My First Day as an Escort

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An Erotic Story

My First Day as an Escort

Madison slid into the light pink, satin babydoll with ease. The fabric felt luscious as it grazed the skin of her stomach and the curve of her hips.

Her client had wanted an angel, an innocent he could corrupt. They had been emailing back and forth for days as he laid out his fantasies. Every deep, dark desire was right there for the taking.

Her soft blonde hair fell in ringlets to her breasts and her milky skin looked soft under the fabric of the babydoll. She watched as her chest pounded with each beat of her nervous heart.

This would be her first time and she didn’t know what to expect. Her Madame said that girls were always nervous on their first time. She said as long as she remembered the rules, everything would be fine.

At exactly 6 PM there was a knock on the door. It was light, almost hesitant. Was her guest nervous, too?

The man on the other side was tall and slender. He had gentle, brown eyes and a kind face. From the moment she saw him, she knew she’d be fine.

They got the money out of the way first. Wrapped in a brown envelope, it was handed to her. Each hundred had been banded separately, exactly as she’d asked, making it quicker to count.

Falling quickly into character, she smiled sweetly at Dave. He was looking her small frame up and down. She was perfect for his fantasy.

“Do you want to play with me, Daddy?” she asked gently, looking up at him through her long dark lashes.

“Yes, baby. I want to play with you.” His voice shook with nerves. He was waiting to be judged but she didn’t judge him at all.

Walking into the bedroom, he sat on the end of the bed. Waggling his finger at her, he said, “Come here, baby.”

Standing in front of him, she let him take his time. Exploring her body gently with his hands, tracing her curves, sending sparks across her skin.

“Do you like it when I touch you?” he whispered to her. Her head was back, she was enjoying the sensation, offering small moans and gasps as he played with new parts of her. Discovering every intimate area.

She nodded her response.

Dave’s cock was attempting to burst from his jeans. Unleashing it, he stroked it a couple of times before taking Madison’s hand, sliding it gently up and down. He didn’t let go. He wanted to be in complete control.

Pulling the condom from his pocket, she watched him unravel it over his hard cock. Pushing her over the bed, he parted her legs and grabbed her hips roughly as he slid it inside her.

A moan escaped her lips. With each thrust, he was harder. She got louder and louder, almost at a scream before he erupted inside her.

After he left, she realised that this was a job she was meant for. Every visit from then on was easier. She dedicated herself to this job, seeing herself as an actress. She was there to grant solace and intimacy to those that were the most desperate for it. She could give these people the things they desired most.

She wasn't grimy, and she didn't live how the media portrayed women of the night to live. She wasn't on drugs or desperate for money. She just knew she was different. She wasn't meant to work in an office or behind a counter somewhere. She was meant to live a life of wonder and sexual adventure. She was not a victim.

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