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one night with capricorn

by The Reflections Of 5 days ago in fiction · updated 4 days ago

a reality check is never early, or late. But always on time.

one night with capricorn
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“You have no right to ask me that.”

A man of few words, he tipped his head back and placed the empty glass on the bar devoid of brown liquid. Danielle noted the casualness in this act and suddenly bitterness became top notes in her Bombay Sapphire. Still not responding to her statement, Benjamin signalled another drink. 

She could could shoot it straight with him. He’d take it, no problem.

Danielle could tell him how this whole evening was a mirage. How really, she was arm candy for the night, only to impress her boyfriend’s higher-ups and keep the perfect couple title in place. In reality, the image projected was further from the truth, and the break up would probably happen officially soon. Unofficially though, it happened a year ago. 

Maybe this time around, things could just be.

No more sneaking glances across board rooms. Fingers brushing over the exchange of a cup of coffee. Smiles shared over the photocopier machine. No more checking in hotels under fake names, hoping they wouldn't run into a familiar face.

Danielle wanted to tell him, but a part of her felt like she should hold back. He was no longer her boss. But, he was her boyfriends. Go figure.

She laughed, but the sound was without humour. In her hand, she’d lucked out with the shortest straw of all. 

With a flourish, a black napkin was placed on the bar, his drink of choice placed on top. Gin & Coke. She couldn’t help but visibly shudder. Danielle thought back to when she first tried this concoction. Nose wrinkled, she desperately reached out for water. A timeless classic, he’d told her. Something that only got better over time. 

“I’m sorry.”

Through the loud hum of the packed bar, Danielle identified an underlying tone of finality to his words. For a split second, she had an uneasy feeling he was apologising for something else. 


The train doors clicked into place behind her, the dull thud spiking her heartbeat a little as she took in the proximity of the situation. They’d just about managed to catch the train, but the unoccupied space was tight. It could have been the history between them, or possibly the alcohol drunk, but for both of them, breaths taken were measured and slowly released into the air between them. 

When a passenger wanted to get off the train, she caught the firmness of his jaw from his profile as he moved accordingly. This caused Benjamin to crowd her space even more, offering her a close up view of the smooth skin of his neck, the top button of his shirt unbuttoned.

Danielle's mouth parted a little as she remembered grazing her teeth on his skin. Feeling like a little minx on top of him, she’d let loose and toy with him, pressing down a little. He would growl, flipping their positions with such speed she would look up at him, eyes wide as she basked in his strength.

No marks, he’d remind her.

Those words didn’t apply to her, though.

Benjamin would leave imprints on her as he tightened the steel around her wrists, danced leather across her spine and fastened clamps to her already unbearably tight nipples.

Within her, he’d coaxed out a submissive side that had lain dormant for a long time. He would push her, but no more than she could handle. With this new found sexual expression, it wasn’t long before the scarlet streams of desire became diluted with the milkiness of pure love.

And with this, the arrangement between them became tainted. A stain, for him. A memento for her. 

As a result, things started to move fast. Danielle handed in her notice, boxed up her things and resigned from the company. Personal issues. From the thirty-first floor of his corporate building, Benjamin watched her trench coat disappear into a black taxi. 

She never thought she’d see him again. But here he was, directly in front of her. 

Danielle’s tongue slipped out to lick her lips and his eyes followed her movements with a laser focus. Sharply, Benjamin inhaled and on the exhalation, brought his gaze back up to hers. The dilation of his pupils should have instilled a sense of fear in her, but she was transfixed. Two pools of earthy desire, further amplified by the waves of sexual tension just rolling off of him, clouding the space between them. 

Needing to take a breather from the intensity, Danielle cast her gaze around to see if anyone else was privy to what was going on. Busy as ever, the Central Line was filled with people consumed by technology or trying to get some shut eye as reaching home didn't mean the work day was over by a long shot.

This was the sweetest torture, for both of them. Time apart hadn’t done anything to put out the chemistry between them. When they were this close, they usually did something about it.

His nostrils flared as he scanned her curves in front of him. Benjamin usually had it in control, so she felt a sense of satisfaction that he was visibly crumbling in front of her. 

When he moved to secure a hold on a grip above their heads, temptation seemed to be emblazoned in the silkiness of the midnight blue lining of his blazer, providing a makeshift curtain between them and the rest of the passengers. 

Danielle wouldn’t make a move. 

Her boyfriend was in the other carriage after all. He could look over any second and put two and two together. In a few stops, this would be nothing more than a chance encounter. 

If something was going to happen, it needed to happen now.

Benjamin seemed to have that same train of thought as his head started to tilt and slowly descend. With her pulse throbbing in her ears, Danielle felt herself raising her chin, pulling back as a lock of his hair decided to do its own thing and dangle in front of them. 

She smiled, watching as Benjamin used his free hand to push it back in place. It was at that precise moment silver winked at her between the curls of his closely-cropped hair.

Her sharp breath caused him to stiffen in place, eyes shooting to see her reaction. Frustration was piercing, angry in nature but as fiery as it rose, disappointment was there to water the flames.

A chance encounter is all it would ever be.

It had already been decided.


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