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My husband saw me with the handyman — and loved it!

by Isla Chiu about a month ago in fiction

“Yes,” I whisper before pulling him in for a kiss. As our tongues dance with each other, I watch my husband.

My husband saw me with the handyman — and loved it!
Photo by Claudia van Zyl on Unsplash

When I open the door and see the handyman, I know I’m in trouble.

Louis is ridiculously attractive. His tight white t-shirt struggles to contain his muscular arms and toned abs, and his jeans show off his long legs and big, um, tools.

Okay, fine, I’m talking about his bulge, which is pretty freaking impressive.

“Hi, Mrs. Long.”

I force my eyes to go up to his face. Damn, his eyes are a gorgeous shade of green. “Hello, you must be Louis.”

He nods. “Yes, I’m here to fix the wiring in your basement.”

I wish you were here to fix my wiring. I want to slap my horny ass. How does that metaphor even make sense? “Right, let me take you to the basement.”

When he follows me, I catch his scent. He smells like the woods and musk, like pure fucking man. I love my husband Danny, but after 10 years of marriage, his scent of fragrance-free soap has ceased to be arousing. Louis’s scent, on the other hand, is driving me wild and making my panties a little wet.

After I show him what he needs to fix in the basement, I ask, “Do you want anything to drink? We got lemonade, orange juice, soda…” The horny devil in me adds, You can also drink from my cunt.

“I’m good, Mrs. Long.”

“Please call me Peggy.” It takes all of my willpower to not bat my eyelashes and to not touch his arm for a moment too long. I shouldn’t flirt with my handyman; I’m a happily married woman. Also, I’m technically his employer. I really shouldn’t flirt with him. But he’s so handsome. And God, that bulge. It’s been a long time since I had a cock of that size in my mouth…

“As you wish, Peggy. I’ll try to get this wiring fixed for you quick.”

I have to stop myself from purring, Please, take your time. “Thank you. Holler if you need anything.”

Once I’m out of the basement, I race to my bedroom. I leap onto my bed, and almost rip my skirt and panties as I pull them down. Christ, my pussy is aching for release.

Again, I love my husband. I really do. But before I got married, the world was my oyster, and the oyster was full of men. My sexual appetite was insatiable, but I attempted to satisfy it anyway by sleeping with dozens of men.

Then I met Danny. We fell in love. He asked me if I wanted to try doing the faithful marriage thing with him, and I said yes because I wanted to make him happy. But lately, keeping my vows has been hard. So fucking hard.

I slide a finger into my cunt, thinking of Louis, of his magnificent arms and his even more magnificent bulge. My wet heat falls onto my finger as I imagine yanking down his jeans and baring that glorious cock…


I look up, gasping when I see a stunned Louis under my doorway. Fuck, did I forget to close the door?

He reddens, avoiding my gaze. “I’m so sorry. I just had a question about the basement…”

I notice something. The bulge in his pants has gotten even bigger. Does the sight of me jacking off turn him on?

Instead of covering myself up, I spread my legs wide open, allowing him to get a good look at my pussy. “Don’t apologize,” I say in a low, hopefully seductive voice. “I was jacking off to thoughts of you.”

He catches his breath. “Really?”

“Yes, really.” I lick my lips. “Why don’t you help me finish?”

When he doesn’t say anything for a moment, I worry that I fucked up. For Christ’s sake, I’m his married employer and significantly older than him. What if he’s not attracted to me at all? What if he finds the sight of my naked cunt repulsive rather than arousing? I’m considering throwing myself into a ditch when he says:

“As you wish, Peggy.”

He kneels in front of me. When he touches my clit, I moan.

“You’re so wet,” he breathes.

“Because of you.”

He lowers his head. A scream of pleasure leaves my lips when he slides his tongue into my cunt. God, this feels so good. Why have I denied myself the pleasures of other men for so long? Why — ?

My joy comes to an abrupt halt at the sight of my husband under the doorway.

Oh my fucking God.

When I see the blank expression on his face, I think that he’s going to storm into the room and beat the shit out of Louis. Instead, he smiles and mouths, Pretend I’m not here.

Uh, what? Then my eyes travel down to the crotch of Danny’s pants. I gasp when I spot his erection. My husband is aroused by the sight of another man going down on me!

Do you like this? I mouth.

He unzips his pants, then grips his hard cock. I love this. I love you.

A smile lights up my face. I love you too.

Just as Danny begins stroking his cock, Louis shoves his tongue deeper into my cunt. I moan, thrusting my hips toward his face. My juices fill his mouth, and like a good boy, he swallows them, not wasting one drop. With a scream, I come against his tongue.

Louis raises his head. “Is your pussy hungry for my cock?”

“Yes,” I whisper before pulling him in for a kiss. As our tongues dance with each other, I watch my husband. The tip of his cock is dripping with cum.

Louis yanks down his jeans. Miraculously, the sight of his huge dick is even more glorious than I imagined. When he thrusts that glorious dick into my sex, I groan, putting my hands on his back.

Danny squeezes his hard manhood. Drops of his hot white seed fall to the floor. I lick my lips. I wish I could have caught those cum-drops in my mouth.

The handyman pushes his shaft further into my cunt. My groans turn into screams of ecstasy as I arch my back and allow even more of his cock inside my pussy.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Louis hisses as my cunt clenches around his dick.

“And you’re so fucking well-endowed,” I breathe.

And I’m so fucking turned on, my husband mouths.

Louis and I cry out in unison when he spills his seed inside me. After my cunt is full of my handyman’s cum, I squirt onto his manhood with a gasp.

Behind Louis, my husband smiles. I was never here, he mouths, placing a finger to his lips and winking before leaving the room.

“Did you enjoy yourself, Peggy?” Louis asks.

“Hell yes. Did you?”

He grins. “Hell yes.” He stands up, putting his pants back on. “Well, I should get back to work before your husband comes home.”

I force myself to hold back laughter. “I guess you should.”

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Isla Chiu

Author of romance and smut. Also an amateur foodie.

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Isla Chiu
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