt good, slightly musky but the scent of his cologne was still there. Confused, she looked up to see he was smiling.

“…, hey…..”

“I’m happy you’re here.” That took her a little off guard. She rarely saw a sensitive side to Will. It was still early days but the way he declared that little sentiment melted her a little inside. His usually joking eyes were shining a different kind of light, a more warmer, sincere glow.

She too was smiling now. Feeling a little light-headed because of the rawness of the moment and the killer cider she’d downed, she kissed him.

It was meant to be an innocent kiss.

But when they met in the middle, the heady combination of being in close proximity to him had her tumbling down a well-known trail. Locking her arms around his neck, she kissed him hard, bruising her lips against his. She might have knocked his teeth a couple of times in her haste but he didn’t complain.

The power was tipped in her favour for just a moment before he took control, dipping his tongue into her mouth, the seductive back and forth movement adding to the desire between them. Sliding his tongue over hers, he caressed her with a deftness that had her panting as she tasted sweet alcohol and faint tobacco.

The brazenness of kissing this way filled her with an inner confidence to press herself more firmly into his chest, relishing on the slight friction his plaid shirt afforded her. When heat at the small of her back encouraged her to lean into his hardness, growing more and more persistent in thickness and stature, Eve could feel her insides start to liquify. 

“Get in!” A boisterous voice cheered them on. Eve jerked out of Will's arms, eyes snapping open.

The moment was shattered. 

In the crowd of people running around them, it was hard to make out who had said that but it didn’t take away the fact that they weren’t in private. They locked eyes with each other, silent at first before they both started laughing.

In moments of awkwardness the best thing you can do is laugh, he had told her one time. Pulling her to him once more, he placed a kiss on the crown on her head, breathing in the scent of tea tree oil as they carried on in the direction of their tent.


“Did you leave the lamp on?” Will shook his head. Together they stood outside, perplexed to see a light emanating from within.

Clutching her hands together at her chest, she watched with bated breath as he slowly pulled back the key to the entrance. Dipping his head in for all of two seconds, he quickly zipped it back up.

Grinning, he told her what he discovered. “Beatrice. Josh. Playing Twister. I don’t think there’s room for either of us to get involved.”

Eve groaned, closing her eyes in frustration. Beatrice was her best friend. Josh, Beatrice’s ex. An age-old story. A really volatile relationship. On and off and off and on. She’d hear all about it in the morning, no doubt. 

“M’lady.” He opened the entrance to a nearby tent with an over-the top flourish of of his hand. “After you.” 

Chuckling, she approached him. Perhaps Beatrice had ended up in her tent because she’d confused the close proximity between hers and Eve’s one. With the way she was feeling right now, it was a totally forgivable mistake.

After shucking off her muddy boots, she climbed in, Will following suit and closing up the hole behind them.

She had just managed to situate herself in a comfortable position when Will reached for her.

The force of his kiss had her retreating down, as he moved on top of her. They stayed like this for moment, building back up the heat between them as best they could in their cramped surroundings. Youthful desire apparent in the way they breathed into each other, hands caressing sweaty skin.

It seemed like the more closer they got to actually having sex, the confines of their surroundings made itself more present. Eve shivered when the weight of her shoulder pressed into a tube of lotion that squirted out cold moisture onto her skin.

Will cursed when a foot kicked a stainless steel water bottle. Both on the tall side, at times they had to stop and rearrange their position before they carried on. Trying to get off her top was a nightmare for him as it got stuck over her head, the low makeshift ceiling no help at all.

Eve pulled back. “Maybe we’re being a bit too ambitions. Thinking we can do this in a tent.”

“No clue what you’re talking about.” Will replied, his mind racing to see how he could work around this. “Here’s what we’re going to do…..”

Grabbing her wrists, he pulled her into a sitting position as he crouched at one end of the tent. With her breasts right in his eye view he gave them a little suck. When her fingers found his dick and squeezed hard, he released her and scooted around to lie down.

Hands behind his head, in a posture that screamed not a care in the world, he beamed at her. “Come to Daddy.”

“You’re so gross,” she remarked, tossing an empty plastic bottle at his head. This wasn’t the first time he’d tried to implement names when they were having sex. She wasn’t all that into it. But she was into the way he was looking right now.

Stripped bare, the dimness of the small lamp in the corner cast a soft glow on his body. His impressive pecs looked huge as he relaxed on his back. Casting her gaze down, her breath caught as she looked as his dick that grew more and more under her gaze.


“I want you to sit on my face while you suck me off.”

A new move. One they hadn’t tried before. She felt warmth streak across her cheeks and down her neck.

Not for the faint hearted.

There would be nowhere to run. She’d have to take all that he was giving to her whilst trying to return the favour.

Sensing her deliberation, he reached to cup her chin, bringing her mouth to his. He kissed her slowly, letting her set the pace until their mouths became sloppier, heads turning from one way to the other. 

Moments later, she was on her hands and knees whilst he lay between her legs. Nothing had happened yet but she could feel Wills breath warm her already sensitised cleft.

When he wet her pussy with his tongue she could have fallen to the ground. He advanced on her with intent, not overly forceful but staking his claim over her. Will licked her from her small nub all the way down to her damp entrance. Her legs began to shake as he tasted her from behind, the position giving him the best position to stroke his tongue in and out of her entrance. With his skilled mouth and the added weight of his hands spreading her open, she felt unsteady.

Reminding herself that it takes two to tango, she raised her head to take in his dick that was slightly bobbing from side to side. Wetting her lips, slowly she took him in her mouth.

To her surprise and delight, he tasted clean despite their surroundings. Earthy but clean. That was on her biggest worries, having sex at a festival because she didn’t know how clean they would stay. 

As she hit the base of his dick, he would push up into her mouth, forcing her to take more as his balls tightened beneath her hands. Whilst he thrust upwards, his fingers delicately fluttered over her clit, using the wetness from her pussy to lubricate his circular motions. Moaning, the vibrations from her throat caused his length to thicken, filling her mouth as she did her best to take him balls deep. 

With one hand massaging his balls, Eve brought the other hand to curve around, fingers just connecting as she pumped his thickness. As she flicked her tongue over the tip to lap up pre-cum, he groaned nto her skin as his fingers entered her again.

All Eve wanted to do was collapse onto his face and ride this one out.

“Wait.” She barely recognised that he had stopped. She had really got into the flow of things. “I want to be inside of you when you cum.”

“Hurry! I’m nearly there.”

Quick as he could, Will manoeuvred her supple body so that she was laying face down, ass up. Palming her behind, he positioned himself between her legs. When she wiggled impatience, he got the message.

Swiftly inhaling, he held his dick in one hand as he exerted pressure on her opening. He’d just about got the head inside when Eve abruptly raised her head. “Condom! We need a condom!”

Will groaned from behind her. She was right. But she also felt so damn good. He knew it was wrong, but he really didn’t want to leave.

“Can I pull out?”

“Can you…..Will…our tent is right there! Come on!” She would have aimed a hairbrush at his head but faster than lightning, possibly veering on public indecency with the dark of the night a great sidekick, he had jumped out of the tent.

Fingers crossed, Beatrice and Josh had found a winner.


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