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one night with aries

by The Reflections Of 21 days ago in erotic · updated 8 days ago
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some like it hot, some like it even more when they have to fight for it.

one night with aries
Photo by MontyLov on Unsplash

“Amelia? Is that you?”

Cringing internally, Amelia plastered a smile on her face as she reluctantly turned around. Golden-boy Colin Sutherland was making a beeline for her through the throng of people, packed into Medium City High’s gymnasium. She’d been at this year’s school reunion for just under an hour and was throughly pleased with herself for getting through the nights sans any awkward encounters.

“Hi Colin.”

Beaming, he stood in front of her. Hair styled into a perfectly bouffant quiff, a Hollywood smile, Option number 3 please, paired well with a daring, burgundy suit and a slim, bright blue tie. He looked like he came out of a magazine, hot off the press.

Clutching her upper arms firmly, Colin boldly leaned in and gave her not one, but two kisses. With the second kiss, he lingered for a few seconds longer than necessary.

Amelia felt her skin crawl under his touch, and took a step back. “Look, I’m-“

“With me.” Amelia bumped into a hard chest. A strong scent of cedar wood permeated the air. “She’s with me.”

She could recognise that voice anytime. The sharp edge of steel in his voice was something she was familiar with, too. Looking at Colin, she could see the charismatic, cheerful facade he relied so heavily on, slowly start to dissipate as he faced the well-built, bearded man.

Shifting from one foot to the other, he sized him up. For sure, if it came down to a physical fight he was out. But perhaps, verbally he could spin this guy for a loop.

‘’Oh! Amelia I didn’t know you had moved on-”

“Moved on from what?” An ultra-soft question cut him off. Almost too quietly spoken considering the hubbub of people in their surroundings. But the message delivered was clear and crisp in intent: speak wisely now.

Jamie’s body language was tensed in such a way, anyone looking could see the hostility just radiating off him. He’d left his girl for five minutes to go pee, only to return and find her with company. Company who seemed to be way too chummy for his liking.

Tense eyes tried to soothe him. “Nothing Jamie. He’s just someone I went to school with.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Colin cheerfully chirped in with, “Oh ‘Melia, now that’s no way to describe an old lover….”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

The hairs on the back of Amelia’s neck rose.

The line of Jamie's jaw became more defined.

Colin just smiled.


Exhaling a long, unsteady breath, Jamie gripped her hand and dragged them out of the gymnasium.

He couldn’t even pretend to look remorseful if events took a turn for the worse.

No freakin’ way.


The sound of heels clattering against the vinyl floor echoed loudly as Amelia desperately tried to keep up with Jamie’s determined strides, taking them deeper into the college hallways. His one step equalled two of her own, something that was becoming annoyingly apparent in her four-inch footwear of choice that evening.

“Jamie, what the hell are we doing out here?”

“I’m going to fuck you. I’m all up for doing it out here if you like. Or we could find somewhere private. I don’t care.”

Totally taken back by his answer, she pulled hard on his hand, freeing herself from his grip. Or rather, he let her go. “Really Jamie? We’re at my college reunion, for God’s sake! This is hardly the appropriate place. How the hell does that work?”

She was pissed by his nonchalant demeanour and seemingly made up mind, with no consideration for her input. It was the 20th century and women had a say on how things went, damn it!

“You tell me. How does it work when the minute you’re gone, your girlfriend seems to be getting friendly with her ex?” Jamie stared at her hard, distrust piercing through her.

She took a step back, processing what he said.

He followed.

The hallway which housed hundreds of kids throughout the week, suddenly felt small for two people.

“Is that why you invited me here? To watch you and your ex together?” Jamie was being an ass. He knew it. But he couldn’t help but unleash the fierce waves of jealousy foaming at his mouth. His rational brain was long gone. Emotions felt incredibly intense right now. A territorial instinct within him was turned on, to the max.

In his everyday life, he was already quick to anger - a personality trait he wasn’t all that proud of - but you hadn’t seen anything yet until a situation arose where Amelia was in the picture.

She was his.

Amelia took another step back.

Jamie, in close pursuit.

“Colin has always been like that. We dated years ago. I’m over him. It’s not what it looks like, I swear.”

He continued on, as if he hadn’t heard her. “If that’s your thing, let me know. We can always add porn into our sex life, I’m not fussed.”

That last comment struck a nerve and she came at him, hands erratically moving through the air, a tornado of honey curls and a height that was more than capable of doing intense damage to his little guy.

Easily securing her flailing arms, he trapped them between the front of their two bodies. His little firecracker.

Ducking his head now so they were eye-level, Jamie flexed his hips with the faintest pressure, nostrils flaring in response to the lowering of her eyelashes. Through the thin material of his suit trousers, Amelia could feel his hardness against her palm.

Full, soft lips parted in a pleasant smile. “So, what’s it going to be?”


Internally kicking herself, Amelia hated the fact that he could just touch her and immediately, her body started to betray her by softening in all the right places. Regardless of the environment, when he was on, she was on. And he'd looked amazing all night, so perhaps gratification was on the cards.

Having met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, Jamie had liked what he saw as soon as his eyes landed on Amelia. Tanned skin and vibrant eyes drew him in. Plus. her body was banging. Dipped and flared out in all the right places.

Physically, he was attracted to her, no doubt. But it was her caring, peaceful and open-minded nature that made him stick around. He gave no second thought to going after what he wanted in life, and Amelia was no different.

Amelia felt flattered at his efforts to court her. He kept it transparent with her regarding his desires, and she loved him for that.

At the party he’d approached her, introduced himself, and commanded her attention the whole night. They’d had sex before becoming official - a dealbreaker for her with all the men she’d dated in the past - but something about Jamie enticed her to take a gamble. Two years later, it was still paying off.

But the rewards of their relationship wasn’t on her mind right now. His desire for dominance had caused a scene and for sure, people would be wondering where the hell they were. She could only imagine what conclusions were being formed right now with Colin holding the biggest spoon in the pot.

Tilting her chin, she gave him a stormy look for an answer.

He chuckled. When she was annoyed, she looked so cute. Jamie loved seeing the fire in Amelia. To the outside world, she was demure and polite Amelia, but with him that went out the window, and he got to see the sassiness.

“Perfect.” Their little hallway dance had left them outside a classroom that was conveniently slightly open. Coming behind her now, he firmly pushed her inside and closed the door.

A quick scan of the room led Jamie to settle on the large surface of the oak desk as their bed of choice for the moment. Hell, he’d do it on the floor but he had a feeling Amelia would object. Dragging her towards it, he sharply pivoted her away from him and with a hand positioned at the base of her neck, applied pressure.

“Ass up babe.” A hard slap landed on her right butt cheek, the light fabric of her dress providing little protection. “I won't take long.”

Anger skyrocketed within her. “Are you out of your mind?!” Indignant, Amelia shot up and forcefully smacked hard at his chest.

Who was she kidding though, thinking she was going to move 150 pounds of lean muscle. For a second Jamie froze in position, unmoving, his pulsating length claiming shotgun in a car, revved up to the max, determined to reach Destination A within the next five minutes.

A beat passed. He didn’t move.

But only for a second, as he pushed down his ego and stepped back away from her. The air was thick with a steamy mix of sexual frustration, anger and jealousy. Breathing hard, they both eyed one another.

Who would give in first?

Jamie closed his eyes briefly, rubbing the space between his eyebrows before he turned away. He began to undress, almost nonchalantly, draping his clothes over a nearby desk. Grabbing a chair, he moved it out to set it down a few feet away in front of her.

Not shy in the least, he sat down and eased his legs open to lessen the tension between his thighs. Unrestricted, his slightly curved dick rested on the slab of his lower abdomen, lightly dusted by brown curls.

Jamie’s left hand cupped his balls, massaging first the left one and then the right one. Slowly at first, but soon catching up in speed, his right hand caressed his length. Up and down. When he reached the base of his shaft and squeezed hard, his eyes closed. Head slightly tilted back, he gave himself up. It wasn’t long before the motion almost started to blur into one, a light sheen of sweat forming on his brown skin.

Mesmerised by Jamie, she found herself raising the hem of her dress. Inch by inch. Amelia didn’t want Jamie to notice. This moment was priceless.

As the material of her dress was not one of a forgiving nature, she’d ditched the bra and panties. A good idea at the time, but now in this moment, the wetness between her thighs dangerously starting to spread, begged to differ.

As a finger tentatively began to rub her clit, the movement was more than enough to add gasoline onto simmering flames. A whimper escaped her and cut through the fragility of the situation.

Observing Amelia from under his lashes, he sardonically asked, “Is now a good time?” The gasp she made pleased him, but he didn’t want her getting off on her own.

That was his job.

And Jamie was becoming impatient.

“Fuck you.”

He was up in a flash. Swiftly closing the distance between them, his right hand reached up to wrap around her throat. Pulse fluttering under his palm, Jamie coaxed her head to one side to graze the exposed skin with his teeth. A full body shiver caused Amelia's hands to grip his biceps, growing arousal synonymous with how harshly her nails scored his bare skin as he worked that one spot over and over again.

Amelia moaned, turned on at the realisation that a mark would be a blooming reminder of this moment. Reaching behind her, she fiddled with the zipper, and then Jamie's hands were there replacing hers, travelling down her back to cup her ass. Rocking against one another, their mouths met again, tongues searching, breath shared.

Then, he pulled back.

The distance between their lips, minute. Close enough for Amelia to see the pigments of green and dark brown ascertaining her desire. He waited an excruciating long moment, fighting his carnal urges.

“Tell me what I wanna hear.”

She could have screamed. “I want you to fuck me.” The magic words. Time to get this baby in action.

Moments later, and Jamie was staring down at the most inviting pussy he’d ever seen in his life and the arc of his dick, convinced it had an identity of its own, strained to sink into the ethereal cushions of heaven.

“Now, now, now…” That command struck a nerve inside of Jamie. He didn’t take well to being ordered around.

To make matters worse, that prick’s face came to the forefront of his mind. Had he seen her like this? The thought of Amelia having sex with anyone other than him, really yanked his chain.

Two years deep and this wasn’t getting easier for him. Not one bit. Bitterness filled his mind, trickling down to his mouth. Flexing his fingers around her hips, he entered her fully in one smooth stroke.

“Don’t you dare cum."


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