Night of the Living Lesbians

Two office colleagues go at each other after an exhausting day at work...

Night of the Living Lesbians

They were very good colleagues. It all started one day when Luisa dropped her handkerchief and Gail reached first for it. Their hands briefly touched, and a spark of electricity shocked them both. At first, neither of them cared about the incident too much. But it happened again. When they were both in a washroom, in front of the mirror repairing their make up, Gail left her hand cream at the desk. Luisa asked if she could borrow a bit. As both their hands reached for it, again they touched and again there was that spark.

This time the two women looked at each other with a smile. Luisa gave her colleague that "under the eyebrow" look that will haunt her afterwards. Gail was thinking about it later in the evening, as she was preparing another lonely dinner for herself. Could it be that she was attracted to Luisa in some strange way? Luisa's fit body, her firm breasts that were successfully tamed by her bra but could still be noticed, and her long black Asian hair somehow started to arouse Gail, the White brunette, with a not-so fit body but with quite big breasts. Gail was a femininely curved woman, but not in shape like Luisa who obviously spent hours and hours of every week in the gym.

"It would be such a pleasure having that firm woman's body pressed against mine," Gail thought, "No, what am I thinking, I love men, I've never been with another woman. I wouldn't even know what to do with her." As she was contemplating, the doorbell rang. She went to answer the door. She looked through the door eye and saw her — Luisa!

"Oh my God, she's here," Gail was surprised by the unexpected visit. She opened the door, nonetheless.

"Hi, Gail," Luisa said, "I'm very thankful for letting me use your hand cream today. I was passing through your neighbourhood, by chance, and it suddenly occurred to me to buy this gift for you, as a token of my appreciation."

"Oh Luisa, you didn't have to, it was only natural to help my, dear colleague. Now that you're here, can I offer you something, coffee, tea, brandy? Come in, please."

"Thank you. I could really use a shot of brandy. The day at the office was long."

"Yeah, for me, too. Please sit down at the couch, I'll pour us some brandy."

"Double shot for me Gail, please."

"Don't worry, I'll bring a bottle," she winked at her friend, who replied with the most beautiful smile Gail ever noticed.

Moments later, Gail poured the two glasses and Luisa said, "Bottom's up! Cheers!"

As they drank their shots Gail said, "Cheers to your unexpected visit!"

"It wasn't just by chance, I must admit," Luisa replied.

"Oh really? What was the hidden agenda behind your visit then?" said Gail laughingly.

"I've noticed the chemistry today in the washroom. I like you Gail, and I feel that the feeling is mutual."

"Perhaps", said Gail with the devilish smile. They drank the second shot of brandy and Gail felt that her defenses slowly fall, as the brandy was doing its magic inside her body.

"You are a very beautiful woman, Luisa," she got closer to her and started to caress her hair, "but I've never been with a woman before."

"Don't worry about it, I have a lot of experience with women. I haven't been touched by a man for several years," Luisa said.

"Really? I would've never guessed so."

"Don't be nervous, just relax," Luisa said and got very close to her. She took her face in her hands and gently kissed her, just by pressing her lips to hers.

Gail felt immediately wet down there as she'd been kissed by this hot young woman, younger than her by several years but so much more experienced.

"I haven't been with a man for two years," Gail said after their lips separated.

"I'm gonna give you a reason never to go back to them," Luisa said and kissed her again, this time with much more strength, and even placing her tongue into Gail's mouth after several seconds of a lip-lock.

Gail accepted the game, and started sucking Luisa's tongue. Two women embraced each other, and their hands just started to search each other's bodies.

They were sucking each other's tongue and cuddling on the couch, exchanging strong deep kisses with gentle lip kisses, both sobbing quietly.

Luisa stood up first, took Gail's hand and asked her where the bedroom is. Gail pointed in the direction, and pretty soon they were undressing each other on the large king-sized bed.

Luisa took initiative and laid down her inexperienced friend, laying down on her and kissing her gently. She started to kiss her neck, then her large breasts, licking her nipples slowly and in a circular motion. She was kissing her belly next, going slowly with her kisses towards Gail's full wet gaping pussy.

When she placed her tongue on her pussy, she knew that her foreplay excited Gail way too much, because her pussy was dripping wet. Nevertheless, she started to lick, first up and down and then faster from side to side of vagina.

"What are you doing to me, Luisa, this is sooooo goood," Gail was moaning in enjoyment, trying to catch her breath.

Luisa speeded up a bit because she felt that her friend will not last for long. And she was right. Gail started to twitch her body as the climax hit her like a strong thunderbolt. "Aaaaa aaaaaa I'm cumming babe, I'm cumming, aaaaaaa", she became an earthquake on that bed of hers.

When she finally managed to wind down a bit, Gail instinctively knew that she'd have to repay the favour back.

They switched positions and now Luisa was the one laying on her back, while Gail was kissing her neck, breasts, and belly. "What a firm body, what a beautiful smell of her skin," she thought as she was getting closer to Luisa's vagina. And then, the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. Her pussy was clean-shaven, smelling like fresh flowers just picked from the Gardens of Eden.

She gave her a small lick, then another one, then a few more and observed Luisa's reactions.

Her female lover was touching her own nipples and producing the "mmmmm" sound with her mouth. Gail knew she was doing a good job. She started to use the same technique that got her to that volcano orgasm moments ago. She was licking up and down the pussy, and then more faster from side to side, feeling the clitoris with tip of her tongue. Soon enough, Luisa was twitching in orgasmic sensation, pressing Gail's head onto her pussy to give her face a bath with her vagina's juice. She immediately start kissing her, tasting her own juice from Gail's lips, cheeks and chin.

Two women kissed and cuddled for long after their two orgasms, and then feel asleep in each other's embrace. They both knew the following morning that this wasn't just one time deal, and that many more nights of wild pleasure will follow.

Francis Y. Algonkin
Francis Y. Algonkin
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