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one night with leo

by The Reflections Of 15 days ago in erotic · updated 9 days ago
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you can’t turn off your shine.

one night with leo
Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

The cork flew into the air, and within seconds, white fizz filled the empty space, bubbling up to the top with such a fierceness, it spilled down the man’s hand, partly soaking his arm too.

Monica was totally enthralled by the whole theatric. Not complaining at all about the gorgeous male waiters, she gleefully shrieked and clapped her hands. Gwen, to the other side of Hazel laughed, and gave her knee a squeeze.

The waiter leaned down, all charm and expensive cologne, to tip the bottle in her direction. “For the birthday girl.”

Hazel was slightly embarrassed by the whole show but still appreciative of her friend’s efforts to secure a table in one of the most exclusive bars in the city on a Saturday evening. Thanking him, she offered her glass.

When all of their glasses were full, Hazel turned to her girls, eyes shining. “Thank you, so much, for an amazing day. I feel so blessed to have spent today with you girls. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

She could have broke into a whole speech, with water works and everything, but she didn’t want to mess up the makeup Gwen had so masterfully done for her.

“Oh, Hazel! We are so blessed to have met you! Here’s to more life. More sex for Monica,” Gwen teased, laughing at Monica’s incredulous facial expression. “And more blessings, happy birthday, babe.”

“Here’s to Dirty Thirty!” Monica piped up. She just had to get that in there, bless her. Hazel wasn’t mad at all.


It still sounded weird on her lips and even more foreign for her head to get around, but she didn’t let that show in front of her girls. Hazel fully wanted to let her hair down.

Both Monica and Gwen had come together to keep her booked, beautiful and busy. It had started off with a boozy brunch; bottomless pink champagne and an enticing array of sweet pastries and even sweeter rum punch.

After a copious amount of alcohol was drunk, they’d gone back to Gwen’s, where they spent the rest of the afternoon pigging out on the sofa. The latest celebrity reality TV show played, with Monika excitedly providing commentary.

When the evening rolled around, it was on. With Monika in charge of the AUX and Gwen laying down those baby hairs, all Hazel could do was relax. After, they’d all hopped into an Uber and enjoyed a gorgeous three course meal in the heart of the city. Seventy floors up gave them a breath-taking panoramic view to enjoy table side.

The sweet taste of champagne gave her a slight reprieve from the warm buzz drinking pretty much all day had bestowed on her. Wanting to cool down a bit more though, she told the girls she was going to the ladies room.

The bathroom was empty but a toilet in the far corner gurgling signified somebody had recently used the facilities. Propping her handbag on the side of the sink, Hazel pulled out her phone, managing not to drop it despite her basic motion skills a little compromised.

The screen showed several notifications. Some from Facebook, some were text messages and a few missed calls, all wishing her a great day. Smiling fondly, she made a mental reminder to thank them all tomorrow.

“Wish you were here.” 

“Me too. Let me know when you’re done and I’ll pick you up.” His reply came back quick.

“Oh, you don’t have too. I was going to catch an Uber with Gwen.”

“But I want to spend my evening with the Birthday Girl.” 

Cheeks glowed as she beamed down at the capitalisation. Being with him would be a perfect end to her day. Hazel couldn’t ask for anything more.


She knew immediately when he arrived because the hairs on the back of her neck stood up all of a sudden.

Dressed in all black, he was by the entrance. Shirt cuffs were rolled up to his forearms, the first two top buttons undone. Jeans and boots. It was very understated. He wasn’t dressed in a way that commanded attention.

He commanded attention.

You wanted to know more about him. Wanted to know what a guy like that was doing here, seemingly alone. 

Casually, he rested a bent leg against the wall, hands stuffed into front pockets. An image of male sensuality, seemingly unbothered by the people around him, which made him even more attractive.

Low eyes waited for her to come to him.

Unable to contain herself, she shot up and navigated her way through the crowd of people to reach him. The sight of him sobered her up. All she could feel was a sense of pure elation that he was here.

Hazel shot him a grin, one that was probably more wonky than sexy but she felt too good to even care.

It didn’t matter, because she looked drop dead gorgeous. Gwen, working her magic, gave her a sensual gunmetal smoky eye and paired that with a nude lipstick that made her full lips look even more kissable. For her big night, she wore a midnight blue bandage dress with a deep plunge in the front showcasing a very impressive cleavage, lightly dusted with a gold shimmer that extended across the length of her collarbones.

Her kinky coils had been slicked back on the sides but allowed free reign down the middle of her crown. Hazel had reservations at first about this hairstyle, thinking it was too young for her but her girls had nipped that in the bud quickly.

In his opinion, no one looking at her would think she had just reached thirty. Other thoughts would occupy their minds instead.

“Hi stranger.”

Scowling, he tugged her close. One hand pressed into the small of her back whilst the other rested possessively on the curve of her ass. When he noticed the leery stare of a guy passing them, his hands tightened. “Get your stuff.”

“Are you sure? You just got here.”

He shot her a look. 

With the way she was looking tonight, he’d seen enough.


“Take everything off.” Hungry eyes encouraged her as he sat at the foot of the bed.

She did as he said, stepping out of the mound of fabric her dress made. Her bra followed. Matching lace panties close behind, which in her state felt like she was jumping though hoops removing them.

Naked now, the cool air was refreshing against her skin. But it was futile in soothing the spreading appetite. No, not for greasy food that usually goes hand in hand with one drink too many, but for something else.

When she bent down to shuck of her heels, he stopped her with another request.  She obliged him, but unconsciously an arm wrapped around her midriff she tried to keep more firm than flabby.

A huge shout out needed to be given to torturous Russian twists on an empty stomach and sourdough bread instead of regular. Yeah, bread was still staying in her life, but Hazel made little changes where she could. As years went on, she’d come to find out in many ways, some more overt than others, that her body just wasn’t the same as when she was kickin’ it in her twenties. 

Hangovers that were only mean to last a brief spell in the morning consumed the whole day, an unwelcome plus one into the next day, too. Her skin had started to lose its elasticity despite her best efforts and faint wrinkles were a permanent slash at the corners of her eyes and between her eyebrows.

And the inside of her legs just refused to tone up too, but happily jiggle when she examined herself in the mirror. Resistance bands had sold her a dream. The only thing that seemed to stay the same over the years was her bust. Where would she be without her trusted Plump Range bras.

A wolf-whistle sounded. “God, you look so beautiful baby.”

A knee wobbled slightly, and her stance became narrower. Hazel’s lips parted, as in to take in the compliment that way, because her ears struggled to accept what was being said to her.

They’d been together for a little while, going on ten months, but she still hadn’t managed to shake a silent third wheel in their relationships: her insecurities. 

For what it was worth, Michael told her everyday how beautiful she was. How much she meant to him. And he didn’t let her forget it, not for a second. 

Surprise roses were on her desk after lunch. Random texts dripping in pure appreciation went sent throughout the day. Lingerie, of the finest fabrics, with peek-a-boo lace frills and daring cut aways waiting for her on her doorstep.

When they were together, he would smile at her like the cat who got the cream. In his ear, she would indulge him the knowledge of what she colour she was wearing. Those nights were the nights that he’d take her with such an animalistic zeal that scraps of underwear would frame their bodies like remnants of a kill, collapsed into the carpet, totally spent.

The expensive gifts he showered her was a pill she couldn't keep down. At the beginning, she would politely thank him but say she couldn’t accept it, it was too much, it was unnecessary.

He wouldn’t have it.

Instead, she’d just find them in the most random places when they were apart; a book hand-wrapped with a string under her pillow, or a jewellery box innocently perched on the backseat in her car. When she found a pouch of expensive coffee beans stuffed in the soil of her rubber plant, she couldn’t help but laugh.

She loved him, loved him fiercely, but no was just something he didn’t recognise. Hazel drew the line however, when he wanted to adorn her with a gold diamond choker, the initials of his name delicately hanging from the centre. That was far too much, so naturally they went back and forth.

She could give him a match in stubbornness. So they’d settled on a gold anklet, a modest eighteen carats, well for him it was, decorated with tiny MB initials. 

She didn’t stay with him because of all his gifts though. In fact, that made her want to run away. She didn’t do well with other people doing things for her but being with Michael had showed her that sometimes people just have it in them to be extremely generous. And want nothing in return. 

Really, the elephant in the room was their age gap. It wasn’t big, a mere five years. And for twenty-five, he was doing well. Michael had inherited a hefty sum of money from his Grandfather passing so he’d used that to create a start up business in personal training.

A part of her felt she didn’t deserve him. He had the whole world ahead of her and she had a mental story on a loop that she was just weighing him down. He should be with someone closer to his own age. 

When he was sleeping, which was always on his back, she’d ponder how she’d manage to bag such a fine specimen in her bed. In her life. All tanned skin and sinewy muscles. Hard to believe, but she could swear that in the dark he glowed. In his sleep, he’d roll over to her side of the bed, and reach for her, crowding her with his heat, but she didn’t mind at all. It felt good to be held.

On the days they went out, he’d parade her around on her arm, beaming from ear and ear with a spring in his step. His charismatic way of being was infectious and just by being in his presence for a mere minute had her feeling energised and uplifted.

She’d swat at him when he’d try and casually grab her ass in the supermarket, but failed to resist when he’d plant a toe-curling kiss on her. PDA’s were not her thing, but his playfulness definitely was.  

“Now, come to me. Make it a show for me, baby.”

Alcohol that had falsely promised a good high, was a thing of the past now, as she slowly descended onto the textured terrain that was the here and now. Despite her best efforts to put on a confident, sensual show for him tonight, her plan fumbled as she felt her bottom lip start to wobble.

Within a second, Michael was up on his feet. “Hey hey hey, there’s not supposed to be tears from the birthday girl.” Strong arms drew her to him, into the strength of his body to soak up the sadness.

“What’s wrong, baby?” The blatant look of deep concern on his face made her want to start crying all over again.

Hazel’s breath caught in her throat. “Oh Michael. I don’t know. I just feel so silly like this. You tell me I’m beautiful, and I adore you for it, but, sometimes I struggle to believe it.… Look at me.” She gestured at her body. “I’m thirty years old for crying out loud, and it shows. I don’t know what you’re doing with someone like me.”

Michael’s mouth tightened, and so did her chest it felt like as she watched him back away from her. In the silence between them he didn’t answer, but his slanted eyes did.

Holding her gaze, he dropped to his knees before her. Like a prince he solemnly gazed up at her. His head was level with her pussy but he didn’t start there. Michael wanted to show her he appreciated every inch of her.

He showered her with butterfly kisses. First on the inside of a kneecap, then on the inside of a thigh. In between kisses, he affirmed her beauty. Told her how smooth her skin felt against his beard. How he loved the feel of it against his lips.

Spent extra time dropping kisses spanning the curve of her hips. “I love your stripes.” Growling softly, he playfully sunk his teeth into the skin, soothing away any discomfort with a sweep of his tongue.

Hazel half hiccuped, half giggled at his action, feeling the tension slowy leave her body.

There were a few stripes under the soft swell of her tummy, so he paid them some TLC, too. Through his attentive touch he tried to almost push back the creeping tendrils of insecurity and instead, replace it with a feeling of warmth.

To shine a light into her darkness.

Hazel’s eyes were still wet, but from just pure gratitude.

Michael had standards. High ones. He wasn’t ashamed of that all. The difference in years between them meant shit to him. She was far more attractive than girls his age. There was something special about her. 

The age she was at was regarded as one where you had to put your head down, focus on the building blocks of your future, no more faffing around, things got serious now. Hazel embodied that yes, but still retained a youthful spirit.

Her humility drew him in, too. She didn’t ask for much at all. In all his life, she was the first girl he’d gone on a date with who offered to split the bill. That wasn’t happening in a million years, but she still got brownie points for trying. The fact that she rejected, well tried to reject his gifts, made him love her even more for it.

“But…..I’m trying to get me some honey tonight.” Long fingers traced her pillowy lips, before sinking into her heat. Hazel’s legs trembled as she balanced the deep stimulation with remaining upright.

When a tongue snaked out and licked her, she couldn’t help but grip the bunched up muscles of his shoulders. Groaning low in his throat, he breathed in her scent as he started to suckle on her clit.

The rough pad of his tongue against this sensitive point cast a thick haze of pleasure around her. Her head slowly started to drop, surrendering herself to his wicked fingers that seemed hell-bent on capturing their prize.

Michael was left relying on the vibrations of her skin beneath his mouth and her breaths to help him guide her over the edge. 

Hazel felt like she was walking on tightropes, suspended fifty feet up in the air. Coming down was inevitable. Trying to alleviate the intense licks of arousal a foot stepped back, causing a slight distance between them.

Growling, his hands secured her ass and dragged her back against his mouth. The warning graze of his teeth on her nub, dared her to try and pull that again. “No running.”

Michael tongued her purposefully now, dipping in and out of heat. As her moans got shorter in length, he increased his speed, far too invested to let up now.

She came hard, a loud cry piercing through the bedroom. When the first climax subsided, her body still jolted as it processed the aftershocks.

“Again,” he declared against her damp curls, keeping her near.

She was too weak to argue.

This time his pace was slower. Fingers explorative in nature. A tongue slipping through the stickiness of her sex. Kisses wet and openmouthed.

“Oh fuck, Michael, no more, no more.” Squealing a little, she endured one outrageously slow lick. A little smile came to her face as Michael stood before her, delicately licking his fingers clean.

Damn him. He was filthy.

When he’d finished with that performance, Michael closed the distance with a hand wrapped lightly around the column of her throat, his thumb rubbing her jawline. “You my girl?” 

“Yes.” She smiled, a heartfelt smile now. She meant it with every fibre of her being. Accepted it as a fact now.

“Good. That’s two. Let’s see if we can reach thirty.”

She broke out in a short laugh. “Michael that’s impossible.”

A lip curled. “Baby, when you’re with me, nothings impossible. Let me show you….”


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