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My Greatest Sex Experience Took Place in the last row of a Airplane.

"Ashweein's fingers grew more intense as the plane descended, and I neared climax"

By The Lost GirlPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Ashweein* was unlike any other boy I had ever met. mostly because he was the only person who could satisfy my voracious sexual appetite.

Hours would slip by while we were engrossed in each other's bodies and the sheets, whether it was for fleeting moments on the couch or full weekends. Ashweein was fully aware of my preferences. which I required. How to activate me and turn me off. Whether it was romantic or disgusting; delicate or, as I asked him, rough; a wild passion or quiet morning sex. In every physical way imaginable, he had me.

So I knew our trip to Toulouse, France, would be full of sex as we boarded the plane to France just six weeks after our first date. really a lot, Simply put, I wasn't sure when.

We had just crossed the English Channel while still fastened in our seat belts when the flight attendant announced the news. She informed me that we would be making an emergency landing in Paris to discharge one passenger.

We all strained our necks around headrests to see the drama as rumours spread across the aisles. Although there was yelling and staff activity up front, we in the very last row of the plane, in the back, were oblivious to what was happening.

Hours would pass by buried between the blankets, from quickies on the couch to weekends spent in bed.

As Ashweein turned to face me, his brilliant blue eyes flared and he gave me his cheekiest smile. That look's exact meaning was clear to me.

Unwillingly, my stomach constricted. I felt a wave of heat. I gave him a passionate kiss while leaning in to let him know how desperately I wanted him. I put my palm on his chest, tugged at his shirt, and mumbled, "I can't wait until we're in our hotel room."

I didn't want to say the words aloud, but I nodded as a heat crept throughout my body. unwillingness to let him go. And with that, he openly moved his hand beneath the edge of my dress and crossed his palm over the top of my right knee, stroking my naked skin. I took a sharp breath as it slid down to the hem. My breathing quickened as my heartbeat quickened.

"My body dampened between my legs in response to his touch automatically."

He paused before bringing his soft lips to my ear. Intensely anticipated, a beat passed. He muttered, "Why wait?" **

I looked up at the plane above me as his fingers continued to glide up my leg, leaving a trail of sensations in their wake. My body reacted instantly to his attention by softening between my legs even though not a single eye was on us. I leaned into his touch and completely lost all sense of subtlety. The thrill that someone may catch a sight of us at any moment persisted despite the fact that we were alone in the back of the aircraft with a few vacant rows in front of us.

I shifted in my position, slowly moving my legs apart to make room for him, and draped his coat across my lap to hide Ashweein's straying hand.

"Ashweein's fingers grew more intense as the plane descended, and I neared climax"

I struggled mightily to remain still as Ashweein's fingers started to move, pressing in and out, around and around, and buried my head into his neck to bury the waves of pleasure that were suddenly coursing through me. Although I could still sense the presence of those in front of me, I could tell by stolen looks that nobody knew. And that only served to make it naughtier.

I let myself completely relax and soak in every last detail of the moment while tucked snugly in my seat. I was getting close to the climax as the plane started to fall and Ashweein's fingers got stronger. I sealed my mouth in an effort to contain the sounds that were about to escape by digging my own nails into his slacks.

Ashweein thrust in once more, pulling his head back to press his lips once more against mine. And as soon as the wheels landed, I lost control and fell into a silent sea of euphoria.

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