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Nao Jinguji

By Nitin

By Adult reviewsPublished 14 days ago 5 min read

Nao Jinguji made her AV debut clear back in 2017 with Prestige studio. Since that time she's been steadily releasing new films with a wide range of studios such as Honnaka, Moodyz, and Madonna. She's enjoyed plenty of success as she's charted in the top 25 for sales several times throughout her career. However, I've just never bothered to give her a watch at all. She just never really interested me. That all changed when I discovered a pretty enticing new film that was recently produced by Moodyz. With that, I decided to check out some more of her films to get a better opinion of her. In this post, I've grabbed 3 films that seemed appealing and reviewed them. I'll give each a score and at the very end, I'll deliver my overall thoughts. With that out of the way, let's begin!


"Private Tutor Nao's Dirty Talk & Temptation Panty Shot Lesson"

Who wouldn't want Nao Jinguji as their private tutor? That's precisely the setup here with this film. Nao is hired as your new home tutor who teases and ultimately seduces you into sex. It's all shot via POV which of course greatly enhances the overall engagement making you feel more connected. It's a fantastic plot that is a personal favorite of mine that is executed incredibly well here. A part of that is due to the pacing. The film starts out slow with her teasing you by showing off her panties. Then it ramps up with a blowjob and handjob before she finally fucks you silly. It makes the sex that much more satisfying when it eventually happens. This is all further enhanced by her standout performance.

Her raw enthusiasm here is top-notch which is always vital in a POV-centric film like this. Adding to this are her engaging facial expressions as she perfectly exudes this lovely seductive energy. Who could resist? The action is pretty fantastic with just one slight issue. Overall, there are the handjob and blowjob scenes as I mentioned earlier that are quite enjoyable thanks to the POV camerawork and her energetic performance. The sex scenes are just as amazing with some great intensity and pacing. However, there's a scene of you watching her masturbate from underneath a table that feels like a complete waste. Beyond that, it's a brilliant film that provides you with a wonderful fantasy that I'm sure many of us would love to experience.

Overall Rating - 9.2/10


"My Girlfriend's Sister Loves Me So Much, We Secretly Started Having Babymaking Sex Together"

I'm a big fan of this series and type of plot so naturally, I was pretty excited to give this a watch. Most of you probably know how this setup goes already. Nao uses her feminine ways to seduce her sister's boyfriend and fuck him silly. All this with an emphasis on risk as they try to keep it a secret from the sister although they certainly push it such as when they fuck in bed while she's asleep next to them. It's still a great plot that never gets old. By far one of the best aspects here is Nao's performance. She nails her role here completely as she's super seductive and flirty. She makes every scene much more entertaining as a result. This is especially notable in the POV scenes where she makes you feel much more connected to the scene.

Speaking of that it leads me to the production values which suffer from a few issues. The main problem lies with the camerawork. Most of the film is shot via POV but the last scene is filmed in third person which kinda breaks the immersion. Also, there's some heavy use of a fisheye lens in the first sex scene that feels very unnecessary. The other technical aspects fair well enough at least. And lastly, the sex is pretty solid all around. There are 2 full sex scenes and 2 handjob scenes. They all feature an element of risk which certainly heightens the excitement level for sure. But the one handjob scene drags on for a bit too long and isn't all that satisfying. It's still a great film but it just makes a few missteps keeping it from being a true standout.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10


"Bondage Slut Takes Creampies Until She's Pregnant"

As a massive lover of the femdom genre, I just had to check this one out. It's your typical femdom-style video. There's next to plot here as the entire focus revolves around Nao taking complete command as she fucks these guys silly. The only minor caveat is that sometimes there are multiple cumshots but some of those are fake, unfortunately. But it's not a huge deal as the film itself is an exceptional example of the femdom genre. Now let me get one of my biggest issues with the film out of the way first which is the lackluster settings. Every scene takes place in a hotel room and it feels rather bland as a result. Thankfully the lighting is pretty solid and her wardrobe contains some nice dominatrix-inspired outfits.

Nao's superb dominant performance here really brings this premise to life and delivers a very satisfying experience overall. She settles into this role extremely well with believable enthusiasm, engagement, and facial expressions. It's definitely one of the better femdom performances I've seen in recent memory. Now the action itself is a little mixed. It features 2 sex scenes along with 2 handjob scenes. The sex scenes are both amazing but the rest is a little underwhelming. Her performance certainly helps to boost them but the scenes still drag a bit especially about two-thirds into the film. All around it's still a fantastic femdom film that fully captures the spirit of the genre.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10

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