One-Night Stand

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Summer 2014

One-Night Stand

It was a regular summer night. Some of my friends had decided to get together to drink in our buddie’s garage. A beer pong table was set up and we we’re taking turns playing each other.

I was sitting on a chair next to the table, staring down at my phone when I heard girls talking. I didn’t know girls were coming, not that I was upset about it, this party was only guys. I look up to find two girls talking to Andy across the garage. They look familiar. One had thin blonde hair that was just past her shoulders and light skin with rosy checks. The other had piercing green eyes that hid behind her dark chocolate brown hair. Her skin was tanner, her legs so perfect and slim. They both had nice bodies. I wouldn’t mind seeing either one of them naked. But how do I know them?

They wandered over to the table and the blonde girl asks, “who’s up next?” Barry, my friend, answers. “Can we play you?” She continues. “Sure,” he says.

When the game finishes I stand up and join Barry at the table. I watch as the girls make their way to the other side and set up their cups and then it hits me. High school. We had gone to high school together. They were “popular.” I, however, was not. The blonde, her name is Kelly and the brunette, well her name is Julie.

I can see Julie looking at me a lot as I pour our beers into our cups and got ready to play. I look up and take a step back when she asks, “What’s your name?”

I turn to Barry and kind of laugh. I’m sure he’s not surprised by the fact that they have no idea who I am. She continues to smile but then asks, “Am I missing something?” Confused by my actions.

“We went to high school,” I say.

“Oh,” she says embarrassingly, “Well, what’s your name?”

“Tommy Gibbs,” I reply. “You probably don’t remember me because you were both bitches in school,” I say teasingly.

I just shake my head and watch as Kelly hands her phone to her and I’m sure it’s some old picture they found of me on Facebook. Skinny, baby faced and awkward little Tommy.

She looks back up and runs her eyes over me, then glances back at the phone. “You look completely different.” And she was right. A lot has happened since then. I was in the Navy, I got taller, bigger, stronger. The baby face has filled out and is covered in scruff. My arms and body are spotted with colorful tattoos. My hair is a little longer and carefully swept back on top of my head. I’m not that same shy boy from high school that she’s staring down at. I’d be the best fuck she’d ever have…

Several weeks later I pull out my phone to find a notification from Instagram. I had a new comment from Julie on one of my pictures.

There under a picture of me sitting shirtless on the edge of my patio, holding my dog and smiling were the words, “Hey. We all need to hang out again soon. : )”

The corners of my lips curl up and a smile hits my face and I laugh. She wants to fuck. Psh, I knew she would and I find it funny how I didn’t have to do a thing. That little Miss Popular is chasing me.

“You just tell me when,” I reply and then she sends me her phone number, so eager to talk.

It took weeks for our timing to match up but there she stood, nervously in the center of my room, trying to act like she wasn’t but I could tell she was.

I grab her hip and pull her into me, then run my hand through her soft hair and pull it so that she can’t help but look up at me. Her body tenses immediately, unsure of what will happen next.

I press my lips up against hers and they give in to me so easily. Her tongue slides into my mouth so wet and sweet. I let my hands fall to the edge of her black t-shirt and lift it over her head and then slightly rock back on my heals to admire her large breasts smashed into a petite black bra.

I push her on my bed and I can feel my bulge start to grow as I watch her boobs bounce as she hits the mattress. I stand above her, positioned in between her legs and start to unbutton her jean shorts. She raises her feet in the air and I slide them off her long tan legs.

She hurries to get on her knees and grabs my bottom lip with her teeth before throwing my t-shirt over my head. Her hands are cold as she runs them down my torso, tickling me with her light touch. When she gets to my waist my dick is fully erect and dying to be released from the constraints of my jeans. She unbuttons them while kissing my neck then sits back and watches as she slides her fingers in the band of my boxer briefs and then pulls them down.

She grabs the base of my dick and looks up at me with a sexy little smile and then crawls onto her stomach, her lips now just inches away from the tip of my yearning erection. She kisses the tip and lets her lips slide apart and I can feel her pushing her spit up against the head.

God damnit I want her mouth. I want to use it like my god damn play thing. “Slide it in. Slide it in,” I think.

And as if she could hear my thoughts bouncing around my head, her mouth opens wider and I feel my dick sliding against her tongue and descending back into her throat. I look down to see her staring up at me with her light green eyes, like she wants me to watch. So, I grab the back of her head and push my hips into her deeper until my dick is pressing up against the wall of her throat.

She pulls back to catch her breath and I watch as the split falls from my cock to her mouth, her eyes still staring up at me, and then she wraps her mouth around me again and starts to suck me faster. Her lips move from the base of my cock to the head, back and forth. It feels so fucking good I close my eyes. I can feel her spit on my balls now, her tongue close behind to lick it up. She puts them in her mouth and lets them roll around while she strokes my cock.

“Get on your back,” I demand, “hang your head off the bed.”

She does what she is told without hesitation and opens her mouth like she’s begging for more. I put my cock in and begin to thrust my hips. Her hand slips under her panties and begins to move in a small circle and I can feel my heart beat faster. I grab her tits, hard, they're too big for me to get all of, and then I pinch her nipples and push my cock as deep in her mouth as I can go. I can feel her trying to relax but her throat is tightening around my rigid dick and her body twitches as she tries not to choke. I pull it out of her and a big gasp escapes her mouth. I can see the tears in her eyes but that doesn’t stop her, she immediately opens her mouth ready for some more.

It’s not the best head I’ve ever gotten but it feels fucking good. Her lips, her spit, those gorgeous fucking watery eyes staring up at me.

I tell her to move up on the bed and she positions her head near the pillows. I climb on the sheets with her and sit on my knees between her thighs. I rest my thumb on her panties right were her clit is and begin to rub it. She grabs her tits and I watch her squeeze them as she begins to rock her hips back and forth.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I ask.

“I do,” she whispers.

I slide her panties off and slip my finger between the lips of her soft pussy. She’s soaked.

“You’re so fucking wet,” I say as I let my fingers venture inside her.

“You make me so hot,” she moans.

I take my fingers out of her and tease her with cock. Rubbing it between the lips and then impulsively pushing it into her. She’s warm and wet and her pussy wraps tightly around my dick. A perfect fit. I rock back and forth, moving in and out of her as my balls swing and hit her ass.

“Choke me,” she pleads, and I get excited by the thought.

She holds my wrist as I start to squeeze her throat and then sticks the fingers of her other hand in her mouth and sucks. My cock drives into her hard and then I watch her take her fingers out of her mouth and start to play with her clit. The view is almost too much to take. I'm not sure if I should watch her breasts jiggling on top of her chest, her fingers play fulling rubbing her clit or her face.

Her moans get louder and I can feel her pussy start to tighten around me, “OH MY GOD, DON’T STOP.” She yells, “STAY RIGHT THERE.”




And then it happens. I pull my dick out of her just in time and let the cum fly out of me onto her stomach, all thick and sticky. And then I fall next to her, so satisfied and exhausted.

I woke up early the next morning and rolled over to find Julie sleeping on her back. I’m still beat from our night, and the amazing orgasm she gave me, but I want to play more. I pull myself up from beneath the sheets, straddle her face and rest my morning wood right on her chest, in between her boobs. They’re starting to bruise. Small little purple marks show exactly wear my hands held them last night. I lightly push them together, wrapping them around my dick and I feel her wake beneath me. “Lick me,” I say, and I immediately feel the tip of her tongue on my ass. It feels like she spit right on my asshole, and now she’s moving it around as she circles the rim of it.

I spit in my hand and lather my dick with the saliva and then begin to fuck her tits. My hips start to rock, and I feel Julie’s tongue pushing into my asshole. I slide my dick between her tits and then back onto her tongue. Over and over again.

I get fixated on the feeling of her licking my ass. It’s so satisfying, I don’t want to stop but my dick is now rock hard, and I need to put it in something. So, I roll off her and onto my back and she climbs on top of me and leans in for a morning kiss.

“Fuck me in the ass,” she softly says to my mouth as she continues to drop kisses. The blood starts to really pump through my veins and into my dick and I can feel it harden even more as it lays pressed up against my stomach and her pussy.

She sits up and her hair is a mess, tangled and disheveled. She fills her hand with saliva and then rubs my dick with it. I can feel it dribbling down my shaft as she positions me underneath her asshole.

She takes her time, letting her ass stretch and squeezing me inside. I can tell by her face she’s struggling to fit it all in her, the pressure of it making it hard for her to bare. But she doesn’t stop, she continues to lower herself on me until I feel the base of my shaft wrapped firmly inside her.

She starts to ride me, letting my dick creep in and out of her and each time her ass hits my pelvis it feels better than the last. Moans are escaping her mouth, but I want her to be quiet, I want her to feel it all. I take my thumb and I put it in her mouth and she grabs my hand and looks down at me as she sucks it. I lift my hips now, matching her rhythm and then I power into her harder, and deeper than before. I can see the satisfaction on her face, but she doesn’t make a sound as I continue to get more aggressive.

She finally takes the thumb from her mouth and moves it down to her clit, “Rub me,” she utters. And as I move my wet thumb around her enlarging clit she grabs both of her breast and rocks on top of me, her moans getting louder with each second.

She finally lowers her chest down on top of mine, her tits pressed firmly up against me, and kisses my lips before grabbing my head and turning it so she has access to my neck. I hold her ass with both hands, each one clawing into her cheeks as I spread them apart and plunge deeper inside her.

My mind goes blank, everything is feeling numb except the sensation of dick inside her. “I’m going to cum in your ass,” I say between her loud moans.

“Yes, please cum in my ass, I want you to cum in my ass for me” she begs.

Her words make it hard for me to hold on and then with the next pump of my hips I release and let my body take over. The sense of relief is overwhelming. Every inch of my body feeling completely satisfied and content.

She slides off me and falls on her side as she tries to catch her breath. I can see the beads of sweat on her skin as she tries to cool down and then she stands up to walk out of the room and I catch a glimpse on my warm white cum escaping her ass and rolling down her leg. Such a pretty little picture to end our perfect one-night stand.

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